A Course In Miracles Lesson 74

A Course In Miracles Lesson 74

A Course In Miracles Lesson 74

A Course In Miracles Lesson 74

A Course In Miracles Lesson 74 states: There is no will but God’s.

I translate this to be: I am a natural part of the Creative Process.

God is a word we use to describe the unified collection of all that is in existence.  God is a wholeness of infinite vastness far beyond our ability to comprehend.  But what we can comprehend about the concept of God is that it is most certainly there.  If something exists, it does so along with all the other things that exist.  This collection of existences is a Unified Field where all exists together.  This vast event of unity is an act of joyful expression and discovery.  Creation is joy.  Creation is discovery.  Creation is unity.  And since creation is everything that ever is, was, and will be, all those things share the qualities of that connected unity.  The qualities of creation are joy and peace.  All-That- Is is overjoyed to be what It is. This is an inherent state of reality.  At the foundation of everything, no matter how obscured it may be, there is a joy of being.

Accepting this statement as true will build a perception of the world that is founded on peace which will lead to new heights of enjoyment of life.  Letting the concept that joy is the foundation of all reality (despite all the seeming evidence to the opposite) will guide our minds out of suffering.  The logic that states we are one piece of a larger event field brings peace and connection.   Joy is what Creation is.  Pain is a misunderstanding of what Creation is.  Misunderstanding is possible because Creation is free.  It is the will of Creation that Creation be free to find Its own way.  You and I are expressions of that event of freedom, finding our own way to the knowing of unity as reality.  

The ability to choose is inherent in the nature of Creation.  It is Creations will that creative events be free.  If there is no freedom, no choice there is no creative act.  Without the freedom to choose one’s own path, there is only automated compulsion, and such a state is not the nature of Creation merely because Creation does not will it so.  It is not an interest of Creations to compel participation.  All engagement is voluntary.  When we feel like we have no choice in a situation, we believe ourselves to be something different than what Creation actually created.  We believe we are something that exists in opposition to All That Is and we believe we are in competition with Creation to prove that this belief is real.

We are free to believe this because God’s will is that we shall be free to believe what we choose to believe, even if it is not in line with actual reality.  Actual reality exists whether we see it or not.  And actual reality is a Unified Field of whole wellness.  A belief in separation is never real.  Physical separation is a temporary experience.  The phrase “physical separation” is a repetition of the same concept because to be physical is to feel separate.  There is no way physical bodies can really unify.  We are always in a singular experience, physically.  Energetically, however, we are always in a unified and connected experience.  Energy lasts far beyond any physical moment of expression.  Energy is the more reliable understanding of reality.  What I see with my eyes in this world around me will change constantly.  What I sense in my mind is of a much longer-lasting nature.  Thoughts are the energy continuum of what we are.  We are a Field of thought exploring all the ways we can think and understand a situation.  This exploration of perception is the Creative event that always comes from Creation.  This is why there is no will but God’s.

The will you share with the Creative Field has all the power of Creation in it because that is the Field that creates.  That is the Source Field.  Connecting to this larger Field on a daily basis through your desire to do so empowers you with capacities far beyond your imagination’s understanding of what you think you are.  There is nothing Creation can not do.  But this power is not to be feared.  The power of Creation does not empower us to achieve acts of destruction.  Acts of destruction are of no lasting consequence in relation to the Creative Field and they are of an illusory nature, impermanent and unimportant, like a simple misunderstanding.  We can not use the power of Creation for violent ends. 

Violence is conducted only through the belief in disconnection.  That belief, though wrong and impossible, has the ability to be experienced as real and true.  But it is not Creation that is experiencing pain.  It is only you, in your misguided choice of belief.  The fact is, you are not separate.  Violence is motivated by a mistake in our understanding of what reality is.  Violence is motivated by a belief we are separate and in danger rather than connected and well.  But Reality is whole, always.  And you are part of that whole.  You are not an insignificant part because there are no insignificant parts of the Whole.  There is simply every part of it equally included.

Because you are created with the freedom inherent in the power of Creation, you have two impulses of opposing logic which are constantly presenting you with a choice of which one to believe in.  You have the capacity to believe whatever you wish.  This capacity is not a flaw.  It is the key to creative action which is why your choices are what Nature wants from you more than it wants cooperation.  The choice to choose what you believe is the key to creative connection.  What you believe will align with reality through your own process of releasing yourself from suffering.  As you navigate pain, you learn how to minimize pain.  What leads to ease and flow?  This we discover daily.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 74 is teaching a creative logic.  The logic of Creation believes that learning can be a joyful experience of expansion rather than an experience of pain.  Learning through joy is what you were created to.  You were not created to suffer.  Pain and anguish were never something Creation wanted for you.  Creation does not punish you for making mistakes.  The mistake, itself simply hurts us to make and when we learn how to stop making that mistake, we open up to the state of joy always intended for us.  

The part of you that has engaged in the belief of separation is not a belief Creation shares with you.  A belief in separation is an interest in pain and violence.  Because this belief is not shared with Creation it does not actually have any power.  All things arising from such beliefs are illusions, like clouds, nothing, an error of no consequence.  To the ego, all errors are of tremendously grave consequence and can not ever be released or overcome.  Because this perspective is not shared, the ego’s interests and desires have no power to create and no power to have any real or lasting effect.  Real and lasting is of a loving nature always.

