A Course In Miracles Lesson 83

A Course In Miracles Lesson 83

A Course In Miracles Lesson 83

A Course In Miracles Lesson 83

Review Teachings For Today:

A Course In Miracles lesson 83 reviews lessons 65 and 66.

My only job in life is to be happy. Review of Lesson 65

I only have one purpose in this life: to locate the peaceful path.  When I seek peace in all my activities, I feel very good because I feel purposeful.  I feel purposeful because feeling peaceful is the only purpose anyone ever has in life.  There is nothing more important than the act of enjoying life.  Enjoying life validates life and is a self-fulfilling empowerment.

Even if my actions do not result in establishing peace in a given situation, my clarity about my aim is enough to bring me the peace I am seeking.  I know I am doing what is right when I pursue peace in all things.  

It is not my responsibility to figure out how to solve the problems of this world.  It is my responsibility to guide my own disposition towards calm well-being. I can not prevent conflict or turbulence but I can live by a creed that vows to guide whatever does happen towards resolution and peace.

How do I find that peace within when events are confounding and painful?

A Course In Miracles Lesson 83 wants us to understand that peace comes from a higher source than our thinking brain.  Peace is something we do not figure out, it is something we let into our awareness.  In the midst of our conflict, there is a soft breeze blowing, a murmur of water falling, and a flower leaning in quiet calm somewhere nearby that we can turn our attention to instead of what we are fixated on. 

The higher source of power that dissolves conflict and brings calm is found within my own mind, underneath my turbulent thoughts.  That is why in this review process we are asked to learn how to sit quietly for 15 minutes every day and locate our ability to experience a calm stillness within.  It is there.  We can find it.

There are two ways of thinking.  I choose to follow thoughts that lead to more tension or I choose to follow thoughts that lead to more calm.  What thoughts bring calm?  That is for you to discover from where you are.

Do not allow your attention to follow a path that leads to more pain, more retaliation, and more conflict.  Do not be pulled into the impulse of responding to conflict.  Refrain and remember you only have one thing to do in this life and that task was given to you by Creation Itself.

I do and say whatever I do and say because I believe it will lead me to feeling peaceful.  If peace does not result from my actions, I was mistaken about which action response was the right one.  Sometimes I think returning the pain someone inflicted on me will bring me peace.  In this, I am mistaken.  Peace comes another way.  It is my belief in what to do that is misguided.  But my aim for peace is not misguided. 

When I let today’s lesson in, I can see that I am always only ever motivated by a desire for peace because that is my natural state.  How to restore peace in a long-lasting way is what I am in the process of learning.  Like a chemist learning the properties of natural elements, I am learning the properties of actions that lead to peace and actions that lead to more conflict.

In my review sessions today I will consider that:

-My purpose on earth does not change even when my conditions change around me.  I am here to relax and find beauty, peace, and joy in all things.

-The situation I am in right now does not have any other purpose.  There is only ever one purpose in life… feeling well.  Finding wellness is made easier when I ask for help from a higher source.

-I do not need to believe there is anything else I am here to do beyond finding happiness.  All I do engages this aim.  Let me bring this awareness to today’s activities and ask, “Why am I doing this thing? What am I hoping it will achieve?”

-I may or may not know how to fix a problem.  But I can always choose to move towards peaceful qualities rather than towards conflict.  I can step aside and ask for guidance.

Being happy is why I am alive. Review of Lesson 66

I am here for the joy of it.  Everything I spend my time on is an effort to find joy.  Whatever I do with my time can be the pathway to peace and joy because all things that come from the Creative Field are connected as one.  Whatever I choose to do can Abe the way I connect with peace and joy.

Peace and joy are the only meaningful states that exist.  To find meaning I must find contentment and connection.  Today I will remember in all my situations that:

What is occurring now can not separate me from my well-being.  What is happening now can only be a stepping stone I use to help me in my one aim.  What occurs is how I get to what I want.  The situation I find myself in does not and can not separate me from my ability to feel well.  I decide to feel well.  I will there be light.

Let me settle for nothing less than actual well-being.  Let me not pretend happiness.  Let me honestly recognize if I have conflict it is my responsibility to put it down and turn towards help.  Let me recognize that nothing in this world is a reliable source for finding peace.  The only reliable Source for peace is the non-physical, energetic dimension of Peace Itself which resides quietly in all things.

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