A Course In Miracles Lesson 69

A Course In Miracles Lesson 69

A Course In Miracles Lesson 69

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 69 states:

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

A grievance is an attachment to an outcome that has not unfolded as we hoped.  A grievance is a pain and a weight in the chest and head that feels bad about the conditions of a situation at hand.  We want something to be different than it is when we have a grievance.  This longing comes with a very high cost.  It prevents us from experiencing joy.  So long as we do not make room for what actually occurred, we will not know well-being.  It is not the error that hurts.  Errors can not be prevented in a world designed for exploration.  It is our holding onto the error that turns what could be fleeting pain into a long-standing agony.

Today’s lesson is another effort to locate a connection to the non-physical resource within you that can help relieve suffering for you whenever you chose to turn towards it.  Today’s lesson seeks to locate the light within you.  This is not a metaphorical concept.  There is an actual, real light within you because light is what made you.  We are asked to begin a three to five-minute meditation observing how strongly we believe in the real existence of this light within us.  Observe any resistance to believing in the concept of eternal wellness and let that resistance be as it is.  Hold space for how you feel.  Doing so is how you reconnect to the nature of the Source Field, which is the supreme ultimate space holder for what is.  With eyes closed, let your thoughts become like floating pieces of paper, or any object you prefer, each thought drifting in the space that is being held for them.  The thoughts could be rocks, raindrops, sticky notes, whatever you like.  From this place of witnessing, see how there is no reason to believe there could ever be more than one reality.  All-That-Is is held in a unified field and all that is is included.  Separation is a misunderstanding, a misperception.  How can a misperception even occur at all?

All-That-Is (being everything) even includes the impossible.  That is how “All” It is.  But the impossible is not possible and so the way in which the impossible plays itself out is in the context of illusion like a dream, like a movie or a play.  The mind we have is completely free to conjure up scenarios that are not and can not ever be true.  But All That Is does not prevent our experiencing such scenarios if that is where we want to place our attention.  We are free to believe whatever we want.  But what is real will always be real and what is not real will never be real.  Reality exists even if we can not see it from inside the illusion we have created.  The sun is still in the sky even if clouds block its view.  And those clouds have not come anywhere near the actual sun.  The Unified Field of Everything does not want us to be in pain.  But it will not stop us if we head in that direction.  And the very moment we decide to shift directions, It supports our decision for as long as we maintain that focus.  

What we place our attention on may not feel like a choice we are making.  Our attention feels grabbed and ruled over.  We often feel powerless in relation to what we are thinking about.  But when we feel dominated by thoughts we do not want to have, A Course In Miracles guides our attention towards the concept of the Liaison energy between our single perception and the realm of Oneness.  

The message being conveyed in today’s lesson wants us to understand that there is no sorrow, no anger, no mistake that is too large for God to accept and include.  And to reach the relief that the Creative Field offers, we can begin by turning towards the guide between the two different states (single perception and All-Knowing )  Since the concept of God is impossible to comprehend, we are invited to consider a middle ground energy, a facilitator energy helping to bridge the distance between us and the whole Field.  This liaison energy is the Holy Spirit.   This energy field of guidance is always right beside you for you to ask questions of and seek guidance from.  We can literally talk to this Guidance Field and when we quiet our minds and listen, we can experience being guided out of our trouble.  We can also call this “listening to your gut” which is a perfect phrase to describe today’s lesson.  There is a light within you, in your gut.  It is the same light from the Source that created you which you will always share with Creation.  Receiving help starts with a belief that help can occur.  Help is something you allow to have happen at any time.  Help is a movement from within you away from what happened and towards well-being from within.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 69 wants us to make another big effort to sense the light of help that walks with us at all times.  Today we will see our anger and sorrow as a veil or a blanket of clouds.  We are asked to refrain from itemizing every tiny thread of that veil or every tiny droplet of thought in that cloud.  We are asked to refrain from connecting to our grievances about how things did not turn out as we hoped.  We will see the anger and sorrow as one big curtain hanging in front of the light of peace and joy and we will push that curtain aside to let light in.  We will not study the curtain.  We recognize the whole veil as a blockage from reaching peace.  

If it is too hard to extricate yourself from your thoughts, today’s lesson invites you to ask the Guidance Field to help you.  Give what you do not understand to the Guidance Field and let the shift in awareness be given to you rather than go searching for it.

Nothing needs to happen in the situation at hand for you to locate well-being.  No one needs to call.  No one needs to bring or take anything away.  How you are right now is enough to find peace.  Any condition can be navigated.  Releasing the impulse to complain about a situation is the first step in allowing guidance in.  Connecting to a spiritual dimension will help you move through this physical dimension at any time.  The meditation for today asks that you sit quietly with eyes closed and imagine your grievance thoughts as a heavy fabric.  Push that fabric aside and see the light behind it.  Feel how the light deep within your mind can clear away all obstructions. A sense of being lifted up and carried will emerge as you release the burden of your grievance thoughts like an air bubble rising up through water to rejoin the vast sky above the ocean.

Letting go of burden thoughts can leave us with a sense of not knowing who we are.  This is an excellent place to be.  Letting go of an old identity means you begin a new adventure.  What might you do with the energy it takes to hold grievances if you put them down?  Let your imagination explore feeling peaceful and experience the ease with which activities spring up and engage you for the fun of it.  Make peace with feeling peaceful.  Let feeling happy feel safe.  Today’s lesson can not be done wrong.

Whenever anger or sorrow or worry comes up today, pause a moment and say to yourself, “this thought is preventing my well-being.  I can not resolve this pain on my own.  Carrying it causes me to suffer.  I can give this pain to the Guidance Field who knows better than I do how to resolve it.  Whenever I sense a grievance today, I will practice giving that grievance to That Which understands it better than I do.”

I let go of my grievances which hid the light of the world in me.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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