A Course In Miracles Lesson 82

A Course In Miracles Lesson 82

A Course In Miracles Lesson 82

A Course In Miracles Lesson 82

Review Teachings For Today:

A Course In Miracles lesson 82 reviews lessons 63 and 64.

1. (63) The peace I achieve within is also achieved for the whole world.

There is no difference between my suffering and your suffering.  When I become willing to learn what forgiveness is, that willingness is the world’s willingness as well.  I am part of this world.  What I do shapes what this world is.  By locating peace within my mind, I locate not only the way I release pain, but also the way the world is released from pain.  My willingness to stop being angry or resentful heals the world of suffering.  My willingness to stop making demands of this world which it can not ever meet is the pathway towards being able to enjoy this world.

Willingness is all I need.  I do not have to figure out how to change my feelings.  I can learn how to hold conflicting feelings while also being willing to let peace unfold for me.  I can not compel myself to stop feeling anger when anger arises, but I can be open to the possibility of that anger dissolving away.  To strengthen my willingness for anger to be lifted from me, today I will sit for 15 minutes and consider this teaching.  And throughout the day, when I encounter difficult people or situations, I will say to them,

“Dear ________, let the peace we share emerge between us. I am willing to have this conflict be resolved.”

“Dear ________, we live together in the same light.  I share this world with you and I want peace above all else. My wanting peace begins to bring peace.”

2. (64) Let me always remember my life’s purpose.

My existence feels meaningless when I forget my purpose and that is very painful.  There is only one engagement on earth that brings a lasting sense of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose because there is only one source of meaning and purpose.  Finding wellness, joy, and peace are my purpose in this world because these are the qualities that have lasting meaning.  All activities I may undertake are a way to discover and deepen a sense of connected wellness and oneness with the Source of all Purpose.  The Source of Creation enjoys enjoyment.  Joy expands through me and connects me to creation.  Peace and wellness is the only meaningful state there is.

Let me not allow anything to interfere with my connection to the larger state of Grace that is always present.  Let me turn towards it and recognize that peace will never impose itself upon me.  It is I who must turn towards peace and ask to be included.  The instant I ask, I am included.

Today let me remember all day that I am here to find my way to peace in every situation.  Discovering how to find peace is my life’s purpose.  Being peaceful is my function and purpose in this world.  But this does not mean I am here to act cheerful or override any negative feelings.  I am here to truly find release from pain.  Let me not settle for anything less than truly connecting with peace.  Let me not pretend to be happy for an audience of one (myself).  Let me use all adversity that may come my way as a method for stepping into my function in this world.  Let me learn how to grow quiet and listen to the messages of peace that come to me from a higher source.  

Today I will sit for 15 minutes and contemplate these two messages.  

And throughout the day when I encounter challenges or confusion, I will say to each one:

Let this situation help me remember I am here to find peace.

Let me use this situation as an opportunity to do what I was created to do, be peaceful.

Let me hold my tense, fearful, angry ego with a larger calm and let me remember that my ego’s pain can not change what my purpose is in this world.

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