A Course In Miracles Lesson 75

A Course In Miracles Lesson 75

A Course In Miracles Lesson 75

A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 states: The light has come.

What will it feel like to receive what we are longing for?  Can we shift out of feeling the lack of it and notice that inside the sensation of longing dwells a joy and peace for that which we are seeking?  When we long, we have actually located the very essence of what we are longing for, which means, energetically, we have what we are seeking.

What would happen if we placed our attention on that quality of interest even before the physical object of our desire is in our hands?  The experience of longing would become much more enjoyable because it would acknowledge a having rather than lament an absence of something.  Nothing is missing.  We have all we want and need even as our wants and needs expand.  We will never stop wanting.  Wanting is the process of expansion of the whole universe.  Our wanting is a deep pleasure when we connect with an awareness of the Source of all that is.  What we can imagine can come to us.  We are in the process of overcoming beliefs that we are here to suffer and be denied.  

We are here to be happy and learn how to receive vast amounts of wellness.  What we long for does not need to hurt us.  When we understand that what we long for is on its way, unfolding in perfect harmony with our life situation, we can release tension and relax into the enjoyment of receiving what is sure to come because we have asked the Source of Creation for help.  Longing for something indicates an interest, a focus of attention.  What we long for indicates what we want.  Inside of what we seek resides the experience we seek.  Can we not just see that the experience is there within?  Could we see that in fact, the light has come?  

To do this, we must first register our imagination as real.  We must acknowledge that what we think about is what our life experience becomes.  When we do this, we can recognize that our daydreams and wishes are enjoyable journeys and pleasant places for us to dwell.  Much more pleasant than the frustration of living in a sense of lack.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 wants us to see that it is a matter of where we place our attention.  Can we find peace in the phases of manifestation?  Can we tell a desire that it is not a problem we do not have what it is yet?  Can we tell our longing that we will always long for things because we will always expand into new discoveries which will have new needs?  The journey is the engagement.  The arriving is always another beginning.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 wants us to invite a new way of experiencing time and to invite a peaceful mind into all our life goals.  The sensations of longing do not need to feel like an absence.  Within the longing dwells the light we long for.  The longing for it is its very arrival in us.  Aching for something is a belief that something is missing.  Peace arrives when we are able to recognize that nothing is missing and what arises is a perfect match for what we need most for the next stretch of our journey.

Energy is where all physical objects come from.  Energy is what literally builds this world both physically and socially.  Energy is inherently mental in its nature.  The mental process is one of beliefs.  Everyone chooses how they will think and what they will believe.  There is no inherent, universal standard way of thinking.  Everyone gets to decide for themselves how they will think and where they will place their attention.  This decision-making process is called logic.  How you choose to think is called logic.  Logic is not inherently true.  It has a logic to it, but that does not mean the conclusions of the logic are accurate.  Logic can be gravely flawed.  Actions and behaviors we thought would achieve our goals, if founded on mistaken logic, will not hit their mark.  When we do not hit the mark of our aims, the best use of our time is to examine the foundation of the logic we were functioning from and find which conclusions were inaccurate.

Mistaken conclusions hurt emotionally.  We feel disappointment, rage, grief, and anxiety. All the painful feelings are an indication of a flaw in our conclusions.  How we understood a situation was not entirely accurate, and that limited awareness has caused pain.  It is not the situation that has caused the pain.  It is our attachment to what we thought the situation was and the realization that it (and we) are not what we thought.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 is asking us if we can let ourselves correct the logic preventing accuracy so that we might receive what we are seeking.  Take a moment and think of something you want.  It could be a job, an object, a relationship… And ask yourself, what would it mean (feel like) to get that?  Can you notice how an energy of lack and longing may be in place preventing an awareness of why you want what you long for in the first place?  Can you put down the ache of not having and start to imagine what it might be like to receive it?  What would happen?  What would it feel like?  What if what you are wanting is here in an energy form waiting for you to relax and receive it?  What we seek we can receive.

We can let ourselves learn how to receive what we seek and we can choose to live in a universe that wants our joy.  We can shift our experience from an ever-present aching to an ever-present wholeness.  We can feel well more often when we recognize what is disrupting wellness.  The ability to recover from life’s blows comes from cultivating a connection with the Source of peace.  It is a fact that the Light of peace has cracked through the shell of Earth and is now streaming through, growing stronger and brighter – one person at a time, starting with you.  When we choose to join the logic pathway of belief, we become part of that growing light and we spend more time in the qualities of light than in any other experiences.

