A Course In Miracles Lesson 58

A Course In Miracles Lesson 58

A Course In Miracles Lesson 58

A Course In Miracles Lesson 58

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 58

My holiness envelops everything I see.

Something that is holy is something whole.  Wholeness is a completion and a state of grace, innocence, and joy of being.  The foundation from which all things come is a pure, whole state of amazement, wonder, joy, and creativity.  Being occurs altogether.   I am part of an innocent force of Movement.  I am part of the expanding movement of a Supreme Ultimate Reality.   That Movement is the sacred, holy event of Creation creating and discovering Itself forever.  Knowing I am a state of innocent force enables me to see the world more accurately.  Knowing where I come from and what I am a part of enables me to release the sorrow, shame, and guilt of errors I and others have made.  

When I feel shame or guilt, I see danger of being punished or avenged for what I did wrong wherever I go.  I am the only one who has the ability to punish myself.  People can choose to treat me badly, but I do not have to believe I should be treated badly.  When treated badly by another person, I can choose to not spend any more time on it than the exchange requires.  Like an animal in the wild, I can move on from violence and return to calm once conflict has ended.  I can learn how not to dwell on conflict.  If I believe I should be punished for mistakes I’ve made, or if I believe others should be punished for mistakes they have made, punishment is what my life experience will be.  How long does the punishment for a wrong I have done need to go on until I feel I have been punished enough?  I am the only one who decides how long I experience being punished for my misguided behavior.

The world I see around me reflects what I think about myself.  This is why we can also see other people’s mental states so clearly.  How someone thinks is apparent in their life circumstance.  Everyone manifests the qualities of our own thoughts into unique life situations.  What you believe matters.  Do you really know what your beliefs are?  It is possible to believe something that is incorrect.  But in believing it, the power of your mind will bring forth (“create”) examples of that belief to prove its validity.  Your capacity to manifest your own reality does not remove actual Reality.  Your capacity to manifest your own reality means it is possible for you to live in error and be misguided.  When you view yourself as in danger, you are in error because the truth about you is that you are an eternal state of joyful, creative discovery.  This may contrast with your current life experience, but your current life experience is not an enduring or lasting “thing.”  Your current life experience is as temporary as a dream you will wake up from.  And you will always wake up.  When I view myself as innocent and deserving of patience and space for learning, other people see that belief in me.  Seeing that example of compassion helps them locate their own patience and compassion because our minds are all joined in the Unified Field of Consciousness. 

My holiness blesses the world.

 Because we are all unified, what I achieve is an achievement of the whole, holy Field.  My breakthroughs and advancements in achieving peace and joy are shared and that event of sharing is the event of connection that give real and lasting meaning to who I am and what I do.  Meaning is found in sharing.  We are all advancing together.  What I hold apart from myself will persist in causing me irritation until I learn to increase my capacity to include.  I do not need to like what I include, but I do need to release wanting what is to stop being.  What is is part of forever.  There is no reversing what is or sending it into nothingness.  The confounding person or creature or event that I do not understand does not need to be understood by me for me to hold the capacity for inclusion of it.  My capacity to include is a capacity of God.  When I include, I bring space and relief to that which is under the strain of being ignored and excluded.  Including something does not mean I like it.  It means I stop fighting its is-ness and acknowledge it is there and that I do not understand it.  I do not need to understand something or someone in order to recognize they are part of where I am.  Exclusion is the source of all pain because it is the foundational error in perception.  The truth is we are all part of a Unified Field.  Whatever arises is an expansion process of learning and discovery.  This means we will not always understand this world.  But we can accept it.

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

Because the Unified Field of Creation is a complete and unified Field of Ultimate Supreme Creative power, and because I am from, and always will be part of this magnificent Filed of Creation, there is no limit to the beauty, joy, and wonder I am capable of creating with Creation.  When I connect to this Ultimate State of Grace, I empower myself so completely that there is nothing I can not do.  I can achieve any wondrous feat when I allow the flow of the Creative Field to direct my thoughts, words, and actions.  It is the Creative Field in me that always achieves every achievement.  When I step aside and let that Grace lead the way, the orchestration of unfolding events becomes more elegant than I knew possible.  Physical objects (including people) are temporary expressions of an eternal expression of life.  I am learning how to enjoy the expressions with a deeper awareness of the metaphysical dimension within all things.

