A Course In Miracles Lesson 76

A Course In Miracles Lesson 76

A Course In Miracles Lesson 76

A Course In Miracles Lesson 76 states: I am under no laws but God’s.  This means I am only ever governed by the laws of Light because no other laws exist.  The foundations of all that is comes from the light of Creation which is always only creative in nature.

We often ascribe meaning and purpose to goals that do not lead to what we were expecting.  We undertake an activity thinking it will bring us to a certain result but find we do not arrive at that result.  Very often, what we thought was needed was not quite accurate.  The attainment of a specific goal we have in mind does not lead to lasting well-being.  In fact, today we are asked to see how each senseless aim we ascribe meaning to actually causes frustration and disappointments instead of clarity and peace.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 76 teaches us that we are seeking well-being where it can not ever be found.  The longer we do this, the more we are convinced that well-being does not even exist, and the more we live in a state of despair.  Our despair comes from believing an inaccurate premise.  

The cause of frustration and pain is caused by placing expectations onto that which can not deliver what we seek from it while also simultaneously believing that That Which Is Capable of delivering what we seek does not exist.  It is this logic belief that is inaccurate and needs correcting.  The only thing that is ever able to manifest what we want is the non-physical energy source of all creation.  Obtaining physical conditions will always be temporary and are best experienced with curiosity and inquiry rather than need.

Creation is… creative.  It never destroys.  Laws that lead to destruction are not creative and are therefore not eternal.  What is not eternal is not real, but rather a dream-like illusion.  There is no such thing as destruction.  But the experience of the concept of destruction is able to be experienced in an illusion, a scenario of no real consequence, a dream.  Beyond this tiny, brief experience rests always a lasting peace, like the sun beyond the clouds.

In A Course In Miracles, we are learning each day how to perceive the non-physical as real while also understanding it is not embodied in physical form.  Physical objects do not have any inherent meaning.  It is your inherent, eternal meaning that gives meaning to objects and takes meaning away.  When we seek for eternal qualities in temporary external things we bind ourselves to flawed laws of logic that are destined to fail and have no meaning.  When something loses meaning that was previously very significant to us we feel distressed and confused.  The way to end this distress is to correct how we understand physical life.  

The laws of physical life are governed by time and space which are fleeting.  That which fades can never be relied upon.  That which endures is all there ever really is.  There is only one Unifying Reality.  The laws of that Reality are the only laws we function by.  Those laws are the laws of Peace, Love, and Joy.  The strange, twisted, terrifying laws of so-called power do not have any power at all.  Power is creative.  Destruction takes care of itself.

All the strange, misguided laws we have followed in an attempt to find well-being can be seen today for what they are… meaningless.  Little pieces of paper and little silver disks will not ever have any true meaning.  The energy movements behind physical money are where lasting meaning resides.  Our conduct is where wealth is found because our conduct is all we will ever have.

Little round pellets and glasses of liquid will not ever bring us lasting health.  Sticking needles into the skin is not the way to health.  Warding of disease and death is achieved by a realization of light within you at all times.  Let objects be reminders of the larger, deeper, and totally complete connection that can be found beyond any physical object.  There is no law of physical reality that will connect us to lasting peace.  Only the laws of non-physical reality will do that.  We are under no Law but God’s.  There are not laws except those of eternity.  Eternity is the only reality there is.

How I think can be gravely inaccurate.  Knowing this about my perception, I can hold all my conclusions lightly.  I can live in a way that is always receptive to correction.  Seeking to be certain is an impossible goal.  The world is much too large for me to fully incorporate into my decision-making process.  I can not ever be certain about physical things.  But I can always be certain about the laws of eternity.  First, I must decide to believe that eternity exists.  This is the beginning of a spiritual practice.

The belief that life is violent is a belief that is destined to be corrected because what is true endures past what is mistaken.  Life is not violence.  Life is joy.  When you experience violence, that is not life.  It is illusion, a nightmare from which you can and will awaken.  Why is it your destiny to awaken?  Because that is God’s law and you are under no other laws.

Many religions claim that God laid down laws to be “obeyed.”  But it was always people who make these laws.   Man-made laws do not bring peace.  They cause hell in Heaven’s name.  Religious laws aimed to control behavior lack a knowledge of what we truly are.  Controlling behavior instills a sense of being distrusted.  Feeling distrusted causes us to behave strangely due to the sorrow and frustration of being misunderstood.  The truth is, we are Good.  Our nature is of Light.  Know this about yourself and others and they will sense the respect you offer.  Feeling this, they will have an opportunity to respond from the light in you and in themselves that is shared.  See only the true nature of all things and those things, not in an effort to change and control someone’s behavior.  But simply because seeing the light in others feels much better than seeing darkness or distrust.  Know them from an eternal awareness, not a temporary one.

That eternal awareness is all there is.  There are no other laws but that one.  To connect with the eternal Reality, we must hold our minds in a quiet, calm readiness to be able to hear the voice that speaks the truth to us.  Learning how to calm the mind and release the impulses to pursue self-made busy goals is the aim of this course.  Follow whatever interests you to do in this world with an understanding that joy is your aim, not the details of whatever goal you have taken up.

Whenever you do not know what to do next in your endeavors, be still and ask for help from the Eternal dimension.  Then put aside all you thought was needed in the situation and just listen.  There will be silence.  Let it move you.  Step aside and let Grace lead the way.  Letting go of how you understand a situation and opening to receive deeper awareness is how you will gain knowledge of the larger contexts you live in.  

The path of Grace may not be one we expected.  But when we observe closely, we will find that such a path is filled with thousands of tiny reliefs and improvements.  Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and legalize your right to be something much simpler and totally true.  

In the longer practice sessions today, become quiet so that the whisper can be heard.  Lean into the whisper and wait in peaceful readiness to be told the next thing you need to know.  Be governed by no other laws but Creations.  Throughout the day, when a thought pinches your mind, say to that painful thought, “This feeling is not governed by Grace, but rather by a misperception on my part.  I release my misperception here.  I release the idea that I can know with certainty what needs to happen and I open to be guided by Grace into the next moment.”

Call today’s lesson to mind as often as you can remember.  Remind yourself often that you come from Grace and there is nothing else you could possibly come from because you are under no law but God’s.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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