A Course In Miracles Lesson 48

A Course In Miracles Lesson 48

A Course In Miracles Lesson 48 states:

There is nothing to fear.

Today’s lesson needs no translation and there are no words that need clarifying.  Today’s lesson states a fact.  From the truth of what you really are, there is nothing to fear.  Fear comes when we forget what we really are and fixate on trying to protect something that is destined to fade away.  Illusions fade away.  Those who believe that illusions are real and worthy of trust will not agree with today’s lesson.  Those who believe that illusions are real will tell us there is much to fear, if not everything to fear.  

Illusions are not facts.  So long as scientists search for truth within the illusions of physical matter they will be confounded.  What is true does not have physical reality.  What is true moves through physical reality and is always well, even when the physical form changes or fades away?

In true reality beyond physical form, there is only peace and joy.  In true reality, there is nothing to fear.  It is a fact that all is well.  You can locate this fact at any time by choosing to see it.  But if there is still a  part of you that wishes to believe that illusions are true, it will be difficult to recognize the fact that all is well.  There will be a great deal of evidence to the contrary for you to be consumed by.  

We are aware that when deep within the belief that illusions are real, it can be very irritating to be told in a blanket statement that all is well regardless of what you might be navigating.  Today’s lesson is not dismissing the struggle you are in.  Lesson 48 is an effort to also introduce into your mind the ability to remember that there is a way through whatever you are experiencing.  It may be that anger wants to burn in you a bit longer in order to set the boundaries needed to reprogram the people around you.  Or it may be that sorrow needs to flow to an ocean’s size before you can find dry land again.  I do not know the specifics of your struggles and whatever they may be, they are respected as difficult for you.   But The Field does know the specifics of what you are struggling with.  You are seen.  And you are heard.  What you need is trying to reach you.  What you need can hear you.  Can you hear it hearing you?

Today’s practice periods will be very short, simple, and frequent.  Repeat today’s idea as often as possible.  There is nothing to fear.  Say this to any situation you encounter with your eyes open.  And also take a moment whenever possible to close your eyes and recall the idea slowly several times.  If something disturbs your peace of mind today, bring this message forward and affirm, there is nothing to fear.  When fear arises, you can use that event as a signal informing you that you have shifted your awareness away from the Source of peace and that you have begun to trust in your own strength rather than the strength of the Knowing Field.  Trusting in your own strength or believing you are capable or responsible for doing things beyond your physical ability to achieve will always cause fear.  It is not necessary for you to figure out how something will be resolved.  It is only ever necessary to remember that you of yourself can not achieve what the power and the grace of the Field of your origin can achieve for you and with you.  Can you let in the willingness to allow Grace to carry you through whatever you are experiencing and let the Grace of the Knowing Field inform your words and actions?

Reading today’s lesson indicates some level of awareness in its truth.  There is a part of you that knows there is nothing to fear and that all is well.  The instant you are willing to call to mind the fact of today’s lesson you allow your self-made illusions to fall away.  Those thoughts are what cause fear.  

The state of awareness that is possible for you with today’s lesson is achieved through a willingness to let it in.  Peace is not a puzzle we must figure out.  Peace is a state of being we decide to believe in and decide to live by and move towards.

There are no long sit-down practices in today’s lesson.  Only a practice of recalling the teaching as often as possible to all situations.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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