The peace I achieve within my heart and mind is an achievement given to the whole world.  Putting down anger or a sense of betrayal makes space for everyone to live a little more easily.  If I want relief, but I am not ready to share that relief with another because I am angry with them and want them to keep feeling the effects of my anger towards them, I have no choice but to hold myself also in the effects of that anger.  This means I hold the belief that pain will eventually end pain.  Punishment does not ever correct or lead to peace.  My inner life is what I share with the world.  When I decide to stop feeling angry or heartbroken because I want the anger and heartbreak to end, the world around me starts to shift.  It is as if I have opened a window for light and fresh air to come in.  My movement towards peace, even the tiniest of gestures, has a global effect. That is how influential my well-being is.  Being angry or heartbroken can feel like a burning affliction that happens to us rather than something we have the power to stop.  But the truth is, what we place our attention on is what our life becomes.  You can move beyond the fixations of confounding pain and anger by asking to be moved out of your current misguided perception.  Moving out of a mindset you are in is not in your power to do.  To get out of a misperception, we must ask that it be lifted away and then we allow that agitated mindset to fade.  Tracking the agitation, remembering it, and maintaining focus on the things that cause anger and pain is a choice we make to stay in anger and pain.  Allowing ourselves to forget about that which hurts us brings a more enjoyable life experience.  Discomfort in relaxation will maintain constant vigilance and hold us in fear and anger until the energy to hold vigilance runs out. Eventually, peace becomes an inevitable event because peace is the true state of reality.  We can choose to go towards peace before it feels inevitable.  

My holiness is my release from suffering.

My connection with the Creative Field ends my suffering.  My suffering is caused by a belief that I am disconnected from my source origin, a belief that I am excluded and on my own having to protect myself from overwhelming forces against me.  Once I accept that it is impossible for me to ever be excluded from the Field of my source of Being, and once I accept that I am not and can not ever be an isolated existence who has made punishable mistakes, I put down a belief in violence and revenge.  I am not alone.  I am not in danger.  I do not need to defend what I believe to be threatened because I am not being threatened.  It is possible to threaten my physical body but my physical body will never endure indefinitely.  My physical body is going to come to an end.  Fearing this spends time in fear.  Knowing that when the time comes for my body to shift away, I will navigate it with all the power and presence I have.  It need not hurt because I am only returning to a full awareness of my sacred eternal reality.  My wholeness is my guide. When I accept what I am and what I am truly a part of, fear is impossible.  When I live without fear, others around me see I have achieved a connection with true help and they are able to find their own clarity.  I become an example of what is possible.  Sharing the achievement of connection gives my life true and lasting meaning.  Helping others and myself find peace is the purpose of my life.  Taking up this purpose ends suffering.  

I will still feel pain, heartbreak, and disappointments in life but these pains will not linger or agonize.  I will not suffer when I connect to the Creative Field also known as God.  My resilience to confusion and struggle becomes stronger and my recovery time from injury gets quicker.  I learn how to live a happy dream while in this world and not self-induce nightmares.  I remember that I am never isolated or alone.  I remember…

I am blessed as a child of God.

It is a huge relief when we let ourselves be the little ones in relation to life.  When we recognize and feel the presence of a stronger, wiser, parent field (beyond any physical parent we may have,) we connect to the spiritual truth about reality.  The Creative Field is a loving, accepting parent who only ever wants our well-being.  The Creative Field is not a person.  The Creative Field does not have needs and does not demand or punish us if we do not behave the way It wants.  How we behave is received and accepted by the Field that created us because we were created to explore and learn.  We will never be punished by the Field for doing that which we were created to do.  We may be punished by ourselves or other people because it may well be we traveled in a direction that led to pain.  But it is never the Creative Field that has done harm to us.  The Creative Field has only ever given us the space and freedom to discover for ourselves a personal and intimate experience of what is right.  And when we discover our errors, we are instantly responded to with love and acceptance by the true parent of our existence. 

I am not an orphan.  I come from somewhere and I am included in a powerful creative family.  My skills and capacities are vast and inspiring.  My True Parent is metaphysical and more enduring than any physical parent I may have.  If I do not have a physical parent, that emptiness and sorrow is a doorway to rediscover a deeper, more enduring Parent.  I come from joy and was created to create more joy.  Creating joy is what my family does best.  I am eternally safe and supported in my learning process by a parent who loves loving me.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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