A Course In Miracles Lesson 93


A Course In Miracles Lesson 93

A Course In Miracles Lesson 93

A Course In Miracles lesson 93 states:

A Course In Miracles Lesson 93

A Course In Miracles lesson 93 states: Light and joy and peace abide in me.

Humans believe they are bad.  We believe we are a source of violence and pain.  We believe everything we do is wrong and that there is no way to achieve being a good person.  We believe we are poison which everyone and everything must either recoil from or suffer the consequences.  Believing this is hell.  

Today’s lesson informs us that we are good.  Will you allow this belief to settle into your mind and grow?  Or do you still need to think of yourself as having committed unforgivable violence?  Only you can decide when you have received sufficient punishment for the crime you believe you have committed.  You are so fully convinced that you are bad that you feel certain punishment is the only right thing for you.  And you feel it would be wrong to allow any other belief in.  If you want the pain to stop you must first allow yourself to believe that it is possible for that suffering to stop.  You decide to stop living in a world founded on punishment.  Punishment is not needed.  

In reality, we are learning.  We learn which actions lead to pain and which actions lead to peace.  This learning process involves not having the right answers.  Condemning ourselves for being in a learning process is a self-made hell.  What if you were functioning from all the information you had at the time and your decisions were as informed as they possibly could be?  Now you have learned a bit more about the situation and see how it could have been handled differently.  Can you handle it differently now?  Can you allow the possibility that, like a diamond in the ground, you are inherently good no matter how much mud gets piled upon you?

The belief that you are bad is so deeply rooted in your sense of self that it is difficult to see how trivial the reasons are.  You have made mistakes, this is true.  And this was always going to be your fate here on earth.  But the idea that those mistakes should condemn you to eternal suffering is a complete misunderstanding of what being alive really means.  Living is a learning process.  What are we learning?  How to love the learning process.  It is the learning process that is the expansion of all Creation.  When you judge yourself as unforgivable you pause the expansion of Creation.  You stop the learning process. The fact that you can do this is a clear indication of how powerful you really are.  You have the power to stop yourself from expanding.  But you do not have the power to stop the expansion of Creation.  That will occur with or without your compliance.

The concept of the “last” judgement does not mean that at the end of your life you will be evaluated and judged for all the wrongs you committed.  You have already been evaluating and judging yourself for those things the whole time.  The “last” judgement is the moment when all judgement about you comes to an end.  The creative source that created you is not displeased with you.  You were created to do exactly what you have done, learn and grow.  You are not held accountable at the end of your life journey for the mistakes you made.  You are forgiven.  You are returned and restored to the great inclusive Knowing field and your life path was time well spent expanding that field to even greater clarity and awe.

What you think you have done will be released.  What you think others have done will also be released.  Release them now from your fixated anger and live in a better experience of light, joy, and peace.  Your natural state is wellness because you come from the infinite eternal wellness that is the foundation of all reality.  You come from God.  From Light.  That light is within every cell of your being.

Your mistakes are not really a problem.  The moment you wish to stop carrying your mistakes that burden will be lifted from you.  How?  Who will lift them?  The infinite Creative Field that made you.  And if you wish to keep carrying your mistakes around for a while longer, that too is not a problem. If you feel an interest in engaging the pain, Creation trusts that you have more to learn there and that your learning process is the most valued event in all the cosmos.  Follow your instincts.  Make the best decisions you can make.  Eventually, you will begin to refine and become more accurate about how to navigate a situation in such a way as to minimize pain.  Your learning process is making you an expert.

You do not have to wait until death to experience the last judgement.  You can begin to end judgement now.  Release the notion that you are bad.  Release the notion that you must hide your “real” nature from others, as if you were in some way unacceptable.  You are more than acceptable.  You are light, joy, and peace.  Do you disagree?  Why?  What did you do that could be larger than the eternal Source of light, joy, and peace from which you come?  Hold yourself separate from your source and you will suffer.  Acknowledge the light within and you empower yourself beyond wildest imaginations.

Today’s lesson is a simple statement of truth.  You are good.  You have not done anything to destroy the fact that you are good.  Repeat today’s healing statement to yourself as often as you can.  I have within me the power of light, joy, and peace. I could be peaceful instead of hostile.  I could be joyful instead of in agony.  I was created to explore and learn.  Thus far, I’ve really gotten my ass kicked.  But I can release myself from the cycle of violence by remembering :

I have within me the power of light, joy, and peace.

Say this statement of truth at the top of every hour.  Set an alarm to go off on the hour all day and then pause, remember this teaching for five minutes of quiet meditation.

Taking five minutes at the top of every hour will disrupt your concentration frequently and that will at first be frustrating.  But the more you allow these pauses in, the more your focus will be able to build.  This is because connecting to the source of all Creation is a much more efficient way of doing all the activities you have for the day.  

At the top of the hour all day today, say to yourself:

I am good. I am made of light, joy, and peace.

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