A Course In Miracles Lesson 44

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44 states:

God is the light in which I see.


 The Creative Field is the light by which I see. 

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44 adds another dimension to yesterday’s lesson. Today’s lesson explains that all our life energy comes from somewhere.  We do not make our own life energy. We get that energy from the Source Field, the Source. Today’s lesson is describing in more detail what the Source Field is.  The Source Field is made of light. It is light.  This means we are made of and come from light this light is within our minds.  We are made of and come from light, but we ourselves do not make light.  The Source of light creates light and when we are able to put aside our impulses to be self-sourcing and let the energy of our actual source come through our words and actions, we become how the Creative Field creates.   It is not us who create.  It is the Creative Field through us that creates.  When we do not allow the creative field to flow, we self assert our will to engage in an illusion that believes darkness exists. Darkness is a notion of our making that is not found in the creative field.  It is only found in our minds and does not exist beyond our willing attention to it.   But light exists even if we do not place our attention on it.  Light is there because light is the “ material” of the Everything Field. 

We can make darkness in our minds by buying into beliefs that are not true.  We can think we see clearly in that self-made darkness.  But we cannot see clearly in illusions until we recognize them for what they are,  misguided fabrications of disconnection with our Source of being.  We can conjure an experience of darkness and we can think it is real.  But real is light.  Light is light.  Darkness does not exist in light.   Creation and darkness cannot coexist. 

Light is that which has no opposite. Light is the source of everything, even self-made illusions. So light can be found in everything whenever we wish to stop believing in the existence of darkness.   Darkness is not real.  It does not exist in a permanent state in the way that light does.  Light and dark are not equaled as the yang symbol might suggest.  Light holds the capacity to host the impossible concepts of darkness. Darkness does not hold the capacity to create.   It depends on light to be perceived at all.   The yin yang symbol is a visual rendering of this concept.  Most often, people focus on the contrasting nature of the yin yang symbol and how the white dot is in the black space and the black dot is in the white space, as an ever-equal exchange of contrast,  good and bad, hot and cold, and on and on. 

What does not get pointed out very often in the symbol is the circle encompassing the two halves. The circle is the inclusion and is known in Eastern thought as the supreme ultimate.   The circle is what makes the whole conversation of contrast possible.  Because we are speaking from inside an illusion, we cannot draw an accurate rendering of the supreme ultimate.   The closest we can come is to draw a circle surrounding the concept of contrast.  That circle is a symbol of inclusion.  Contrast is an experience we engage in. Contrast is not a permanent state.  What is permanent is the light,  the field including everything that rises and fades from existence.  That light is within you.  

 What is true is always true.  What is true is unassailable.   Concepts that are not true do not affect that which is true.   The truth is there is a source field for all that is.  That source field is not a physical thing. That source field is light.   Light is much more than what we see with our eyes.  Light is more than perception. Light is the state of truth and knowing.    Today’s lesson says you cannot see in darkness.  Nor are you able to make light.  You are capable of making darkness and you are capable of believing you see in the darkness you have made.   But destruction, violence, and pain are not attributes of light or life.  Light is only light.  Light is only ever always created. There is no darkness in light. Creation and darkness cannot coexist. Therefore darkness does not exist. It is an illusion,   a thing we make up that is not true.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44 explains that light and life are different aspects of creation.  In order to see, we must recognize that light is within, not outside of us.  You do not see outside of yourself.  Is not possible,  in the same way, you cannot fly a plane while outside of it traveling alongside it in the air.  All that happens does so from within your being.  All that you see is seen from within you. Equipment for saying is not external gear. An essential component of the ability to see anything at all is light. Light is within all that you see. Light is always with you, from within, making vision possible in every circumstance.   You have a light within. You have an external point of light which is the inseparable part of your source origin, the place you come from.

 Today we are going to attempt to reach that light. To do this, we will use a certain kind of exercise which has been suggested in earlier lessons in which we will apply more frequently now.  This type of exercise is difficult for a mind that still feels compelled to roam about and explore the experiences of doubt and debate.  Releasing the impulse to argue, debate, or question the fundamental existence of the creative field will bring peace, clarity, and purpose.  But to release impulses of debate requires the action of discipline and mind training. It requires a decision to side with the logic path that says there is a God, there is a field of creation and I no longer wish to think it possible that there is not.

