A Course In Miracles Lesson 43

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43 states:

God is my Source.  I cannot see apart from Him


The Creation Field is where all energy comes from. 

I can not experience anything without the energy I come from.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43 presents a clarification of what the God Field is.  Today’s lesson says that perception is not an attribute of God or of the Field of All-that-is.  What does that mean?  What is perception?  Perception is the experience of taste, sound, sight, touch, and smell.  Today’s lesson states that the Creative Field does not do these things or have these experiences.  Perception is a quality found only in physical form.  Perception is a quality found only in physical forms. Perception is one small piece of everything.

While alive, we perceive. We see parts of the whole, not the whole. But the energy and the ability to perceive comes from the source field, which is a complete state of knowing beyond all single perceptions. Today’s lesson also presents the concept of a mediator, a guide that connects perception with knowledge. Knowledge does not have perception. Knowledge is a state of knowing. Without a mediator linking the knowing field and realm of perception, we would not ever be able to realize that there is something beyond perception. There is conscious awareness beyond experiences of tasting, seeing, hearing, smelling, or touching.

You can know without these five experiences occurring. You have a knowing beyond physical experience. The way to perceive this quality in you is through the mediator which a course in miracles calls the holy spirit. The word holy can be understood as whole. And the word spirit can be understood as energy or nonphysical. The liaison being described in the phrase Holy Spirit is a link that connects the limited perceptions of physical being with the limitless wholeness of knowing. A liaison creates a link between the physical world and the nonphysical truth about reality which is not able to be understood through the limits of biological perception sight, sound, etc.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 43 is teachings that we can know without perception. We do know.   Knowing is our inherent state. We are, in reality, a state of knowing because we are part of the knowing field of all that is. The connecting link with the knowing field is the process of changing how we think, how we perceive so that we can bring the event of our mind closer and closer into alignment with the qualities of the knowing field. When a lake is disrupted by falling rain there are thousands of ripples on the surface of the water causing motion.  When the motion stops and the surface grows still, the lake reflects what is there, the sky.   In a similar way, when we let all the raindrops of motion in our mind come to a calm stop, our mind will reflect what is always there, the knowing field. The knowing field is there even if disturbances block it from our awareness.

The God field does not “see.”   The God field is not like a person or an animal or plant and yet, the God field is within all those things and able to be located. The act of locating the knowing field within ourselves and with others is done through connecting with the liaison between perception and knowing. The liaison perceives and knows. It relates to and understands that we are having a limited experience which we believe is real.   And the liaison also never forgets that knowledge is our true state beyond our perceptions. Perception has no function in knowing. Knowing is a wholeness, a completeness that needs no further information perceived. Knowing is available to us whenever we choose to register the knowing field and turn towards it for help. The liaison between knowing and perceiving is the way we make that connection. Connecting to the liaison between knowing and perceiving is how we undo the misperceptions we believe are real.

Perception was made by us, the children of the knowing field  As an investigation into notions that can never be true. Perceptions are a journey into the idea of limits and separation. We are in truth limitless and forever connected. But when we engage perceptions we forget this knowing an experience the illusions of separation and diversity in contrast through our engagement in perceptions. Perception has no meaning perception is a journey into having experiences of a singular, separated reality that is not possible. Because we are so fully immersed in the belief that perceptions are the real truth about reality, it can only be through our perceptions that we released this belief. Perception becomes the means by which the liaison to tweak her section knowing guide us towards and into knowing. Perception ( seeing, hearing, etc.) can be healed and aligned so closely with knowing that it reflects in physical form the nonphysical state of knowing. That is what is meant by the phrase, “ as above, so below”  or “ on earth as it is in heaven.”

It is possible to release our self-made logic of isolation and aloneness and reconnect with the source of our existence beyond time and space. That source is the source of all our energy in life. We cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell anything without that energy source. We are not being asked to rejoin the nonphysical knowing field by letting go of our physical body. That will happen eventually of its own accord. In this life, we are being asked to learn how to use our body’s perceptions to bring down all the messages and qualities of the knowing field even while we know our singular experience will be limited. Let the active connecting with the knowing field be the motivating force in all our endeavors.   I am not being asked to achieve enlightenment I’m being asked to bring enlightenment into whatever I choose to do. Enlightenment means a healed perception. A healed perception is a way of living in peace and joy with all other living beings, even while we maintain limitations between us.

You cannot be apart from the knowing field. You are from it. It is what you are. You cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell anything outside of the knowing field. Whatever you do, you do inside the field. Whatever you do is included because you are part of the mind of God. Vision is not sight with our eyes. Vision is the remembering of the knowing which we are. Today’s lesson asks you to practice this idea three times for five minutes each. First when you wake up, once in the middle of the day, and last before you go to sleep at night. 

Sit quietly and repeat the idea, “ I come from a source of energy. I cannot perceive apart from that source of energy.”   That look at objects at random and say to that object, “ I come from a source. I cannot see this (——)  apart from that source.”

 Choose three or four objects at random to say this to and then close your eyes and repeat the idea in your own words. Examples are:  I see through the eyes of eternal wellness. I see through the eyes of total inclusion. I see myself when I look at the world. I see my own thoughts which are the thought of creation itself. I’m part of the creative field.

Along with the three five-minute practice periods, A Course In Miracles Lesson 43 also asks us to think of today’s message as often as you can remember it throughout the day. Bring it to mind in any situation. When you are talking with someone, for example, you can finally say to them, “ I am part of the creative field. I see you because of that field.  I cannot see you separate from the knowing field.”

“I cannot see this ———  apart from the knowing field.”

You can apply this idea to strangers and to people you know.  It is good to not make a distinction. If no issue comes to mind during a practice session, do not search for one.  Just repeat the idea phrase. And try not to let too much time go by without bringing the idea to mind. 

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