A Course In Miracles Lesson 63

A Course In Miracles Lesson 63

A Course In Miracles Lesson 63

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 63 states:

The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.

I translate this as: The peace I achieve within is also achieved for the world. Or: Letting go of anger (forgiveness) decreases anger in this world.

If achieving peace in your own mind also brings peace to other minds, your well-being is a tremendous power to have.  Power is not domination or pain.  Power is fuel and all living beings must walk with some amount of power at all times.  Power is energy and that energy need never run out when it is cultivated through perceptions of peace and happiness.  You cultivating peaceful thoughts in all that you do is the most important pursuit in this world.  Nothing is more important than your discovering how to bring your mind away from anger or fear and into the autonomous power of peace.

Peace is power.  Power is nothing to be afraid of.  It is nothing to resent in others.  And we will say again, power is not domination or violence.  When you see violence being enacted upon another, you are not seeing power.  You are seeing fear.  When we guide our understanding of a situation away from hostility, we cultivate peace which is the cultivation of power.  

Who is stronger in a situation, the calm, peaceful one or the agitated one?  Peace does not equal passive.  Peace is not the same as docile.  Peace only means that there is no charge of anger or fear in your impulses.  Those impulses could very well have an aggressive, forthcoming quality to them and still be peaceful.  But the moment anger or fear becomes part of the perception, peace, and power have been lost.  To regain them, we need only recognize the quality of our experience and ask ourselves, does this feel good?  

Sometimes feeling angry feels good, which means at that time, it is the right path to take.  Sometimes fear is a perfect match for a situation and feels correct, which feels good.  But the majority of situations we encounter on a day-to-day basis are not so very action-packed with anger or fear.  Watching television dramas can easily distort our understanding of reality and place expectations of conflict into our daily lives where in reality, peace is the ruling condition of our life.   Conflict is needed in fiction to make it interesting and compel us to watch it.  But conflict is not needed in living life and it is possible to experience less conflict by navigating the contents of our thoughts towards different, more peaceful ideas.  How do we do that?

Each thought process will need a unique observation and connection to understand what that particular belief needs in order to change, but the underlying rule of uplifting our thoughts involves recognizing that we are not the ones who do the navigating.  We are the ones who realize a painful thought, release it, and allow the flow of our thinking to navigate itself towards peace.  No monumental effort is needed.  Just a willingness to believe that improvement is possible.  If we do not believe improvement is possible, we will stay in pain until we let that idea in as a viable capacity.  It is a fact that Peace is an eternally flowing river of energy.  Peace is the fundamental, unchangeable state of actual reality.  All is always well. We need only remember and reconnect to this dimension in some small way to begin to experience it again.  When entering a river’s flow, either by boat or swimming, we do not ever think it is our job to make sure that river keeps flowing.  We do not think we are responsible for generating the flow of movement.  We understand that the river is larger than us and the river is there as a constant force of movement.  We understand that movement is done for us.  What situation in your life right now can you ask the Forever River to carry you through?  We need only acknowledge the River is there and allow the river to take us along into that movement.  So cultivating well-being is the “act” of not taking further action and simply allowing the larger flow of movement to carry us.  This mental shift from doing to not doing is also understood as asking.  

The light of the world is a flowing river of energy of cosmic proportions.  The flow is always there, moving non-stop in the direction of joy, wholeness, holiness, and well-being.  The way to cultivate lasting power is to allow the flow of power (which is peace) to carry you in its inherent, effortless state of graceful movement.  Letting the Forever-Flow be expressed through you is the same action as locating your true purpose in this world.  If you are wondering why you are alive or what the point of your existence is, the answer is happiness.  You are here to find what makes you uniquely and sincerely happy.  That discovery is the greatest joy possible and the only purpose of life.  Every ideology or government system is aiming to discover what leads to well-being and happiness.  Contentment is the motivator behind all our activities.  We do not ever pursue an activity or a relationship because we believe it will hurt.  We pursue all endeavors as a path towards joy.  

If you are bogged down in frustration about some relationship or activity you will locate new energy for the situation when you put down thoughts that feel bad and let the inherent well-being of reality carry you.  Continuing to try to figure out a conflict without making any progress will only lead to exhaustion.  The thoughts that begin the process of stepping into the Forever River involve some version of stating to ourselves: I want to feel better than this. I want this to be more enjoyable.  I do not know how to make this more enjoyable in the same way I do not know how to make a river flow.  I have reached the end of my capabilities because I have arrived at frustration (anger or sadness) and it is time to remind myself that I do not fully understand this situation.  I do not understand this world because this world is not understandable.  It is much too large for my single perspective to fully comprehend.  I can put down the effort to understand or fix the situation and I can just ask the eternal flow of creative power to carry me through this situation with the grace and ease It is made of.  This can be easy rather than difficult if I let go and let the energy of the Creative Field in.  Achieving understanding is not my purpose in life here in this world.  Achieving peace is my purpose.  What at this time would lead to me feeling some amount of peace?  What small action on my part would relax me and therefore empower me with calm?  

If you answer, “Nothing!” and maintain an agony of frustration, you are choosing to believe you are stuck and that life is not movement.  This only means that feeling frustrated at this time feels good for you and that means it is the right path for you.  You are free to stay frustrated (angry or afraid) for as long as you want.  This is your time in life to spend however you desire.  What you desire is deeply respected by the Field that created you and if you choose to hold yourself in an angry or fearful pattern, you are not being judged by Creation.  You are being judged by your peers as either pleasant company or unpleasant company and it is still up to you to determine what feels good.  Feeling angry or afraid will not continue to feel good.  Eventually, the fire will cool down and the freeze will warm up.  This is because Peace is the inherent state of reality and all conditions return to it.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 63 wants us to remember that we are leaders in this world so that others can find their way to the same peace and power we locate in ourselves.  A leader is an example.  A leader is a light showing the right way to travel.  A leader knows she is peace.  A leader knows he has access within to the ever-flowing river of energy.  All your projects, relationships, and goals aim to locate and cultivate the flow of well-being.  All activities hold only this one purpose.  Place all your attention on the quality of your experiences rather than the physical objects involved.  Put down the pursuit of any physical object, be it a ring, a child, a raise, a house, a job… Whatever comes our way is what we can use to discover enjoyment.  

When we let the river of well-being in, that is what we have to offer others.  What we let in is what we have to give.  What we give is what we share and what we share is given back to us in kind.  So what are you giving out?  Is it something you would want to receive?  Give calm and calm will return to you.  But this idea is not suggesting that we refrain from aggressive action.  It means a release from the experience of hostility or fear.  Calm can also be aggressive.  We can respond firmly and with great conviction from a peaceful mind.  We can release hostility or fear as a motivator and reconnect to the tremendous power of the eternal river that is Peace.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 63 asks us to begin the day by acknowledging the fact that my mind is connected with all other minds.  The peace I achieve in my mind is also achieved in the minds of others.  When the sun rises, it radiates across the whole expanse of land and fills the entire day with light.  That is how powerful your awakening mind is.  You are as powerful as the dawn rising.  

Each time you remember to think of today’s idea, A Course In Miracles suggests closing your eyes for just that brief moment.  Closing your eyes will help make it easier to release thoughts of anger or frustration.  When you feel conflict rising, close your eyes and  say to yourself as often as you remember:

I am the light of this world.  The light of this world brings peace through release and allowing.  When I release and allow, I am the way in which peace grows on this Earth.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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