We train the mind to maintain the logic of belief in God because we forgot that we trained our mind to maintain the belief that God does not exist.  Logic and belief will always be how we reach clarity.  The fact that we, of our own free will, choose what to believe is a challenge to the misguided logic of beliefs that says we do not choose, or that we have no power, or that we are victims of an external world that behaves independently of us and without concern for us all. This worldview is a belief we either choose to believe or choose not to believe.  Today’s lesson is asking us to put down the belief in isolation which just is not possible and to choose to take up the logic that says all is connected, that says a field of creation exists, we are in it and that field is light.

 Light is what God is. Light is more than what you see when you turn on the lamp. Light is more than what you see when the sun rises. Light is a field of connection that connects all that is, no matter how dark it may be. Light is in the oceans, light is in space. Light is everywhere and within everything. This is the belief we need to see with vision. It is a choice you decide to believe in.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 44 recommends three practice periods for five minutes each. It suggests you try to go longer than five minutes possible but only if there is no strain in doing so. The former practice for today is easy and natural for the trained mind  ( the mind that has agreed to believe in the logic that says God exists). But the form of practice for today is a challenge for a mind who still debates and doubts the existence of the creative source field.

 Because you are reading this course, your mind is no longer totally untrained. The logic of acknowledging the God field as real has started to unfold for you and grow strong among all the other logic pathways against it.   You are quite ready to learn how to do today’s form of exercise but you may find you encounter resistance from the pre-existing logic of isolation which we have been engaging for some time now.  Today’s lesson is a new form of logic. Practicing new logic involved leaving behind all the old logic he used to believe was true.  It is disturbing to discover what we thought was true is not true. Today’s lesson is asking us to leave all the thoughts we made up and to listen without impulse or desire so that we can see and hear what is there. Today’s lesson asks our previous logic to step aside and to consider the logic of inclusion as reality. Doing this ends all mental anguish. It is a release from hell. But perceived from the logic that made that hell, it could seem like death or a loss of identity.  It may feel uncomfortable, but only to be ego.

If you can step away from the ego by even the smallest degree and allow the consideration of today’s lesson into the logical network of your mind, you will quickly see that the logic we speak of is not dangerous and in fact ends danger.   To reach for flight is to escape from darkness. Might is how we see. We are attempting to reach that light today to see that light, to see the foundations of our existence, to see that all we are doing is fueled by the light we now take to look for. We will find this light because it is there finding it is an inevitable destiny.

 Begin the practice by repeating the idea several times. Then try to sink into your mind, letting go of every kind of interference. Imagine sinking past all your thoughts like sinking deeper and deeper into a comfortable clear substance. The substance grows clearer and clearer and becomes your light. Your mind goes in this direction naturally, like gravity. Moving in this direction happens effortlessly unless you choose to stop it. We can sink into the natural movement of our mind’s attention and follow it toward the light to which our mind is forever drawn.

 Try to observe your passing thoughts without involvement. Slip past what seems to have meaning and do not get caught up in a thought cycle. Find your own way to do this exercise. Imagine your own style of sensations.  Focus on developing a strong sense of importance for what you are doing. This activity is of inestimable value to you. Have an awareness that you are engaging in something very sacred. Releasing yourself from agony is your greatest joy. This activity is the only one that has any meaning in life because it is the only activity that has any real use to you. If the old logic of resistance arises in any form-  pain, sorrow, distraction, forgetfulness-  just pause and repeat today’s idea keeping your eyes closed.

 The creative field is the light in which I see.

 Feel free to open your eyes if you sense fear and try to return to the exercise with your eyes closed. This exercise brings relaxation and a feeling that you are approaching and entering into light. A sea of light.   A comfort of vast care and deep importance. Tried to think of light- formless, limitless.  See your tiny thoughts drift by like specks of dust. And throughout the day repeat the idea often with eyes open or closed. Above all else be determined not to forget today’s lesson.  That is how we will develop the habit of thinking in the logic that leads to alignment with the Creative Source Field.  We chose to take up this logic and must make a concerted effort to maintain it.

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