A Course In Miracles Lesson 98


A Course In Miracles Lesson 98

A Course In Miracles Lesson 98

A Course In Miracles Lesson 98

A Course In Miracles lesson 98 states: I accept my role in the process of ending pain.

Life is an eternal dimension of evolution.  Evolution is a process of improvement.  Improvement feels good.  Today’s lesson is a declaration.  It states, “I will align my thoughts, words, and actions with moments that feel good and bring relief.  Today is a special day for voicing our commitment to living for enjoyment rather than pain.  We will pursue joy as our single purpose for being alive.  We will notice how our ego logic seeks out painful processes and we will gain a small distance from that pain.

Today I legalize feeling good all day.  Today I accept the idea that life wants my joy.  We are here to enjoy life.  I choose to take a stand and claim my right to live a happy, creative, peaceful life.  Happiness is the cause I side with.  But I will never fight for happiness because fighting does not lead to happiness.  To stand with my cause, I learn to put down fighting.  That is my part in the evolution of this world.  The role I play is to locate peace within me.  I accept this role today and step into my place as a space holder, peacekeeper, and light worker.

My part in the evolution of life is to live in connection with deep, abiding contentment.  If I have lost this sense, my job is to find it again no matter what the circumstances.  This does not mean forcing myself to be happy in the midst of misery.  It means how do I find peace in this situation, and then this next one?  Pursue peace wherever you may be.  That is your role in the process of evolution.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 98 wants us to begin to invite certainty into our daily experiences.  Why not?  Is it scary to be certain?  After so many years of being constantly surprised and thrown for a loop, can we find a way to believe with certainty that Life wants our joy?  Life is not inflicting pain upon us.  We are inflicting that pain upon ourselves through misguided beliefs.  So today, we choose to believe that life wants us to be happy.

Today is a celebration day.  Certainty has come to us!  Connection to the endless source of Certainty has been made!  We found our way to what we need.  It is within.  The debate we have engaged in for so long about the existence of goodness is set aside today.  We choose now to believe only one side of that strange argument.  Life is good. Life wants your joy.  

Choosing to allow happiness to grow in our minds has an astronomically important purpose.  Choosing to feel good about ourselves from the inside is how the light of creation will heal this world.  Being happy is the plan here.  Today we accept the plan as well as understand how important we are personally in that tremendous plan.

What if this world were able to stop learning through pain and suffering?  What might we do with all the energy we would have if we did not spend it on being angry or disappointed?  Our single positive effect on this world would be incalculable.  Our purpose would be clear to us and we would be happy like never before because having true purpose is true happiness.

Having purpose makes life livable.  Having a higher purpose makes life amazing which is what life is all about.  Let your own life be nothing short of amazing by realizing that being peaceful and connected to others in a peaceful way makes life make sense.  Our true nature is joy and connection.  We feel well-connected and included.  It gives life meaning.  Take up any activity and connect your motivation for that activity with the conscious pursuit of well-being.

How do I uplift the specific situation I am in?  If I do not know how, and if I feel confounded, it is not for me to solve whatever problem I am facing.  It is for me to relax and allow a resolution to come through me in the form of willingness to let go of the conflict.  I do not need to itemize and clarify the fine details of the problem.  If I do not want the problem, I need to be willing to let go of having it.  If my identity has been bound up in this problem, I will learn how to think of myself differently.

Those who learn what they are responsible for in life are able to have a sense of certainty.  Fear fades from their experience.  We reconnect to what is in our power to resolve and we respect the freedom everyone has to find their own way to their own responsibilities.  Responsibilities connect us to others and taking them on is a declaration of, “Yes, I will be part of this world.”

Today we take responsibility for what we can do to resolve conflict.  We do this quietly, gently, and within ourselves.  Whatever has happened can be released.  Whatever has happened does not have the power to damage my ability to relocate my eternal state of wellness.  I am forever part of whole, perfect, wellness.  The journey I have taken has not separated me from that reality.  What has happened to me can be released.  Nothing has damaged my ability to relocate wellness.  I can end my personal sentence in this pain.  

Do not wait for the verdict of other people to decide if you are innocent or guilty.  Only you decide how long you should be subjected to pain and punishment.  You decide if you are innocent and deserving of joy or if you are guilty and require more condemnation.  Condemnation will eventually have to end because the reality of you is innocent.  How long you take to believe this new identity is up to you.  But you can think of yourself differently starting now.  It does not matter what you think you have done or what you think has been done to you.  The laws of that which created you find you to be very, very good.

We are building a way of thinking that is not like the way you have been thinking.  We are building a unified strength of mind that identifies ourselves as loving and loved.  We are wanted here.  Perhaps not by the people we have been surrounded by in life thus far.  But by Earth herself.  Earth wants you here.  Earth wants you to want to be here too.  Can you let life love you?  Can you let wellness be the new normal?

Take five minutes every hour to choose to uplift your thoughts and reconnect with the logic of peace.  Throughout the day, reset how you will think in the next hour.  Remember that you are not the situation you are in.  You are that which learns.  Forever. Today decide to learn lessons through a process of peace rather than pain.  Choosing peace is your role in the process of ending pain on earth.

Every hour, say to the Universe, “I am a part of the coming of the Great Peace.  I do what is mine to do to be part of that rising peace.” The universe will hear this declaration.  It will return to you volumes of light and wellness the instant you locate this conviction within.  Try not to forget to give the lesson time today.  Mark this day as a special moment of commitment to the conviction of a new way of thinking, which is to say, a new way of experiencing life.  Pause in your activities today to remember this lesson and watch how the value of those activities deepens when you connect them to a higher source of meaning.

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