There is no greater joy to be found, no activity more important to engage than the movements towards realizing that the Light of True Reality has come to this world.  The eternal exists.  The eternal is all that does exist.  That which is temporary is of an illusion.  This book is guiding us towards placing our trust and expectations upon the eternal non-physical rather than the temporary physical world.  The Light has come.  It is here.  This world is creative, supportive, and free.  We can now begin to learn through experiences of joy rather than experiences of pain.  It will never be possible to achieve peace and wellness through pain and attack.  There is only one way to learn how to find the qualities of peace and joy.  Experience those qualities.  Let them in.  If what you seek has not yet come, put down the fight for it.  Hold your mind in calm, quiet waiting rather than tense frustration.   Actions that compelled sacrifice or animosity are a pathway to more pain.  To expect hostile actions to lead to peace is a flaw in logic which needs correcting.

Correction may feel painful, embarrassing, or maybe even impossible.  But it feels that way only to the misguided perception.  There is nothing painful about correction.  It is a profound relief always.  Correction is nothing to fear or hide from.  It leads to feeling good.  If corrections in logic do not lead to relief and feeling good, those corrections are themselves, misguided.  This is often the case when we join into a major worldview like religion or ideologies.  If relief does not emerge from a chosen path of action, it can only mean we were mistaken about what we thought those actions would bring us.  If relief does not come from a chosen action, choose again.  And again and again and again.  We are in time and space to refine and learn.  What are we learning?  How to be joyful.  So try again.  Imagine what it would be like to receive what you are seeking.  See yourself as someone who such things happen to.  Daydreaming can become life dreaming.   

Today we continue our process of adding new logic pathways to old logic.  We make corrections to our conclusions, but we do so indirectly, going around a specific struggle, putting it down, and walking away from analysis.  We simply remind ourselves as often as we can, every fifteen minutes or so, that this world is well.  The Light has come and we can find it whenever we look for it.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 is a happy one and filled with all the qualities of light.  All shadows from past memories or from false conclusions are brought easily into the ease and grace of Light.  And now we are Light Workers, letting the light into our logic and conclusions.  

The longer practice period will spend time looking at the mechanics of forgiveness.  We are asked to sit quietly for 15 minutes and say, “The Light has come.  I have forgiven the world.”

Forgiveness is often challenging to grasp because the logic we have been functioning in believes revenge is the pathway towards relief and peace.  Refraining from attack- even on the smallest of levels with a single word or even a thought of revenge- will lead to peace.  It is the only path to peace.  Forgiveness is not something we figure out how to do.  It is a logic we learn how to let occur.  When someone conflicts with you today, can you remember, that this misunderstanding does not matter?  The light has come and all is well.  I can feel well.  I do not know how to find my way to feeling peaceful, but I can clarify here in this moment, that I want peace.  Peace can be found because the Light has come.  If I ask that Light to lift away my anger or my confusion or sorrow, that Light will do as I ask as fast as Light. 

Who are we asking for help?  The answer to that question is a deeply personal and highly specific one.  Who you ask is your unique way of connecting to the Unified Field of Everything.  How that Field presents itself to you is your unique and personal relationship with joy.  It is a relationship of such profound satisfaction, closeness, and clarity that you will very quickly learn to trust that inner conversation more and more until eventually, that Source will lead the way in all your life activities.  You will step aside and let Life Movement lead the way.  To do this we need only recognize that our free will enables us to get in our own way and block the flow and ease that is inherent in Creation.  When we put down our notions of what is best and take on an attitude of curiosity and discovery, the Creative Field can move us and struggles vanish.  

The ability to step aside and not try to fix things we do not fully understand will enable true vision to come to us.  Wisdom is a temperament, not a mental achievement.  That temperament understands the limitations of this world and does not make demands of that which can not provide.  Whatever unfolds in our day is what we have to work with.  How we respond to what happens determines what will happen next.  Bring peace to what happens and more peace will be able to come to you.  It is not possible to live without contrast and conflict.  But it is possible to manage conflict in a way that minimizes how long we spend in it. To recover more quickly from daily struggles, A Course In Miracles Lesson 75 wants us to remind ourselves that the Light has come.

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