A Course In Miracles Lesson 50

A Course In Miracles Lesson 50

A Course In Miracles Lesson 50

A Course In Miracles Lesson 50

A Course In Miracles  Lesson 50 states:

I am sustained by the Love of God.

If the word “God” does not sit well in your mind we could also say this lesson as: The Love that is the foundation of all that is gives me all the energy I need in life.  

To be sustained is to be maintained, or kept as I am.  There is a part of me that never changes.  That part is of a quality of love and joy.  The love and joy of simply being are enough to rise out of painful thoughts.

Understanding that the most fundamental foundation of all existence is love and joy resolves every problem we may ever face.  In this world, we believe it is food and water and shelter and clothing and approval from others that sustain us.  We place our trust in empty objects like pills, trucks, guns, cars, money, social influence, and endless other forms of nothingness which are all destined to fade away.

We believe trust in external objects (including other people) will endow us with magical powers of safety.  We cling to external solutions to internal problems when the real ability to resolve the pain we feel is to recognize that there is a Presence that never fades which is found within and between all the things of this world.  Everything we see exists all together in a Field of Creation.  That Field is loving.  That Field includes all things.  Exclusions in our minds cause pain.  The all-inclusive Field of Creation is a relief to any mind stuck in exclusion.  The Love that is the all-inclusive Field of Creation is the fuel, the oxygen that keeps me energized, clear, and engaged in meaningful endeavors. 

The awareness of the existence of this connective Field is all we need to find release from mental pain.  We need no other style of awareness.  Inclusion is enough.  Making room for that which we shun away will guide us out of pain.  Physical objects (including people) are expressions of energy.  It is this energy, not the object that is worthy of your trust.  Only the love that is the Source Field will be there when all else fades.  Placing attention on that Field will protect you from the mental traps of agony.  The logic of Love that is the source of your being will transport you into a state of mind that nothing can threaten or disturb, where nothing is able to intrude.  Eternal calm exists and you can find it.  Eternal calm is really all that does really exist.  All else fades away.

This concept may evoke anxiety for a mind that fears “boredom.”  But rest assured there is not and can not be anything boring about the nature of Creation.  It is, by definition, inherently creative and compelling.  Do not trust illusional things, physical objects.  Trust the calm, peaceful, loving, inclusive energy within all things and within your own mind.  Do not allow fear to motivate your actions.  Do not take a pill or a job from a place of fear.  Locate within yourself the part of you that is whole and well and wants for nothing.  Physical things, (jobs, plans, stuff) will fail you eventually if hopes are placed on them for lasting peace.  Lasting peace is energetic.  Look past the thing to the energy within it.  Physical things will either literally break or they will lose the ability to hold your attention.  That ever-shifting attention can find rest and peace when it recognizes the existence of a unifying Field and when we recognize that that Field is loving.

The Love that is the Field which a Course In Miracles calls God can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort.  There is nothing The God Field can not accomplish.  You are the small one and It is the big one.  Be the child and let yourself have a parent.  Turning our attention to the experience of the Love of the God Field releases us from the hope that external things will satisfy our longing for connection.  Make-up, tech gadgets, or any other bolstering products can then be enjoyed but not needed.  All that is needed to place your attention on the Source Field is a willingness to do so.  When you are willing, all the stuff, all the goals, all the relationships in your life become truly meaningful and useful in ways never before experienced.  True meaning is found in The Field of that which created all that is.  Without a connection to that energy awareness, the experience of life is lonely and frightening, for it is experienced in an illusion of separation.

This course is not asking you to practice scarcity or to renounce the physical world.  It is only asking that you not mistake this world as the source of your life energy.  All the things you interact with are really just variations of the Source Field.  

For ten minutes twice today, morning and evening, sit and let the idea for today sink deep into your awareness. God is the energy behind all things.  Repeat the idea and ponder it.  Allow peace to flow over you like a blanket of protection.  Maintain the willingness to fully open to the concept of the presence of God.  Put aside all historical and justifiable wariness about the word “God.”  Find a different word if that word bothers you.  Do not allow the historical abuse of religious institutions to keep you from making a connection with true reality.  The God Field does not care what you call it.  It is there all the same.  Reclaim the word “God” from the centuries of misuse.  Or revise the word to our modern way of thinking.

God is here.  God loves you and wants only your joy.  It does not matter what you think you have done in this life.  You can put down the regret, guilt, shame, and resentment, as you would set down a heavy suitcase carried for too long.  You can walk unburdened and free to receive the love from the Source that created you.  You are loved.  You have a very important place in the fabric of this world.  You are here for a reason.  That reason will bring you joy.  That reason is found in the Creative Field which sustains you.

God is not angry.  Are you angry with yourself?  God does not punish.  Are you punishing yourself?  God is waiting for you to let the anger go.  Are you delaying letting God in because you feel you can’t or don’t deserve to feel well?  You are free to believe this indefinitely.  God will always wait for you.  You can take all the time you want to delay the acceptance God feels towards you.  God will always let you in any time, no matter what.

And again, if the word God causes irritation, or feels too religious, what word feels more comfortable?  The willingness to find a more comfortable word indicates a willingness to believe that life is founded on an eternal dimension of kindness and inclusion.  It does not matter what word we use to describe this belief.  What matters is we have a willingness to believe that we live in a loving dimension rather than a hostile one.

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