A Course In Miracles Lesson 94


A Course In Miracles Lesson 94

A Course In Miracles lesson 94 states:

A Course In Miracles Lesson 94

A Course In Miracles lesson 94 states: I am as God created me.

We did not come from a dark, scary, violent place.  We are not monsters of violence.  We come from a dimension of joy and well-being.  Because of the nature of where we came from, we are as that nature is.  We are inherently peaceful. 

At a glance, today’s lesson may cause a bit of resistance because of the use of the word “God.” It may be that you have an aversion to the word “God.”  If so, try replacing it with the word “Creation” or “Force” Or “Field” or any word that indicates a larger source of knowledge, power, and wisdom than your one single mind.

Connecting to a larger source of energy as we make decisions each day is a much easier way to navigate life challenges.  When we have a real understanding of what God is and of how we are an extension of that infinite creative field, all forms of confusion or punishment become impossible to experience.  We become resilient to all that is not true in this world.  We become clear in the midst of illusions.

A connection to the spiritual dimension washes away all that troubles us.  Sanity returns and we understand that what we think we have done wrong is not a permanent mistake we are doomed to suffer for eternity.  We allow release from the bondage of punishment.

Reality is what is true.  Reality exists beyond all illusions.  Reality never fades away.  It is there always, no matter how many distortions may obscure it.  Truth always prevails.  Truth rises to the surface of all confusion no matter how long that process may take because what is true is always there and will withstand the temporary confusion of time.  Rest assured, all will be clarified.  What is true is known and is not in danger.

Forgetting about reality is like having a darkness fall upon what could once be seen clearly.  The darkness does not affect what was and is always there.  The darkness only obscures it.  But because the darkness is obscuring light, this means that light is within the darkness.  It is only a matter of time before the thickest darkness gives way to the light it is covering up.  

Light is the unassailable foundation of reality.  We can obscure it but we can not ever destroy it, or even harm it in the slightest.  Truth is forever.

Today we are asked to take the first five minutes of every hour to pause and feel the truth within you that has been obscured.  It may be under thick cloud cover, but it is there.  In fact, the presence of clouds is evidence that light is being hidden.

Sit quietly every hour and let a sensation of peace arise in you.  Let the part of you that never made any mistakes emerge like a gentle deer stepping out of the woods.  Be still and let that animal approach you.  Let yourself identify as a gentle being who feels sorrow.

Make no effort.  Rest in witnessing.  Put aside all self-images of who you think you are and who you think you should be.  We do not decide who we become in this life.  We discover who we are through release and receiving.

Put forth a big effort today to recall this message once an hour.  If you live in a place that has a clock tower, let yourself hear the chime of the top of the hour and pause for inner contemplation.  If you live in a modern city, find a way to set alarms for the top of the hour to remind you to pause and think of your Course In Miracles training.  Putting this hourly effort in today will be a huge step forward into long-lasting strength and wellness.

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