A Course In Miracles Lesson 90

A Course In Miracles Lesson 90

A Course In Miracles lesson 90 reviews lessons 79 and 80.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 90

A Course In Miracles lesson 90 reviews: 

(79) Let me see my problems clearly so they can be resolved. (Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved)

(78) Let me see that my problems have been resolved. (Let me recognize my problems have been solved.)

ACIM Lesson 79

A Course In Miracles wants us to understand that we do not really understand the nature of a given problem in our lives.  We think we understand what is causing a difficult situation.  But we are mistaken.  The fact that there is continued tension and conflict is proof that we are not aware of some other aspect at play in the difficult situation.  We do not really understand the problem we are in.

We do not really know what is going wrong even if we think we do know.  Knowing this helps us listen more carefully and receive unexpected insight.  If the problem persists, a blind spot in our understanding is the cause.  This lesson is asking that we remember how much our perspective is limited.  We do not have awareness of the whole situation.  We only have awareness of what we want and need.  

Every conflict we find ourselves in is part of a larger context.  Every situation we are in is always larger than we think it is.  Because we are not aware of the larger context, every problem we have in life is always a problem of perception.  The solution to every problem is a shift in our perception of what we think is going on.

We have not been excluded even if it feels like we have.  Even if they literally slammed a door in our face, we have not really been hurt or deprived of anything that is truly ours.  What we think is ours may not line up with what really is ours.  Our problems in this world come from an error in what we think this world is.  This world is not what we think it is.  Reality has become obscured when we are in anger or frustration.  

Whenever we set out to solve a problem, we are really setting out to address our thoughts about the issue.  We may not have sufficient information to be able to change our thoughts about someone or something and that lack of information causes a frustration and sense of powerlessness.

The answer in such times is to reconnect to a larger context.  The truth is, we are never powerless.  We are part of Power, Itself.  Whatever we think has happened to diminish us has not happened the way we think it has.  We are mistaken.  We have not really been diminished.  

I am not capable of fixing problems in this world because I am always only one aspect in a much larger context.  But what I am capable of is the ability to ask for help out of a painful perspective.  Recognizing the nature of the problem, and how it is actually beyond my ability to solve on my own, it the beginning of solving the problem.  I must first put aside all the inaccurate notions of what I think is needed to solve the problem, and ask a more informed resource to guide me out of the issue.  The ability to solve a problem is really the ability to allow it to be solved for me. 

Invite solutions into any tense situation today and then put aside all other ideas of how to fix things.  Let all actions be guided by a quality of ease rather than frustration or fear. Whatever what has gone wrong, there is no problem too large for Grace to navigate out of.

New Inner Dialogue to remember throughout the day

Thoughts to guide your day:

I do not know how to end the frustration I feel regarding ____.  I only know that I truly want that issue resolved.

I ask the Creative power of the Universe to please solve this problem for me.  I don’t know how to do it.  I let it be done for me by a larger awareness beyond my own.  I am willing to release my mind from the pain of this situation.

In the problem, I face now there is a powerful transformation available for me to accept.  I can change how I am thinking and improve my experience of being alive in this moment.  Above all else, I want that change in perception to occur.

ACIM Lesson 80

Any problem that ever arises does so simultaneously with the solution to that problem.  Creation created all that is in a state of whole, perfect wellness.  All is always well from the perspective of true reality.  The nature of Reality is not rife with pain.  Reality is joy.  Nothing is missing.  The answer to every problem is surrounding that problem like a wild meadow of creativity and options.

The reason we do not see resolutions to problems instantaneously is because we do not understand what time is.  We believe a problem must have a process of resolution.  We believe that an undefined amount of time is needed before a problem can be resolved when really, the problem is resolvable right now.

This lesson wants us to accept resolutions to our struggles right away, if not on a physical level, on a mental/emotional one.  Because we are living in time, there will be a process of time.  But we decide how long that process takes.  Resilience, (the ability to recover quickly from hard blows) is only a willingness to have the problem be over.  We do not need to know how we will get out of a particular complication.  We need only remember that we can get out of it, and we can get out of it now, at once.  Our problem has already been resolved in the larger context we have forgotten.  Reconnecting our minds to that larger awareness brings us to the shift in perception and the resolution we long for.  

Let go of the problem-solving impulses and allow the problem to be solved without understanding how.

Allow a larger force of energy (the Creative Field of All That Is) bring your understanding to new heights.

New Inner Dialogue to remember throughout the day

Tell yourself throughout the day:

This problem can be resolved now.  I do not need to believe this has to take a long time.  I can let go of needing time to solve this problem and open to living without this problem.

I do not need to identify who I am with this problem.  The answer to this conflict is here with the conflict right now even if I can’t see it yet.  I will now sit still and grow quiet to let the answer to this problem reach my tense, busy mind.

The solution to this problem can not be separated by time.  Resolution is eternally surrounding every conflict I encounter.  All is well in Reality where I choose to live.

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