A Course In Miracles Lesson 53

A Course In Miracles Lesson 53

A Course In Miracles Lesson 53

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 53

My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

I have a split mind.  Two parts, two hemispheres, two dimensions, yin, and yang.  One dimension is real and eternal.  The other is not real, impossible, and temporary.  The impossible part of my mind believes I am separate and single, alone and outside of all else.  The impossible part of my mind believes it is responsible for everything and only it can make anything happen.  A Course In Miracles calls this part of me insane because it is founded on a concept that is impossible.  There is no such thing as separateness.  It is not possible for something to exist outside of the Field of existence.  When we feel strongly that we do exist in a separate state, disconnected from others, and inherently meaningless, we are experiencing an illusion, an untruth.  We are in error. An error is of no consequence in the context of the Unified Field.

This is not saying that what you think does not matter.  That is a depressing statement.  What this lesson is saying is that your current thoughts are meaningless, but you have other thoughts you have forgotten about which will instantly restore the inherent meaning of existence to you at once.  

We chose what we think even if it feels like our thoughts attack us and drive us.  We can learn how to stand up to the onslaught of negative thinking.  We can learn how to locate and follow our real thoughts which are ever-present peace and joy underneath our time-based thoughts.  Your will to improve the quality of your thoughts is as powerful as God’s will because God’s will is where you come from.

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

Insanity is only ever distressing.  Watching movies about violence and insanity upsets us and causes us fear.  It is insane to expose ourselves to notions of meaninglessness because meaninglessness can not exist.  Reality is the definition of meaningful.  It has inherent, abundant significance.  The belief that separation and isolation are possible is a belief that Chaos is possible.  The idea of chaos is impossible to cope with.  It can never be sorted out or understood.  It is a waste of time to try.  Chaos is founded on a belief that can never be correct.  Believing chaos is possible is valuing misperception over truth. Doing this will always only ever produce distress.  The truth is, we are connected through astounding meaning and significance.  There is no such thing as a meaningless world.  By its very requirements, it renders itself meaningless and is nothing we need ever concern ourselves with.

A meaningless world engenders fear.

How could it not?  Meaninglessness is a strange thought experiment where, if nothing has meaning, anything can be done without consequence.  Untold horrors would be seemingly condoned since it would not matter.  But it simply does matter.  It hurts when we act in a way motivated by the belief that nothing we do really matters.  It hurts because we are in error to believe it does not matter.  Life inherently matters.  What we do with it, how we conduct ourselves matters.

Lawlessness does not exist.  Consequences occur inherently.  And it is through consequences we learn how not to behave.  Believing in the meaningless will lead to fear.

God did not create a meaningless world.  

Creation, by definition, is significant and meaningful.  The Source of all life is a self-generating state of meaning, wonder, and joy of existence.  Creation is overjoyed to exist and all It creates (coming from that joy) is equally joyful.  It can not be otherwise.  You are a creation of joy by Creation Itself.  To think you do not matter or that your actions have no meaning is a choice your own will is making.  You were given that free will by the joy of Creation which is free and can not ever be restricted.  You are not restricted.  You are choosing your own way with every step you take.  You are free to choose what alignments feel good and what alignments feel bad. Remembering what you are and where you come from brings peace because peace is what you are and where you come from.  Perhaps you had a violent childhood and do not want to think of where you “came from.”  But your life conditions are not where you came from.  You came from a Field of energy.

My thoughts are images I have made.

Consciousness is not what we think it is.  Consciousness and awareness are always incomplete experiences.  Knowing is a complete state of being.  While conscious, we can not be in touch with everything we know.  The nature of awareness sorts and excludes.  The nature of Knowing always includes.  We know, even when we are not aware that we know.

Whatever I see is showing me my current state of awareness.  Seeing a violent world shows me the violent condition of my mind.  It can be quite strange to discover that not only do our brains think in pictures and scenarios, but those pictures are quite violent and seek revenge.  But these pictures are not our real thoughts.  They are being generated by a part of our mind that has become interested in pre-occupation with illusions.  It is okay that this has happened.  It is okay that our mind is split.  Seeing this split moves us closer towards reconnecting to Reality.  Our mental distress is not a problem.  We can hold space for that troubled aspect of ourselves and in so doing, remind that aspect of a larger sense of its very own Self.

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