A Course In Miracles Lesson 61

A Course In Miracles Lesson 61

A Course In Miracles Lesson 61

A Course In Miracles Lesson 61

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 61

Everything that is – comes from light because light is the foundation of reality.  Light is the Creative Force we all come from.  Because I was created by light, I am light.  That which creates, creates more of itself, which, in turn, is also creative.  

An oak tree creates oak trees.  An oak tree never creates anything other than more of itself.  And so, if Light created me, which it certainly did, I am that light.  Does something about this pathway of logic trouble you?  Do you find it not easy to allow it without question?  Do you believe some other quality besides love and light created you?  What would that quality be?  What else could have created you except creative energy?  Do you believe you come from some destructive or violent source of energy?  It is not possible to come from destruction or violence because, being what they are, (or rather, what they are not) destruction and violence have no capacity to create.  You can not come from negative energy.  Nothing can. And nothing does.  

You come from the light of Creation.  This is why there is no doubt about the goodness of your existence, even if you have been engaging in beliefs describing yourself (and others) as violent, dangerous, and bad.  Your beliefs create the world you live in.  You are free to believe it is possible for a destructive force to “create” you but you will be wrong in this belief.  You are free to be wrong in what you believe eternally because it is a fact that you are eternally free to choose your own beliefs.  This is why false beliefs can seem to be true for so long.  Your powers of creation are free to construct all manner of supports and validations for any belief you choose, and for you, with that self-made proof, it will feel as if it is true.  

There are accurate beliefs that express the truth and there are inaccurate beliefs that are simply in error about what is true.  Like a typo in a written text, an error in belief is merely a distraction from the message which is unharmed by a mere misspelling.  The truth is, you are the light of the world.  Light makes this world possible.  Light is open, luminous, creative potential.  That is what you are.  Allowing yourself to think of yourself as light will empower you in a way that feels uncomfortable and dangerous to the part of you that believes violence and destruction can be lasting states.

Violence and destruction are not lasting universal forces.  Violence is not a source.  Destruction is not a source.  It is not arrogant to know yourself to be the light of the world because the truth is not arrogant.  Light can not ever be used destructively.  We are not talking about the stuff that comes out of lightbulbs.  We are talking about the metaphysical creative Tao energy that created the lightbulb in the first place.  It is difficult to comprehend what the state of light is, not because it is complex but because it is free and from that freedom, we have developed a belief system that argues with the eternal nature of light.  We have a belief system that simultaneously wants to argue that violence and destruction can be “permanent” even while in the act of breaking down and ending.  That which ends is not permanent.  The fact that you experience constant endings of things does not prove that the eternal does not exist.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  Because you can not “see” eternal creative light does not prove it is not there. 

We have a belief system (call it ego) that wants to prove there is no such thing as eternal light.  This belief system rolls its eyes at words like, “Heaven” and considers concepts of eternal wellness to be the stuff of myths like a holy grail or a fictional elixir.  To believe in an eternal state of creative well-being is challenging after believing violence and destruction are real.  But both are beliefs.  And you choose which one you want to believe in. 

What you believe is the most important information to know about yourself.  What you believe determines the quality of your life.  You may not realize the contents of your beliefs.  Beliefs are a network of single thoughts that have been connected together through association in such a repetitive way as to create a large landscape of quality.  The quality of that landscape will be determined by the contents of the thoughts- destructive or creative.  Like a field or cluster of mushrooms, thoughts link to one another and create more of themselves.

There is no escaping the existence of thought fields.  Thoughts are.  And thoughts will be.  But the content of your thoughts is in your power to direct.  If you do not direct the content of your thoughts you will not know what you believe.  You will not understand what compelled you to behave as you did in a given situation.  If a behavior confuses you, you can know that there is a belief motivating that behavior which you are not aware of.  It is not necessary for us to track down and excavate every misguided thought, although doing so is often very rewarding and brings great relief.  Sometimes trying to untangle our misguided logic to a correct perspective can feel confounding.  At such times it is enough for us to acknowledge that we do not understand what we are experiencing and it is not in our power to figure out because the very nature of that which we are trying to figure out is not logical, or possible to resolve.  It is in error.  To correct misguided logic of an overwhelming nature, we need only turn our attention towards a more accurate set of beliefs.  Where do we find more accurate beliefs?  In spiritual texts such as A Course In Miracles which asks us to remember, I am the light of the world.  

Thinking of yourself as the light of the world is a belief that will dismantle all other previous concepts of yourself you have been engaging.  You have a choice.  You can believe the thoughts that hurt or you can believe the thoughts that feel good.  Today’s lesson is not teaching arrogance.  This idea is not putting a weapon in your hands and empowering you to view yourself as exempt and above the law.  Light can not ever be used destructively.  Light creates more light.  Knowing you are light helps others know they are also light.  

Humility is not the same as humiliation.  Humble does not mean weak or insecure.  Humbleness is an awareness of the inherent equality between all beings of light.  I am not superior to you nor am I inferior.  I am humble, which means I am ready to step in and lead the way if necessary and I am equally willing to step aside and follow whenever necessary.  Humbleness is an awareness of the Creative Force within myself as well as an awareness of how that Field resides in all others around me, equally, without exception.  Some people are aware of their equality and are living lives of creative well-being.  Other people are not aware of their inherent creative capacities and are living lives wrought with suffering.  Even those who do not realize their true nature are my equals because it is only a matter of time before the truth rises and reveals our equality.  In the meantime, I need not ponder their choices or their path.  I need only remember what I am and what we all are.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 61 uses the term “God’s son” today.  If that phrase is irritating to your current psychology, simply replace it with what feels better.  The word “son” can easily be translated to “daughter” or  “child.”  If the gender quality gets in the way of hearing the message, change the word to something neutral. “Descendant” is the same as “child” which is the same as “son” or “daughter.  They all mean “to come from.”  And if the word “God” is not something your mind is comfortable with, change it to “Creative Field” or whatever word feels better.  You are a descendant of the Creative Field.   You are a daughter or a son of God.  That Which Created you loves what It created and wants nothing more than to have that creation go forth and create.   Creation does not care how you express truth.  Creation does not care what words you use.  Find how you express the truth, that is the gift we have been given by Creation.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 61 asks us to practice this idea as many times as possible today for one or two minutes at a time.  How often can you bring to mind the statement of fact that you are the light of the world?  Bringing this thought to mind will dissolve all other unrelated, misguided thoughts.  Consider this thought as often as you can to fill the contents of your beliefs with more accurate material.  Close your eyes briefly whenever possible as you remember that you are the light of the world.  Allow a few thoughts related to this uplifting concept to also arise as you sit a moment with your eyes closed.  Invite this idea in often throughout the day.  

From this point on and for all future lessons, you are also encouraged to begin and end the day with a practice period of that day’s lesson.  How long after you wake up does it take you to remember (reach for) the logic of these lessons?  Can it be a thought you go to more and more often?  How busy are your thoughts just before you fall asleep?  Let your first and last thoughts be a statement of true fact.

I am the light of the world.  That is my only function.  Being the light of the world is why I am here.  The light is my purpose and my being.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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