A Course In Miracles Lesson 49

A Course In Miracles Lesson 49

A Course In Miracles Lesson 49

A Course In Miracles Lesson 49

A Course In Miracles Lesson 49 states:

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.


A voice of Truth is available as guidance all through the day.

God is a Field of consciousness.  God is the whole Field that holds all that is.  It is not possible for something to exist outside of the Field that holds all that is.  At the moment something new arises it arises in the Field.  The Field expands to include it and to know it as part of Itself.

There is no exclusion in Reality.  It is just not possible.  Encountering something or someone that feels foreign or different from you is an experience caused by your limited perspective.  The Field of God does not have that limitation.  The Field of God has a much larger awareness.  It is all-knowing.  It is consciously aware of all that is in a direct, unique, and intimate way.

A Course In Miracles is not recommending that we strive to have such profound awareness as the God Field.  If such a state were being asked of us, we would not have been born into the limitations of the body we are in.  Our life in this body is a journey we chose to undertake in order to experience and discover.  The Field of everything does not have experiences.  Or rather, it has ALL experiences at once and is therefore not a perspective, per se, but rather a complete knowing, a complete understanding.  This is not a state we will be able to achieve while in a body and it is not needed that we do so.  But what is wanted and needed is for us to find our own realm of peace within our constantly shifting perceptions.  It is deeply understood by the Field that we are out here on the forefront of experiences, exposed to all manner of weather and confusions.  It is understood by the Field that our perceptions are limited.  The Field wants to help whenever we want it.  And it wants to let us do things for ourselves whenever we want that too.  Through us, the Field learns more and more about Itself because it learns more about us.  We are all aspects of the Knowing Field.

While we are in our bodies, we are not in an all-inclusive awareness.  We are designed to have opinions and limitations.  We can not escape signature personalities that either harmonize or conflict with others.  But as we engage all the variations of differences in the people we meet, we can have support and guidance so that the differences do not become an unbearable pain or frustration.  Because we are in and from an All-Inclusive Field of All That Is, we have within our own minds any guidance and any access to calm, peaceful awareness we may need at any time.  Under all the movement of perceptions, there is a Knowing within us because that is where we are from.  We are good.  It is a fact.  It is our destiny to remember this eventually.  

There are many voices in our head speaking to a variety of cross-purposes within our identity.  And today’s lesson reminds us that there is also a calm, stable, loving, and peaceful voice who can guide you all day long if you wish.  The Knowing Field can be experienced as a Voice, A Vision, A Witness, or a silent Presence.  It is there.  It can not not be there.  It is the only thing about me that is lasting and worthy of trust.

The temporary qualities of my experiences are not what are real about me. Anything that ends and goes away is not real.  Real is always real and always what it is.  We hold onto temporary things in an effort to make them real.  But we do not have such powers and can never make real that which is not.  Only the Unified Field of Creation has the power to create lasting truth and what the Field creates is forever.  When we align and connect with the Creative Field we become a part of that Forever creation.  When we disconnect our awareness from that Field, we do not create anything.  We merely make up notions of more temporary things.  We can not really ever disconnect from the Source of our being.  But we can think we have done so for as long as we like.  We will eventually grow tired of believing something that is not true.  Sooner or later, what is true will emerge and what is not true will fall away and vanish into unimportance.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 49 explains that it is quite possible to connect with the Knowing Field all day long without interrupting your regular activities in any way.  The part of your mind in which truth abides is in constant communication with God whether you are aware of it or not.  It is the other part of your mind (the one exploring notions of separateness) that functions in the world and obeys the laws of this world.

The Field is never upset with this part of you that wants to explore notions of separateness.  This part of you is included and understood by the Field as very important.  Your curiosity and bravery and willingness to explore is loved and accepted.  But it will always be a fact that the part of you that is exploring the beliefs that you are separate and alone will always lead to feeling distracted, disorganized, and highly uncertain.  That is just the nature of investigating that which is not true.  

The part of you that is listening to the Voice of God within you is calm, always at rest, always able to respond well, and always wholly certain.  That part of you is really the only part of you that is always there.  The other parts are wild illusions and adventures into the frantic and distraught.  Those parts do not have real reality.  They are experiences, not knowings.

Today, try not to listen to the illusion parts of your mind.  Try to identify with the ever still, peaceful part of you that is forever there.  Try to connect with the calm, quiet, loving voice of God in you behind all the turbulent thoughts of separation.  Let the Voice of the Knowing Field remind you that even though you may forget about It, It has not and will never forget about you.  It is there when you remember, and when you awaken.

The Field knows you very well, uniquely and personally.  It will speak to you in the way your mind needs.  The Field is a Friend like no other you have ever had or will ever have.  Listen in deep stillness and silence for this voice that speaks the truth to you.

Try sitting four times today for 5 minutes each session.  Try to close your eyes and drift up above or sink down past your turbulent thoughts.  Sink or float past your thoughts.  Approach today’s thought with total confidence, knowing that what you seek wants you to find It.  The Field is not hiding from you or playing any games of trickery.  The Field is waiting as you navigate through all the ways you have tangled yourself up into beliefs that It is not there.  Listen in deep silence four times today for 5 minutes.  Be still and open your mind to floating or sinking.  Also repeat today’s idea as often as you can recall it.

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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