A Course In Miracles Lesson 95


A Course In Miracles Lesson 95

A Course In Miracles Lesson 95

A Course In Miracles lesson 95 states:

A Course In Miracles Lesson 95

A Course In Miracles lesson 95 states: I am one self, united with my Creator

I am truth, always connected with Truth.

The mind has many different voices in it.  Some voices are in conflict with other voices so that we often feel conflicted between two opposing desires.  This multiple aspect to us is the nature of the ego.  Our ego believes there are lots of different problems to solve.  But really there is ever only one problem:  a disconnect from knowing we can not ever be disconnected from what we really are.  

We are always exactly what we are.  We can not be what we are sometimes and stop being what we are at other times.  We are always Truth.  We are forces of nature that are as they are.  We are whole and all is well. 

If it does not feel like this is true it can only be because we have forgotten what is true.  It will never be possible for truth to stop being true.  The nature of Truth is eternal.  But you see yourself as separate, isolated, and at war with all the other separated, isolated people around you.  The ego is not a unified field.  The ego is a thought experiment contemplating the impossible.  What would happen if the impossible could happen?  What would happen if separation from the Source of our being were possible?  Since this concept can not ever occur, and since the Source of all Creation is free in nature, the impossible is experienced through the ego’s imagination which, in reality, is of no consequence.  It is a thought experiment, a dream we are always going to wake up from.  

You have not done what you think you’ve done.  What you think was done to you did not, in eternal reality harm you in any way.  Connect to this truth and living life will become an interesting and fascinating challenge.  But it will not be hell.  Be curious about what you feel, how you react, and what you believe happened in your life.  Question your conclusions.  Remember that if you feel pain, you have forgotten that you are truth, you are forgiven.  What you think you’ve done is only a learning process of your own making.  What will you teach yourself?  Is life pain?  Or is life joy?  You choose what you believe.  Why?  Because you are free.  Freedom is eternal love.

The ego has convinced itself that its own thought experiment is real.  The ego has hypnotized itself and to break that trance, we will need help from true reality.  We will not be able to think our way out of thinking.  To leave the illusion, we will need to open to being guided completely away from what we are thinking about.  

Today A Course In Miracles lesson 95 asks us to search for what true reality is, beyond the ego’s thought experiment of separation.  We will place our attention on locating our one self who is forever connected to the Source origins of Creation.

Set aside 5 minutes at the top of every hour today to sit and recall the idea that we are not separate from the source of power.  Remind yourself every hour that you are truth, always and forever connected with Truth.

It may feel like a challenge to turn attention to the day’s lesson every hour.  Being interrupted from what we are focusing on can feel irritating. But the effort we use to achieve our goals can be greatly decreased when we learn how things are really accomplished.

Taking five minutes of every waking hour to practice the lesson for the day brings a new and helpful energy to every activity we may engage in a day.  Making a connection between how things come to us and the state of our inner life will help us learn how to make life much easier to live.

It will be completely normal that your mind will wander in an effort to remember the lesson once an hour.  We are gaining a greater understanding of just how undisciplined our mind is.  Frequent short practice periods help us see how difficult it is to maintain focus.  If we are not reminded of our purpose (our true purpose to connect to Creation) Grace will get lost in an activity and that activity will lose all its meaning.  Every activity we engage is another way to remember God.

We set reminders every hour to recall these lessons until our brain learns how to recall them on its own.  We are not yet able to recall the teachings as needed when facing challenges in our lives and that is why we put the hourly structure in place.  We still need structured reminders.  Frequent reminders of our goal help us make that goal a part of our motivation.

This time-based structure of setting reminders is not an ideal situation because it has the danger of inviting an idiosyncratic “ritual” like routine which is not the path towards connecting to Creation.  Creation is free and unpredictable.  Creation is everything.  Routine for routine’s sake is a comfort to the ego but Creation needs no comforting.  Creation is never in distress.  All is well always in the reality of Creation. The routine of hourly reminders is used at this time temporarily to help you build the ability to recall the lessons at will as you need.

You may also find a feeling of failure come over you if at the end of the day you realize for the first time that the lesson practice session completely slipped your mind.  This feeling of failure is yet another way for the ego to view the whole day as “lost.”  This shows how the ego operates.  If you make a single mistake, all is lost.  All is over.  You have failed.

This is never so.  When you fail completely to recall the lesson, you have merely made a mistake.  All that is needed is to correct the error and not dwell on lamenting the sorrow about how the error occurred. Feel a movement of regret but do not use regret as a tool to stay stuck and not correct any errors.  Do not view the day as lost if you forgot.  Do not view your life as lost because you have made a mistake or missed an opportunity.  To allow a mistake to continue is to make additional mistakes.  This is the mental trap that must be set aside.  Condemning yourself for having made a mistake is another way your ego defends the illusion it wants you to believe.  You are not bad.  You have not done anything that is beyond repair.  There is a way through any block and a way to repair any error.

It is the Creative Field that repairs, not you.  By remembering that you are truth rather than the mistaken beliefs you are caught up in, you live in constant connection with the Field of Truth which is profound wellness.

Let today’s lesson replace all false ideas.

I am not multiple selves all at odds with each other.  I am one self, united and created by Truth.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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