However, your strong belief in the ego’s logic of separation will have a very painful effect upon you and upon anyone who chooses to join you in that belief.  Relative to all Creation, these beliefs are simply in error and of no consequence.  The unreal is not important.  The violence that befell your environment does not endure.  What endures is the quality of your conduct through all such temporary events of violence.  Your conduct is the more reliable focus.  How we respond to wrong beliefs determines if we perpetuate the error or if we reconnect with Connection Itself.  A mistake is nothing hand therefore has no meaning.

But we currently believe that mistakes are very grave and real problems.  We believe it is vital to not make them.  And we also believe that once a mistake is made, there is a finality to the situation that can never repair what was broken.  A Course In Miracles wants us to consider the notion that nothing has been broken and the mistake that has been made is of no real consequence.  

The desire to be right is not a misguided desire.  That is a seeking for alignment with reality.  A desire to be in the right is another way of saying we desire peace.  Peace is at the heart of every desire we have because there is no other desire beyond the one fundamental will of Creation.  We seek peace in all our actions, no matter how efficiently or inefficiently those choices may lead to actual peace.  Learning which actions truly arrive at peace and joy is the pleasure and the adventure of life.  Most of the time, our understanding of what will bring peace is misguided because our attention is focused on the physical aspects of a situation.  

We assign meaning to the attaining of this or that thing we’ve set our sights on, and we imbibe that goal with mountains of expectations.  But the physical world can not ever come through for us in the way we seek.  The physical world can not be relied upon with the same consistency as the energetic world.  Seeing the energetic in the physical shifts our relationship to the world so that we can avoid clinging to temporary expressions of Creation and anchor ourselves in a permanent Knowing of wellness.  What we see with our eyes is an expression of creation.  It is not Creation Itself.  See creation in all things (including people) and honor the intrinsic freedom in everyone as they choose their way, knowing that all pathways are a state of Grace in the eyes of Creation.

When we decide to follow the pathway of logic that connects our awareness to the power of Creation, we are willing the light within us to come forth.  We are deciding to place our attention on what is going well, what is whole and good and peaceful.  The process of shifting belief systems from one of isolation to one of connection involves the attitude adjustment of understanding that we do not and can not understand this world.  This world is a temporary field of experimental beliefs of all kinds.  This world is not understandable.  What happens here is motivated by mistaken logic.  All that arises from such logic will be faulty and incomprehensible. Trying to understand the not-understandable is an exercise in agony.  Place no more attention upon the insane.  Look, instead towards the light of Reality.

To make this shift in our attention from the painful to the peaceful, A Course In Miracles Lesson 74 guides us to locate within ourselves our own inherent power of Creation.  We are part of Creation and there is no other will but the will of Creation, which must also be our will.  We can have what we want for ourselves because what we want is what Creation wants for us as well.  Thus far, we have willed an experience of illusion and suffering.  Today we will otherwise by remembering that peace is what Creation wants and what Creation wants is what comes to pass. What we will also comes to pass because our will is the same as Creations.  If you want something, know that it is unfolding to you and put aside any details of how it should arise.  Your ideas of how something ought to play out will never be as powerful or as enjoyable as how Creation unfolds events for you.  Step aside and let Creation lead the way.

Know that you do not know.  Connect to That Which Knows and let yourself be guided.  Cultivate a belief that life can be fun, elegant, easy, and full of joy.  The power of Grace is within you because that is what Creation wants.  What Creation wants is all there is. There is no will but God’s. Today is another practice of locating the light within you.  This is not a metaphorical or theoretical exercise.  You are actually light.  That light which you are always has conjured a body which is investigating the experience of believing you are not what you really are.  We are investigating the experience of isolation and danger, which in reality, is not possible.  The body will fade away.  Today we make another effort to find the eternal light within our body that will never fade.  We locate our eternally connected being.  This will be a disembodied and strange sensation at first and there may be fear about the metaphysical quality that is the nature of true reality.  But you can adjust to the strangeness and trust in the inherent and enduring safety of energy.

Grievances are a roadblock to locating the light within you.  A belief that the world is not as it should be is not exactly misguided, for this illusionary state is indeed misguided.  But it is not the world that needs to be fixed, it is your understanding of how important this world really is.  The world can not give you what you seek.  What you seek is an attitude within yourself, an autonomy of perception, an understanding of what causes pain and what releases pain.  Grievances and expectations of others cause pain.  An attitude of curiosity and discovery leads to enjoyment.

Releasing a grievance we have been carrying perhaps even for years is not a complicated or time-consuming activity.  Effective release of resentments and injury is a matter of interest, our own interest.  What are we interested in?  Can we acknowledge when we have an interest in the sensation of sorrow?  The sensation of betrayal?  The sensation of grave, irreversible mistakes?  The only way such experiences can come to us is by our curiosity about their experiences.  We invite in what we experience every single time.  If we do not believe this is true, we will experience a nightmare of powerlessness at the mercy of insane larger forces out to destroy us at every turn.

We are choosing a more accurate logic today.  We do not need to comprehend today’s statement or relate to it.  We need only bring ourselves into its influence as often as we can remember to do so.  Look at the concept.  Register it.  Say yes to letting it alter your current belief system.  Ego logic never leads to what it promises to lead to (peace) because the ego’s logic believes in violence.  Hear today’s message which is trying to explain that God does not want your suffering.  You were not created by Creation to be tortured.  Such a belief is in no way the foundation of reality.  God wants your joy.  God wants you to find that joy in your own way.  The choices you make to locate that joy is the will of God because there is no will but God’s.

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