A Course In Miracles Lesson 87

A Course In Miracles Lesson 87

A Course In Miracles lesson 87 reviews lessons 73 and 74.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 87

I invoke the light of Creation now. Review of Lesson 73

I have power.  I am not a defenseless being subject to the random violence of an insane world.  I choose now, today, this moment to live in a world where light rules.  I invoke the light to come by the power and grace of Creation which created me like Itself.  I have the power to create.  I choose to use that power now to become a bringer of light.

I no longer wish to live in a terrifying world.  I am no longer interested in fear or hate.  I declare this world good and strong.  I now look for light everywhere I go. I follow the light through winding dark paths and I do not lose sight of true perception.  I do this because I say so.  I invoke wellness, now.

Whatever happens, today does not have more power than the light of Creation which I have now located.  Whatever conflict I encounter today also contains light somewhere within it.  I will locate the light in everyone I meet today.  I will remember that whomever I encounter is also included in the light of creation.  I do not have to understand how this can be.  I only need to remember that each of us is given the freedom to forge our own path.  I choose mine to seek light now.  And finding that light, I can see others very differently.  I set my sights on finding the light behind every struggle today.  I will bring light to all that happens today.  If I forget, I simply begin again from where I am.

Only peace and joy are real. Review of Lesson 74

 There are not a lot of different realities.  There is only one, all-inclusive Reality.  Darkness and violence can not ever be equal to Light and Peace because Light and Peace are the largest state of reality that is.  Wholeness is the eternal state and is therefore reliable forever.  The circle that encompasses the yin yang symbol is the whole Field which holds space for the process of conflict.  Beyond conflict there is always peace.  Conflict ends.  Peace endures.

This lesson uses the words “God” and “will.”  It can be helpful to clarify what these words mean.  “Will” is an energy conviction that is so strong it is self-confirming.  When I will something to be so I have an unstoppable desire for it to come forth.  Will is the inherent state of Nature.  Conviction is the energy foundation of all that grows.

“God” is the religious word that refers to the concept of an all-inclusive unified field of all that is.  God is the Great All, or the Supreme state of inclusion that includes what is no matter what it may be.  It is a Field of total wholeness that simply must exist inherently since all that is exists all together.  Nothing exists separate from other things that exist.  It all occurs in the Creative Field.

Contrary to the historical perspectives of ancient religions, the nature of the God Field is peaceful.  God is peaceful because God is complete.  There are no unanswered questions and no need for violence.  The idea that there would be acts of violence or vengeance committed by a complete and whole unified field is simply inaccurate.  The nature of Creation is love.

The violence and conflict we experience in life is caused by a belief that is mistaken.  Today’s lesson is the correction to that misguided belief.  There are not lots of different realities and there are not lots of different truths.  There is only what is true and all that is not true.  Violence and hate are not true.  These experiences are given expression in the All Field in the form of illusion.

An illusion is something that seems very real but in truth is not real.  What we think we see in this world is not real.  But we believe that it is.  So long as we believe that we will experience it as real.  But our belief does not determin Reality.  We are simply living in a mistaken way until our perspective is corrected.  That process of correction is realization.  

If we fully accept the idea that the nature of the one Reality is eternal peace, love, light and wellness, we are then able to understand that our learning process is always held in a state of Grace.  The path you are on leads to truth.  The path you are on is overjoyed that you are on your path.  Your learning process is the deepest desire of the largest power of the cosmos.  What you do is held by the God Field and you are free to find your own way to what feels true.  True will always be true.  And it will always wait for you to find it.

See all the events that unfold today as part of the movement towards what is true.  Use what happens today as your way of finding a more accurate awareness of what is true.  Remember that what you want is what the Creative Field also wants.  You are part of that Field, learning and expanding.  There is only the will of that creative movement.

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