A Course In Miracles Lesson 59

A Course In Miracles Lesson 59

A Course In Miracles Lesson 59

A Course In Miracles Lesson 59

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 59

God goes with me everywhere I go.

I can not leave the Creative Field.  It extends out eternally the very same instant I extend out.  God is the Great Becoming event and what I choose to do is an expanding of the Great Field as we all learn about our Self.  Let this connection be a source of security for you as you allow yourself to realize you are welcome to give things a try and to make mistakes.  So certain is this Field that all investigations lead to realizations of love, peace, and joy the It knows there is nothing you could do that would be too hard for It to handle.  No action on your part could ever be unforgivable by God.  You were created to explore and discover.  God will never punish you for doing that which you were created to do.  Any punishment you may suffer is only coming from an unwillingness to acknowledge an error in your choice of movement.  

Pain is not punishment.  It is an indication of error.  It is an indication that in your explorations, an error in your perception occurred.  We need only acknowledge the error in belief and open to being guided rightly by the larger Field of wisdom and clarity we are always a part of.  There is no place on earth where God is not there.  Complete peace is able to be found wherever I go.

God is my strength.  Vision is His gift.

My physical eyes are in biological service to my brain.  My brain is, by design, a limited perspective.  My brain is shaped by what I believe to be true.  What my physical eyes take note of are things that validate what I believe.  What I currently believe was shaped by what happened to me in childhood.  So my brain is a record of past events and a network of conclusions about those past events.  My physical eyes see what my brain’s psychology is capable of.  Clarity and knowing is not an activity performed by my physical eyes.  Clarity and knowing is an inner vision beyond physical sight.  Seeing clearly is the gift we receive when we acknowledge wrong beliefs and mistaken conclusions.  I can recognize that what my physical eyes are looking upon is not even half of the whole story.  What I see in this world is one tiny aspect of the whole.  It is not in my power to see the whole of the cosmos.  But at any time, I can turn to that Whole and ask for guidance.  I can acknowledge again and again that I do not see a situation clearly and I can ask for guidance through that situation.  When I ask for help, help arrives like the dawn rising.  I need only quiet down and receive the gifts I asked for.  If I can not quiet down I can not receive what I ask for.  If I am at a loss as to how to quiet down I need to remember that…

God is my source.  I cannot see apart from Him.

Even in my most convoluted and misguided thought patterns, I am still part of the God Field.  The God Field is an open, free, ever-expanding event of joy and discovery.  The Creative God Field allows for error by accepting error fully into the process of creation. There are no mistakes in the Creative Field and I am always part of that Field. The mistakes I have made have not been unforgivable impasses.  There is nothing too large for the God Field to handle.  It accepts everything as everything needs to be.  It accepts change instantly and does not punish or cause pain. The mistakes I have made have been made from inside an inexhaustible Field of Compassion and acceptance.  The event of creating does not and can not involve destruction.  Creation does not create in order to destroy what It creates.  Creating is only ever creative.  It creates to create more creation because creating is joy.  The Creative Field is the state of being that has no opposite.  

Opposition, as an experience, occurs only in and for the experiencer of opposition.  Opposition does not and can not ever occur for the Creative Field Who instantly recognizes all that is as part of Itself at once and as one.  Creation is free and everything Creation creates is equally free.  This means I am free.  Nothing programs or predetermines how I respond to any situation.  I choose what I want to do and I choose what I want to believe.  There is no empirical external reality.  There is only the empirical internal reality of what I choose to believe to be true as an ever-creating being. This is true for everyone.  Everyone is free to choose what they wish to believe.  And it is very easy to choose to believe a belief that is not true.  We are free and we find our way to truth because doing so is the greatest joy there is.  I can choose to see the world in alignment with how I wish to define it or I can ask to be guided to see the world how it really is.  How it really is is a connected and caring state of Grace.    

God is the light in which I see. 

When I am relaxed and peacefully curious, I am with and in the Creative Field.  When I feel good I am connected to Reality.  Reality is an everlasting state of wellness that can not ever be attacked, much less destroyed.  The Creative Field is unassailable peace and joy. 

Finding my way to these quality states is the whole purpose of my life.  My ability to find my way to a state of peace, joy, and grace comes from the Field of peace, joy, and grace that created me.  When I feel angry, tense, afraid, or sad, I have turned away from the Creative Field and taken up an investigation of a self-made experience based on the belief that I am alone and independent of the Creative Field.  

