A Course In Miracles Lesson 45

A Course In Miracles Lesson 45

A Course In Miracles Lesson 45 states:

God is the Mind with which I think


All my thoughts come from and are powered by the Field of all Creation.

Our real thoughts are not what we “think” they are.  Our real thoughts do not have anything to do with the churning event of content that occurs in our brains.  Real Thoughts are of a much higher order.  From inside the illusion, we are all currently engaging, Real Thoughts are often described as psychedelic and shamanic experiences.

What we “think” our thoughts are actually a strange, fabricated, and temporary event of commotion.  The activity occurring in your brain why analyzes and categorizes your experiences are not your True Thoughts.  This rolling stream of commotion is not reality.  It is a self-generated investigation of the impossible concept of separation from True Reality.  

In the same way true vision has nothing to do with the eyes or with the objects you see  around you, true thinking has nothing to do with the so-called contents of your turbulent brain.    Locating true thought and true vision involves stepping away from the belief and the logic of the concept of separation.  Separation has not occurred.  We are whole and well.

There is no relationship between what is real and what you think is real.  What is real is always real- forever.  The objects you see around you, (including people) are all temporary events.  This too shall pass.  What does not send is the Awareness of reality which is within all that is.  Awareness is forever.  Awareness rises up and expresses and fades back into silent, calm, eternal awareness.

A Course in Miracles Lesson 45 presents the term “mind” for the first time in relation to the word “God.”  A mind is a seat of awareness.  A mind is a consciousness that defines a living being as alive.  Today’s lesson is presenting the idea that Awareness is what God is.  God is a Mind.  God is a Field.  That Field is a state of awareness.  Life is inherently a Mindstate, not a physical state.  Our thoughts are of and from the ubiquitous Field of Thought/Consciousness.  Our real thoughts are of and from the Knowing Field.

Your awareness is the same as God’s awareness.  The two are one and the same event.  It can not be otherwise.  You share your thoughts with the Source Field of thinking (being) because both you and the Field are the exact same mind, thinking, learning, creating, becoming.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 45 explains that the thoughts you think do not and can not leave their source of energy.  A lamp can not separate from being a source of light.  If you turn on a lamp, energy will flow out in the form of light.  If you turn the lamp off, that energy will stand by, forever ready to flow through again the instant the switch is turned on.  At no point, when you turn a lamp on will anything other than light energy flow from it.  Rocks will not fall out of the lightbulb.  Water will not come instead of light.  Energy is what powers the lamp.  Energy is what powers you.  Energy is what you are.

If your body is a lamp that is the channel for thoughts (light), where then are your real thoughts coming from?  Where is that which fills the lamp (you) with energy?  The answer to this question is what A Course In Miracles Lesson 45 is all about.  We are locating the Source of your being.  We are locating the Mind of Creation from within your body and brain.  Self-realization.  Today we attempt to reach your real thoughts.  We look for them in your mind because, where else could they be?  They must still be there because they can not have left their source.

Practice three times today for five minutes in the same way we practiced yesterday.  We attempt to leave the unreal and locate the Real.  We recognize the physical world around us as a temporary illusion and we turn our attention to the nature of the Real, the True, which is energetic.

We will make not of the contents of our thoughts and see how the logic of separation has an agenda to hold in place beliefs that are not and will never be true.  We are not alone.  We are not separate from our source.  We will not let the logic of this world hold us back.  We will not buy into the beliefs of this world which say that God is not there, God is not real,  we are alone in a random sea of chaos.

Such is not the case.  Life is order. Life is love.  Life is awareness of itself, which is love.  There is much more we could be doing in this truth beyond the study of imagined separations with Source origins.  We can let go of our interest in the notions of isolation and chaos.  We can open to the logic that explains that God would not ever have us do the impossible.  We can recognize that the only things ever truly possible are what God would have us do.  We do not want to do anything other than that which God wants us to do.  Whatever it is will be a profoundly joyful and meaningful activity.  We want to work from and in and with the Knowing Field of God because that is what we actually are.

Our interests may get confused.  But no matter how tangled our brain’s thoughts become, it is our destiny to realize that what we want is what the Field of Creation wants.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 45 asks – Where is your mind?  Where is your attention?  Connect your attention to the Source Field of all awareness and find who you are.

In each five-minute session, say today’s lesson as you close your eyes.  Then spend a moment to think of a few ways to rephrase the lesson in your own words.  An example could be, “My real thoughts are beyond my brain’s content.  I want to find my real thoughts which dwell in the Field of Knowing.”  Then try to move beyond all brain thinking with a sensation of either sinking or floating past them into a Field of light.

Under all the senseless thoughts and mad ideas you have cluttered up your mind with, you will find True Thoughts always there, completely unchanged, unconcerned, and unaffected by the seemingly important issues your brain is preoccupied with.  Approach today’s practice like you would approach an altar dedicated to the Sacred Field of True awareness.   Locate reverence and awe for Life.  The heights you are attempting to locate are profound.  With the little understanding you have gained from these lessons thus far, you will be able to remind yourself that this is not like all the other game-like activities you have engaged in the past.  This activity is of such profound earnestness and value that it enters the realm of the sacred.  Reality is sacred.

Along with the three practice sessions, try to remember how important it is to you that you connect with the Field of your Source of energy.  Take moments throughout the day to appreciate the sacredness of your mind.  Step aside, however briefly from all the conjured thought making and debating or doubting of the brain.  Think of where you come from and remember you are thinking inside and with that Source.

The Creative Field is the mind with which I think.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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