A Course In Miracles Lesson 89

A Course In Miracles Lesson 89

A Course In Miracles lesson 89 reviews lessons 77 and 78.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 89

I qualify to receive miracles. Review of Lesson 77

It may seem that this lesson is a bit of a leap and a change of subject.  But if we consider the logic path of the recent lessons we can see how this statement is a natural conclusion to make.  Here is a review of the recent new logic we have been introducing into our minds:

There is only one Reality. 

The nature of that Reality is peace, joy, and inclusion.

There is nothing stronger or more powerful than that Reality.

That Reality created me.  I come from It.


Because I come from a realm of magnificence, I not only qualify to receive miraculous resolutions to my problems, such help is my birthright whenever I choose to accept that help.

This lesson wants us to view ourselves as someone to whom the miraculous happens with frequency.  Identifying as someone who is excluded from assistance must be shifted to identifying as someone who completely deserves and qualifies to receive all manner of support and resources.  Help can happen for you.  You come from an astoundingly rich family, regardless of your current socio-economic status.  You come from a family rich in ease, laughter, relaxation, and well-being.  Such qualities are yours to inherit.

The act of choosing a miraculous resolution to a problem is an act of releasing all grievances around the issue as well as releasing all efforts to mentally figure out the situation.  Whatever the issue is you are struggling with, it is larger than you but in your power to release yourself from.  

Take note if you feel uneasy when resolutions come.  Do you feel wary or expect it to be only a matter of time before another obstacle shows up?  Is there an expectation of conflict?  What if you began to expect resolutions?  What if you began to expect miracles?  What would happen to the quality of your life if miraculous resolutions were a normal state of existence for you?  How might we really implement such an attitude?  The next lesson teaches us the first step towards cultivating the regular occurrence of miracles into our lives.

New Inner Dialogue to remember throughout the day

“This situation with this person can not undo the peace I have achieved within because nothing undoes the Light that has arrived on Earth.”

“I decide now to see in this person before me our shared interest in peace.” 

“I know (name) wants peace as I want peace.  The path they are on inevitably leads to light just as my path does.” 

“I do not understand anyone’s path.  But I can know that all paths lead to Light.”

“In this situation, I will be very careful not to add descriptions that are not really there.  I will place my full attention on what is real.”

Let miracles replace all complaints Review of Lesson 78

A complaint is a ball of energy that is emanating painful, unusable power.  A complaint is a belief in powerlessness.  If someone or something out in the world does not change, we can not find peace.  That belief is mistaken but we hold firm to it because it is more difficult to recognize how our behavior led to the conflict we are experiencing.  Somehow we became part of the issue.  How do we untangle ourselves from it completely?  

Recognize what we did and continue to do that keeps us involved and then refrain from those actions.  In the same way, we can develop an addiction to substances, we can also develop an addiction to anger and resentment.  It feels comforting and empowering to believe that someone has wronged us and that there is no way to ever recover from the injury they caused.  It can be very surprising to discover that we actually have an interest in feeling wronged and powerless.  

To reverse this psychology we must begin to align with a belief system that puts us in a power position.  It is self-empowering to be able to identify what I have done to cause my current situation.  It is self-empowering to recognize how I could change my attitude or expectations in a way that would free me from a constant state of being denied.

Our attachment to anger and injury is what prevents resolutions from arriving.  When a resolution arrives, if we do not let go of the grip of anger, that resolution has no choice but to glide on past us.  

Be willing to open a window on a current conflict and allow a breeze to blow through. Willingness for improvement is the only way resolution can take place in any lasting way.  Holding onto a frustration about how things unfolded keeps the frustration in place.  

While anger may have been the perfectly healthy and appropriate response to a conflict, letting that anger continue to travel and transform is the peaceful path.

This lesson is not saying, “Don’t ever get angry.”  This lesson is not saying, “Prevent anger at all costs.”  The lesson says to have anger be replaced by grace.  This lesson is not asking you to manipulate yourself into a compliant composure that lies about your true feelings.

The lesson is a guide toward seeing anger as an energy source to fuel the creation of miracles.  Convert grievances into grace.  See the energy of resentment as if you’ve been handed a lump sum of money that you can spend in any way you want.  Use the energy on art supplies rather than alcohol, books, rather than cigarettes, and relaxing thoughts rather than agitating ones.

When anger or a sense of injustice arises, do not feel pressured to deny those responses.  Recognize those feelings as powerful energy resources that are able to be converted into useful and enjoyable perspectives.  Anger is an initial and natural response to conflict.  But if not navigated with awareness of its tricky nature, that initial and innocent anger could quickly become a circular holding pattern of pain. This lesson asks us to guide anger towards transformation.  

How?  Ask a higher power to lift the pain from your mind. When the lift and relaxation start to happen, do not cling.  Step aside.  Locate the innocent desire for peace aside from how that peace may arrive.  Let the offending event or person “get away with” whatever they did so that you can get away from them.  Engage pain no further.  Do not retaliate or attempt to return the pain you feel to the one who caused it.  Acts of revenge do not ever really soothe.  There is always a sorrow under the pseudo-satisfaction of revenge.  Learn the energy physics of resentment and all its consequences.  Let the whole painful matter you face ends with you. 

To find the support and guidance to do this, A Course In Miracles is constantly trying to help us realize an inner voice of truth that can be a trusted companion any time we choose to open to that voice.  The first word of this lesson is “Let.”  How do we let something happen?  By not getting in the way.

Miracles are coming.  Let them.

New Inner Dialogue to remember throughout the day

When pain comes today, I can expand my awareness around it and remind myself, “Even though this hurts, it is not serious in relation to all that I really am.”  

“This confusion or pain I feel now is not real.  It hurts but I do not need to give it my attention by being afraid of it.” 

“I can pivot my attention towards a more stable focus and diminish the power of the pain I feel.”  

“I can remember a larger, more reliable state of experience beyond this temporary event of pain.”

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