A Course In Miracles Lesson 65

A Course In Miracles Lesson 65

A Course In Miracles Lesson 65

A Course In Miracles Lesson 65

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 65 states:

My only function is the one God gave me.

The logic path of this lesson goes like this:

I have one function. 

God gave me that one function.  

If the word God stops the flow of understanding in the reader’s mind, use any other word that feels better.  Creation, the Tao, the Source of my existence.  We came from somewhere.  We were created.  What created us is the Creative Field and that Field is what gave us and continues to give us purpose.  That is the logic of today’s lesson put briefly.  

Connecting to the spiritual dimension of life is not just one of my aims, it is my only and most important aim on earth.  The spiritual dimension is the source origin of everything in this world.  All things begin as thought-forms before taking shape.  This is why a spiritual connection and a spiritual practice is the most practical activity in the world to engage because it informs what arises with the Grace of Creation itself.

Understanding that all the things in our life (including people) come from energy releases our mind from identifying with temporary objects as the defining foundation of who we are. Whatever may happen in your day, you can know, you are not that. No object is ever more real than the Field it came from.  No object is ever more vast or more powerful than the Source from where that object emerged.

Entertaining the notion that the Creative Field does not exist or criticizing those who chose to align their minds with the spiritual dimension will always bring mental anguish because denying what is true will always hurt.  The Creative Field is there.  It is a fact.  Forgetting this fact is something that happens quite often for us in our day-to-day life which is why there is this book (and many others) whose aim is to remind us of the spiritual dimension.

Connecting to the energetic Field of peace and power is not just something you want to do, it is the only thing you ever want to do, no matter what activity you are engaged in.  Activities that do not have the deeper motivations to connect with the joyful qualities of the creative Field fall short of satisfying us and leave us still longing.  Activities done with the sole interest in using the event as a way to connect with Grace and Well-being will always feel full of purpose and deeply satisfying regardless of the end results.  Whatever work you are spending your day engaging, ask yourself why you are engaging it.  What will doing that activity bring you?  It may bring money, it may bring career advancement, it may bring building a family, it may bring social status… 

I am in no way questioning anyone’s interest in achieving any of the above aims.  I am only pointing out the value in going deeper into understanding why we want what we want.  The objects of our desires are sought by us because we have assigned peace and well-being to them.  Achieving them will bring the qualities we seek.  We want what we want in this world because we want one thing – to connect with well-being.  Today’s lesson wants us to consider that we do not need to strive to obtain well-being through our pursuits of goals.  We can engage our goals from an already, ever-present sense of well-being that is residing in us right now.  We are not lacking.  We are not outside waiting to be let in.  God is in everything I see because God is in my mind. (Lesson 30)

Total commitment to connecting with the spiritual dimension is needed in order to achieve connection.  To entertain a debate about the existence of an eternal stream of well-being is to block that eternal stream from our experience.  Because the energetic dimension is not perceivable through physical senses registering Its existence is a mental decision that takes on the characteristics of faith and belief.  Faith and belief are a choice we make because it feels better to believe in than to believe in its absence.  But the reason it feels better to believe in is because it is true and what is true always feels better.  That is why things that feel good are always moving towards what is true about reality.  As you allow yourself to stop being wary or critical of a concept you can not prove with your eyes or ears or hands, the well-being that resides in the concept begins to unfold in your life and that well-being is your proof.

It is difficult to prove the effectiveness of preventative medicine because when something does not happen we do not ever think about it.  We do not put our attention on that which is not arriving.  However, when some negative event does happen, it is very tempting to think that the Creative Field is not looking out for us or protecting us.  It is very easy to fall into confusion about why a negative event has come to us.  We then question the existence of the Creative Field and feel foolish for believing in a mythical notion of eternal well-being.  We are angry that the Universe would let something like that happen.  What kind of person lets bad things happen?  

The Universe lets everything happen.  What happens to you is entirely up to you.  Learning how to navigate this cosmic law is why you are on earth.  Learning how to connect to the power of Grace that is the Creative Field of the Universe is what you are getting better and better at doing.  The Creative Field does not ever interfere.  The Creative Field facilitates self-discovery.  The Creative Field did not want the bad thing to happen and It is not out to punish you for anything you did in this lifetime or a past lifetime.  The Creative Field loves your existence and your adventure no matter what path you have wound yourself up into.  It does not matter what you’ve gotten yourself into.  You can get out of it.  And the Creative Field is the Source that will unwind you from any twisted, painful path.  The Grace Field is there.  You letting it in will be how you can experience it.  You letting that Field in is your only function on earth.  Do it in any activity and watch how that activity becomes utterly filled with significance and purpose.  Any activity.  You could be sitting in a prison cell, you could be sitting at a factory job, you could be in any seemingly meaningless place and connect with meaning from within and experience peace.

To begin making a connection from a disconnected place we first ask, do you believe joy can be located?  If you do not feel it is possible, the next question is, do you want to feel it is possible?  Do you want to change your current painful perspective towards a less painful one?  You do not need to figure out how to make that change, you need only locate the desire for that change to emerge.

What you want is what will arise.  If you do not want what you have right now, acknowledge that you have only just now come to that realization.  You are where you are now because you have been given what you wanted.  You have been given what your goals pursued.  You have been given what your beliefs believed possible for you.  And now your beliefs are changing.  We are always learning how to expand what we believe is possible for us in this world.  This expansion is our destiny and our nature as an extension of an ever-expanding universe. 

Today’s lesson introduces the need for setting aside a larger amount of time at a consistent time each day.  Lesson 65 asks that we not only sit with our eyes closed for ten or fifteen minutes but that we also establish this sitting practice to occur at the same time each day from now on.  Which time of day feels best for you?  Morning, noon, or evening?  Sitting at the same time each day enables the consistency needed for the Creative Field to be able to send you messages and insights.  A routine time facilitates greater ease in communication (communion) with the spiritual dimension.  The Course also wants us to continue to recall the day’s idea in frequent smaller intervals throughout the day.  And for the longer sitting practice, it asks that we begin the session by calling the day’s lesson to mind and saying it silently to ourselves.  Then close our eyes and watch what our mind is doing.  See the thoughts that go by without putting any effort to press the day’s lesson upon the contents.  Take a moment to just see what you are thinking about.  Note each thought that comes and try not to get involved with it.  

After a time of watching your thoughts go by, say to them and to yourself, “This thought reflects a goal that is preventing me from accepting peace and well-being. Peace and well-being are why I am alive.  It is my only purpose.”

Say this concept in any words that feel best for you.  Then scan your mind a moment more looking for any remaining tensions or frustrating thoughts.  They will be less now.  Say the above statement to any remaining content.  Then at the end of the sitting session say to your now quiet mind, “On this calm, clear surface, let peace be placed there for me.”

Put this idea into your own words as well.

This sitting practice is exercising our growing ability to evoke peace upon our minds from any content.  It is an activity that teaches how to reach towards peace within our thoughts which is all we ever have in life.  How do you call peace to you?  What words ignite your connection with the Knowing Field?  To complete the sitting session repeat the day’s lesson once more.

My only job in life is to be peaceful.   I can do this with any activity I chose to do.  Connecting to the spiritual dimension is the most important and most rewarding endeavor I could ever undertake.  I bring this endeavor to all my other endeavors.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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