A Course In Miracles Lesson 79

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79

What is the real problem?

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79 states: Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.  If we do not really understand the nature of a problem, no amount of effort on our part will resolve it.  Only when we truly understand what is causing the issue will we be able to solve the problem.  

This is very sound logic.  The lessons found in this book are daily statements of logic that forge a new way of thinking.  This new way of thinking hurts less than the old way of thinking.  So each days lesson is an invitation to reframe our understanding of this world.  Some lessons are not so easy to grasp because they involve recognizing a concept that is invisible in nature.  Lessons that use the word “God” or other religious terms are usually where we find the largest resistance.  But today’s lesson is one of the easiest to grasp.  

If you do not know what is causing a car to not run, going about fixing all the various parts of it will be very time consuming.  Today we pursue accuracy and efficiency.    We often think we understand what our problem is and we are often surprised when our effort to resolve the problem does not work.  Our solution to the problem did not work.   This is usually disheartening and leads to even more misguided conclusions about reality.  Rather than question how accurate our understanding of the situation is, we conclude wrongly that there is no solution available and we sink into complaint or despair.  Conclusions that we are powerless and that life is suffering will always be the cause of pain.  Drawing other, more positive conclusions is the work we are about as we study A Course In Miracles.

If we do not know when our thought process is in error it will be impossible to recognize when a solution has actually arrived for that problem.  We will not see the resolution because our attention will be misdirected.  That is why it is most important to first determine if we recognize the problem correctly.  This is the same as wanting to make sure the map we are using to find our way out of the woods is not a map for a different forest. 

So today’s lesson is asking us, “Do you really understand the nature of what the real problem is here in this situation?”

There is only ever one problem.

It may seem like we have a variety of problems. And it be true that we have acquired a volume of information about a problem.  We may even have a master’s degree in the study of that problem.  But if the problem persists, it is only logical to conclude that we do not understand it.  If we understood it, wouldn’t we then know how to resolve it?  The reason we do not understand our problems is because we believe they are all unique and complex.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79 teaches us that there is always only ever one problem.  This one problem is disguised in countless variations that makes it seem as though there are thousands of different problems to solve.  In truth, there is only one – The problem of the belief in separation.  A belief that we are living in isolation, disconnected from resources that can help us is the only problem any of us ever have.  That belief is at the heart of every situational issue we find ourselves in.  A belief that separation from the Creative Field is possible leads to confusion and pain.  It is a belief in chaos, which in reality is truly not possible. 

The answer to all our problems, which is always only one problem is to first choose to believe that chaos does not exist.  Once you choose this path of logic it will become your daily experience and once you experience how dependable a belief in connection and unification is, you will shift into knowing.  But the first step is to choose to believe in the good nature of the Unified Field of Creation.  Chaos is an illusion because it is not creative. Creation is the host that enables illusion to seem to exist. Only the Creative exists.  The Creative can “experience” an illusion, but it can never make that illusion a real and lasting truth.  The illusion will end and the correction will always eventually arise from ever-present reality. 

Only inclusion exists.  Inclusion includes all, even the impossible, even the insane.  Why?  Because Creation is free and turning towards the light of Creation is a free choice we all decide to make.  Whatever arises in this ever-expanding universe is part of this universe, even that which attempts to deny the universe’s existence.  The notions of the impossible are included and that experience is an option for you to believe in.  But in doing so, you are in error and that error will eventually need to be corrected.

Your Attention to it makes it so.

You empower every situation you are in by giving it your attention. 

A Course In Miracles Lesson 79 invites us to truly investigate what our conflicts are really about.  Today you are invited to put down a belief in chaos and isolation. This lesson invites you to believe in a more accurate understanding of the human condition.  Everyone in the world seems to have problems unique to them.  Circumstances in life are as varied as the stars, but the source of the problem is always a feeling of danger and threat due to a belief that we are alone and powerless.  A feeling of powerlessness is the cause of all pain.  It is a terrifying concept but only because we have lost contact with the source of our power. 

