A Course In Miracles Lesson 67

A Course In Miracles Lesson 67

A Course In Miracles Lesson 67

A Course In Miracles Lesson 67

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 67 states:

Love created me like Itself.

Here we have a statement of logic like the mathematical premise:

(A² + B² = C²).  The logic structure of today’s lesson is set up like this: If x and y are true then that means z is also true.  If our mind is willing to consider the day’s lesson as a true statement without feeling an impulse to debate or induce a fuzzy resistance that feels like confusion or irritation, then our mind is starting to move towards knowing what is true without imposing personal perspectives.

If love created you, that means you are love because that which creates can always only ever create more of what It is.  An oak tree makes more oak trees.  It never makes anything other than what it is.  The fact is, love made you.  You come from love and your nature is loving and lovable.  You may have forgotten this fact and that forgetting of your origin is causing pain.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 67 wants us to see that physical life is governed by the energies of Creation.  The energy of Creation is love and joy, which is what you are.  We were not created by our parents.  Who created them?  And who created those parents?  Who is the parent of the first parent ever?  No matter which culture’s creation story you read, they all have one observation in common.  The parent of all parents is Energy itself, a greater power beyond our comprehension.  Physical form is an expression of That Which Creates.  

The clarification of the difference between creating and making is the start of a spiritual relationship with reality.  Our parents made our bodies.  Our parents did not make our energy.  Creation created the energy we are in essence that engages in the adventure of taking physical form.  Remembering our greater spiritual nature helps all our life circumstances flow with more ease and enjoyment.  We are from a river of enjoyment. That is our nature.  And remembering this fact is what today’s lesson is all about. The reason traditional religious texts refer to God as a “father” or a “mother” is because that is the closest analogy to what that energy Field is to us.  But unlike our actual parents, this Greater Parent will never fade or falter. 

We have a parent who is more our parent than our physical parents.  We share this parent with our physical parents and in relation to that Source Field, we are equal to our parents in this life, learning, growing, and exploring under the deep inclusion that Creation holds for all that is.

Today’s lesson is a very basic and obvious statement.  The reason we need to spend a day thinking about it is because our minds as they are right now do not fully understand or remember where we came from.  Our minds, which are literally split into two halves, still debates with itself about the nature of reality.  One part of the mind believes that we have no source and come from no greater field.  Believing this is very painful and leads to a whole host of misguided conclusions about life.  

The most common question that follows today’s lesson is often- If love created me like love, why is there so much violence?  The answer to this can be found when we take time to consider the nature of what the creative act is.  Creative action must be free and voluntary.  There can not be coercion or requirements placed on a creative impulse.  Freedom creates.  Creation explores.  Exploration is an exercise in making choices.  Some choices lead to pain while other choices lead to peace and joy.  Freedom to choose is the fundamental and eternal state of Creation as it discovers Itself through you, its own creation.  What you choose to do is how you learn about what Creation is and what Creation is not.

God wants your joy.  God is joy and God made you like Itself.  But you are free to think otherwise.  You are not forced to acknowledge joyful conditions.  You find your own way to them willingly.  Allowing room for exploration and error in the discovery process is the highest form of love possible.  When a teacher does not condemn a student for making a mistake or falling short, true learning has occurred for everyone.

The world we live in is a neutral ground that holds no judgment about our choices.  We must and do hold judgments about our choices but the Field that created us knows that we are doing what we were created to do.  The Creative Field knows that it is vital for you to discover your own discoveries for yourself.  Creation knows what you will discover at the end of every winding path, no matter how dark or twisted it may be.  Love is at the end because Love is the foundation, the beginning.  

Self-empowerment is self-realization.  Self-realization is the awareness that you come from light which is freedom.  The Creative Field will never interfere with your journey of discovery.  It will never demand of you any behavior or assert Its power over you.  There is no need.  The choices you make will bring you to the results those choices cause.  It is not a problem when we make a mistake. Mistakes only need correcting.  A mistake is not a death sentence.  If it were, humanity would have ended eons ago.  

The reason for today’s lesson is to deepen your awareness of the small, quiet glow of your Source origin that resides within your being at all times.  Love made you.  You are forever connected to the Loving Field.  There is a light in your mind and in your heart that never goes out, no matter how clouded your inner life may get.  God is eternal peace and joy.  God made you like God.  You are an eternal peace and an eternal joy.

Today’s lesson is a large rallying effort to counter the argument against the existence of this Source.  The intensity of today’s exercises will bring much-needed support to one side of the argument occurring in your mind about the nature of your existence.  We are asked to recall today’s statement as frequently as possible, every 15 minutes whenever we can.  This process is an infusion of new logic that will shift us out of painful ways of thinking.  We do not need to analyze the statement, we do not even need to fully agree with or understand it.  But if we can increase how often we allow it to influence our way of thinking, we will be lifted towards qualities of great enjoyment and serenity.

The longer sitting practice session today wants us to think about our reality as a whole, unchanging state.  A God state, a Source.  In the sitting session, we are asked to note the differences between your life situation and your Life as a Field Continuum. To do this, we are encouraged to bring our own words to the lesson and phrase the qualities of God however feels good.  Love created me loving, Excitement created me excited, Curiosity created me curious, Joy created me joyful…

A Course In Miracles Lesson 67 wants us to go on a rampage of positive descriptions about where we really come from.  Bring the lesson to any struggle you have today.  Remember, “All is well because I come from Light.” When we remember this we become that light that lights the way for others to find their light.

Light created me like itself.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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