A Course In Miracles Lesson 54

A Course In Miracles Lesson 54

A Course In Miracles Lesson 54

A Course In Miracles Lesson 54

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 54

I have no neutral thoughts.

It is not possible to think in a neutral way because like a stone into a still lake, thoughts have effects.  What I think has an effect, creates a movement.    Depending on the contents of the thought, the effect of the thought will either bring me peace or fear- comfort or anxiety.  The healing arts are all about learning how to navigate into peaceful thinking.  We have no neutral thoughts.  Thoughts are either accurate or inaccurate.  We often think in an inaccurate way and do not have much experience with true thoughts.  To discover the accuracy of my thoughts, I need only observe the quality of my experience.  Correct perception feels peaceful.  Incorrect perception hurts.  If I think, “I am alone.  No one can help me.”  I will feel bad, not because feeling alone feels bad.  It is quite possible to observe, “I am alone.” And not feel bad.  What feels bad is a belief in separation.  If I feel alone but connected I am thinking correctly.  If I feel alone and in pain, I am in error of what I think is true.  Having an incorrect thought feels bad. 

In this example, the truth is- it is not possible for me to be alone mentally or spiritually.  I may be without physical company, but I am always part of a fabric, a Field of unity.  The idea that no one can help me is also going to cause pain because it is incorrect thinking.  It is entirely up to me to let someone in to help me or to keep people out as I see fit.  

I see no neutral things.

Thinking and seeing are fused together in an inextricable bond.  Seeing gives tactile validation to the world of our thoughts by bringing about that which we expect.  “See!  I told you so.” Will always be what we discover with any concept we seek to validate.  What I see shows me what I am thinking.  Since my thoughts are charged, and since my thoughts make what I see, what I see is charged.  This means I have opinions about everything I see.  And this means I am in a constant state of selection between what I like and do not like. I am in an exclusion practice.  These preferences are determined by the layout of my mind which is comprised of expectations shaped by memories of past experiences.  What I see has a charge.  I hold opinions about everything I see, deeming it either good or bad.  It is not necessary to try to stop this momentum of discernment from occurring.  That would be like trying to stop Niagra Falls.  For now, it is enough to just see the charge in all I perceive and to know that charge has effects.  My opinions have an effect.

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.

In the metaphysical dimension where I always am, nothing is held in private or in secret.  All is known to all and there is nothing that needs to be hidden because connection is wanted.  There is no such thing as a private world.  Even when there are situations we can not see the technical details of in this world, we always know and sense the fundamental resonant energy of everyone and every dynamic.  We can call this intuition or psychic ability, but really, collective awareness is simply a fact of reality.  I can feel the condition of your mind.  You can feel the condition of my mind.  There is no hiding our state of being.  We can deny it and pretend it is not as it is, and we may get many people to go along with that activity of denying what is true, but doing so never actually altars what is true.  We are a collective.  Knowing that I can feel your inner life and that you can feel mine is actually a strong motivation to align with truth.  Since truth is known anyway, we only empower ourselves when we recognize that we all see what is and we all see what is an illusion.  Consciousness is collective in nature.  It is shared.  

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.

My thoughts are either accurate or in error.  The contents of thought are less important than the energy charge effect of the thought which very often does not match up logically.  This is how we can have a very upbeat rock song with words that are tragic.  The words are not a match with the vibration frequency.  I can complain verbally about something while energetically not feeling too bothered about it.  My negative verbal comments get conveyed to others even while they sense I am not really bothered.  And vice versa.  I can verbally profess a state of peace and calm while not in possession of those qualities.  In such a vibration state, I will never convey peace no matter what I say.  People will hear what is true about me and respond to that, always.

Knowing is an inherent, passive state that occurs and is not “done.”  In the same way, opening our eyes causes seeing, we do not actively pursue seeing, knowing is not something we do.  It comes to us.

It is not possible for us to not know.  We know.  But it is possible for us to choose to obscure what we know and deny it via forgetting or lying.  We can pursue self-made descriptions which attempt to delude ourselves and others.  To learn how to stop deluding ourselves we must locate a desire ( a conviction) to do so.  This is why the next lesson is:

I am determined to see.

Because what I think affects others and because eye experiences in life have a lot of pain, I can improve my life experience by improving how I think.  This improvement will be felt and seen by those around me and the world around me will change to be a match for how I am thinking.  I need to believe it is possible to change how I think.  I need to be determined to locate accurate perceptions.  If I argue or doubt, I delay connecting myself with the source of all peace.  This is why I delay no longer and I affirm all day- I am determined to see.

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