When we are in a state of fear and despair it is very difficult to let solutions in.  We have painted ourselves into a logic corner that has told ourselves it is impossible, no help can come, nothing can be done and life is suffering, which is to say, life is hell.  When such a frame of mind has set in, we can not hear solutions to our problems until we first decide to believe a solution is possible.  So the real problem we are facing is one of decisions.  For circumstances to change for the better, we must first agree to see better circumstances.  We must be willing to believe a resolution can be found.  It is a decision to believe the problem can be resolved.  And it is a decision to speak to ourselves from that belief rather than from a belief in chaos.

Does chaos exist?  No, it does not exist.  Chaos is a state of destruction and so, by its very definition, it is a non-being, an illusion.  Creation is all that ever exists and all that ever can exist.  Creation is creative, loving, joyful, peaceful, well, and completely whole.  But you can choose to believe that chaos exists.  If you choose this, then chaos will exist for you.  You may fear it is unwise to take an eye off of chaos as if it were a hunting wolf waiting for the next moment to attack.  And so half your mind decides to hope that a solution can be found while also maintaining vigilant attention to the belief that danger lurks and life is scary.   Peace and chaos are diametrically opposed and can not co-exist.  They do not co-exist.  One is real and one is not real. We must choose to place our attention on one or the other.  That is why we always only ever have one problem, one choice. 

Chaos can not ever really exist.  Your attention to notions of chaos facilitates your experience of separation and aloneness but the moment you decide to question the insane logic of chaos is the moment that notion loses all power over you.  There can not be actual chaos.  There can only be an experience of it by your invitation to entertain those notions.  Like a piece of machinery being unplugged from its source of power, you can disconnect from all qualities of chaos.  

The resolution to our current conflicts are literally seconds away from us.  Release from frustration can be achieved the moment we decide to pivot away from engaging impossible logic and towards right thinking. There is a way to think rightly.  There is a way to think that minimizes pain to so mild a degree as to make it irrelevant.  Resilience to concepts of insanity is not only possible, it is your true nature.  Release from fear comes from the realization that what we fear is impossible.  We are not isolated.  We are not being pursued by all-powerful forces.  If we were, by their nature, they would have already destroyed us.  The All-Powerful force we sense is not an angry, vengeful energy.  We do not fear it because we know we are from It and of It.  A belief in chaos does fear it because such a force would end the belief in chaos. 

Complexifying a situation is really only an attempt by the ego (the part of us that believes chaos is real) to prevent resolution and delay peace.  The ego seeks for peace in ways that peace can never be found because the ego does not want peace.  We can not hold a belief in separation and simultaneously achieve a connection with Peace.  That is our real problem.  What we thought would lead to peace has led round in a circle and not brought relief.  It is time to recognize this and become more accurate in our understanding.  It is time to ask if we think peace is possible.  If we do not think it is, we can recognize that we alone can not lift ourselves out of the despair we have fallen into.  The only way to recover is to ask for help, to yield all efforts of figuring out the problem on our own and connect to That Which is capable of solving and dissolving all problems.

Apply today's lesson The Practice

When we sit today in our longer practice sessions in the morning and at night, A Course In Miracles Lesson 79 asks us to bring a situation to mind and ask what the real problem is.  Then as we contemplate the problem from our quiet, dedicated place, we will describe how all the unique ways our situation is unique and different from other problems.  We will then suggest to these conclusions that this way of thinking is the only problem.  We will tell ourselves that this problem is like every problem and is a matter between feeling connected or feeling isolated. 

We do not need to know how the problem will resolve.  We do not need to be the ones to resolve it.  We need only remember that we are whole.  We are part of the Whole.  We are connected.  Doing this will enable us to receive the power needed to resolve the problem. 

Summary of Lesson 79

I do not have many problems.  I only have one problem –  a belief that I am alone and separated from life.  My belief in this does not make this belief true.  This belief will never be true.  I am not alone.  I am not in danger.  I am bigger than this one life situation and I can connect to a sense of belonging.  I will not be deceived by the appearance of many problems.  I choose to believe in connection.  Sit quietly twice for 15 minutes today and contemplate what your problems might really be about.  And throughout the day when you encounter conflict, ask that you recognize this problem accurately so that it can be solved.  When you ask this, you will be heard and you will be answered.

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