A Course In Miracles Lesson 77

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 states: I am entitled to miracles.

The word “entitled” has a somewhat negative connotation these days and is often viewed as arrogance which I am sure is not part of today’s lesson.  But if we redefine that term to mean, “qualify for” we gain a better idea of what A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 is teaching today.  This lesson is telling us that what we want can happen for us.  We are empowered to experience major improvements in our lives (aka miracles).  Experiencing miracles is possible.  They could happen for us today, any time.  We need to open to the possibility of this idea for it to be possible for us.  That is why today we are invited to affirm as often as possible: I deserve to experience the miraculous.  I am someone to whom miracles can happen.  Experiencing joy and wellness is my birthright.  I can see myself as an heir to wellness.  

To be entitled technically means to have full rights to something. Usually, it means someone feels they are owed things based on their social status or gender.  If we deconstruct the word “entitled” we could also use the word “empowered.”  I am empowered to experience miracles.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 tells us that receiving and offering miracles is our birthright because we come from a wealth greater than any that could be gathered on Earth.  We come from complete wholeness.  Today we are being asked to reconsider what it is we think we are.  We are a force of power that is always and only ever governed by Grace and Love.  We are nothing else.  We have the power to change and influence others in astounding and miraculous ways.  We have the ability to receive and perform miracles.  Release from pain and receiving joy is not only possible, it is our guaranteed destiny.

To access this truth, our perception about what we think we are needs correcting.  We are not in isolation.  We are not responsible for figuring out how to fix the suffering of this world.  We can not achieve such a task alone.  Feeling alone and overwhelmed is our first error.  We are connected.  We can not be otherwise.  Our connection to our Source of origins and to each other is a simple fact of reality that can not be changed.  We can, however, deny ourselves from knowing we are connected.  We can enforce a belief upon our awareness to such an effective degree that we can think reality is something it is not.

Reality is always exactly what it is, which is Peace, Joy, and Creation.  Things that do not feel like peace, joy, and creation are not a part of eternal reality.  They are a conjured illusion of the mind.  We have induced an illusion upon ourselves because we wanted to experience the impossible.  To achieve this, a total forgetting of truth was required.  To return to what is true, we need help getting out of the logic we entered into that is so seemingly certain.  We need help out of the logic we are currently in.  This is why A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 wants us to remember that we can undo whatever it is we think we have done.  We can fix whatever error we think we have committed.  It is not only possible to release pain, it is guaranteed to us because of what we really are.

You can, however, choose to spend more time in the self-induced illusion of separateness.  No one will interfere with your choice.  But the moment you wish to seek the truth about Reality, that Reality will be there for you because it is always there.  Even if you glimpse it and decide to turn away again, the moment you wish to turn to it again, it will be there… because it is always there.  And it is always well.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 wants us to know that it is not a problem that we have entered into an illusional world.  We were created to be explorers and creators.  Even if we make something that is inaccurate, we are loved and accepted.  We have made a mistake thinking that we could make illusions real.  Illusions can never be made real and spending time trying to do so is an exercise in “creating” hell for yourself.  In reading this book, you are slowly correcting your understanding of what you think you are.  You are correcting what you think others to be as well.  You and everyone are a part of the infinite Creative Force of Reality.  We know this because you exist.  

We do not need to perform any particular action to earn the right to receive what is already ours.  We can put down the “hard-work” beliefs that keep us from receiving what could come to us easily if we let it.  Our disbelief is what stops it because what you believe is what you will experience.  You do not have any more tasks to do before peace can come to you.  Peace is yours when you want it.  It is your inherent right as an extension of the Creative Field.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 77 wants us to begin the longer practice session today by telling ourselves with full confidence that we are the heir to miracles.  We have every right to receive the miraculous.  We are asked to close our eyes and remind ourselves that we can ask for what is rightfully ours at any time.  Receiving help from a higher power is our right.  We can empower ourselves today by reminding ourselves every ten minutes that receiving miracles is our birthright.  Miracles and a pathway through any struggle we may be in can and will come to us easily by the Grace of Creation.

After making these statements to yourself you are then asked to sit quietly a moment and wait.  Take no action.  Wait in quiet, calm, receptivity for your request for miracles to flow to you.  Learning how to wait is a powerful way to free ourselves from frustration.  The ability to sit and do nothing in peace with the moment is how miracles will be able to come to us.  Sit quietly today and receive what is yours.  Make note of any resistance to receiving arises and remember, grievances block miracles.

It does not matter how complicated your problem may have become.  Miracles are the definition of simplicity.  They render situations more simple.  Whenever you want a miracle, you need only release yourself from a grievance.  Then wait with a resting mind in a state of curiosity about how the Universe will bring you your request.  Be receptive to what happens next and view it as the exact and perfect next step towards Grace.  Whatever happens next is the most manageable and most efficient way to move towards what you seek.  There has been no mistake made.  Decide to make the best of what you are given and the quality of what you are given will constantly improve.

Throughout this day, remind yourself that “What I want can happen for me.”  And tell yourself, “I will not trade miracles for grievances.  I want Grace, Peace, and Joy.”  And then know, what you want comes because what you want is your birthright to receive.  

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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