I am free to believe that there is no way to end the sorrow or anger or fear I feel.  I am wrong when I believe this but I am also free to believe a wrong belief for as long as I am interested in believing it.  At any moment, I am also free to change what I believe to align with truth.

The light of the Creative Field is not something that imposes Itself on me.  The light of the Creative Field is something I choose to turn towards and let in.  There is no other way to find it than to choose to find it.  If I am unwilling to see and know peace and joy, it will not come and I will experience strain.  At any moment in time, I can choose to release hostile, painful thinking by asking to be guided out of the thought logic I dug myself into.  

When I accrue a large amount of anger, fear, and sorrow it is because I personally have made an error in how I understand something.  I do not have to believe that I have been wronged by another person.  I can let go of the logic that tells me I need to take action against someone in order to restore my sense of power.  Attempting to restore power I never lost causes me to feel even more pain.  

I do not have to believe that I have made an unforgivable mistake.  If I have made a painful mistake, (and I have) it is entirely up to me to determine how long I feel stuck in and bound up by that mistake.  Feeling remorse for misguided actions is a healthy process of realignment with Grace.  Like a rainstorm, all remorse comes to a natural end.  Feeling guilt and shame for misguided actions is an unhealthy process of holding myself apart from Grace and prolonging the pain that occurs when I choose a direction away from truth.  Feeling pain is a natural part of locating truth.  Feeling agony is a natural part of maintaining untruth. The truth is, whatever you have done, you are forgiven and can bring your attention elsewhere.  

Because I am created free, I have the ability to generate darkness at will whenever I am interested in exploring darkness.  I have the ability to turn away from truth.  When I do this, I can not see anything clearly.  I also have the ability to turn towards truth just as easily as I am able to turn away from it to darkness.  I can not see anything when I move into darkness.  The ability to see clearly comes from realigning with the truth about the Creative Field, which is the light of love, inclusion, and peace with what is, including me as I am.  God is okay with me how I am.  I can be okay with me how I am too.  It is not a problem that I turned away.  I can turn back now and live from here now.

A note about finding your way…

We speak here in general about how our way of thinking is what causes our suffering.  But it is not possible in a general text like this to really track and identify the specific thought logic that is currently running in your perception of this world.  We can not locate the personal, situational misperception you are under the spell of.  

Locating specifically how you may be generating your own self-made darkness is a very different activity from reading a spiritual text explaining that we have such a tendency.  Knowing we have the tendency is the first step.  And the next is to excavate the unique logic construction occurring for you.  To discover that, I ask, what are your thoughts about?  Can you write them down?  Can you let yourself see the logic you are functioning from?  Most likely it will be hard to write or speak about because having misguided logic is embarrassing and we are inclined to hide it even from ourselves.  Running away from how we are thinking will not ever free us from that way of thinking.  It is safe to investigate the fear, anger, and sorrow you have.  It is safe to discover where you have been wrong in what you thought was true.  Looking at your logic will lead to relief and to clarity because…

God is the Mind with which I think.

All paths lead to truth because truth is eternally there and does not change or go away.  Being from this fabric of truth, I can not ever be apart from the peace and wellness It is.  I can think of myself as held apart but I can not ever separate.  Imagine how that would work… to have “All that is “ over there and me apart from it in some sort of vacuum of non-existence.  It is not possible to exist outside of the Mind of God, outside of the Unified Field.  What does not exist does not exist and is not part of All that Is because it does not exist.  All that is is comprised of what is.  Not what isn’t.  Illusion is an exploration of that which can not ever exist.  There is no need to concern myself with what does not exist since it is not real and is not here.  Misguided thoughts are meaningless and I need not dwell on them or give them more validation of realness by placing my attention on them.  

I have the ability to think in a mistaken way and I have the ability to believe I am a separate, isolated being.  I can generate illusions for myself.  And when I want to stop generating illusions the process to end that compulsive thought habit is to remind myself daily, hourly, that my mind is part of God’s mind.  This will feel uncomfortable for the logic that has built up against this fact.  It will feel awkward and even “dangerous” to align my logic with the statements of this book because doing so will change what I believe is true.  

What I currently believe to be true obviously believes it is true and right.  Even when that belief is mistaken.  We are free to be mistaken indefinitely.  The dream of illusions can go on and on.  Reality is waiting for us whenever we want to navigate towards it.  But that process will feel confusing and questionable as we shift from a mistaken logic into a more accurate belief system.  

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