A Course In Miracles Lesson 41

A Course In Miracles Lesson 41

A Course In Miracles Lesson 41

A Course In Miracles Lesson 41

A Course In Miracles Lesson 41 states: 

God goes with me wherever I go.


The Creative Source of All That Is goes with me wherever I go.

I exist inside a Field of all existence that includes everything.  The Creative Field is what created me and it is where I am from and what I am made of.  

All that is includes that which is not yet… as well as that which can never be.  That is how “all” the creative field is.  It is not possible to think of this Field logically and understand what it is.  It is not possible to understand everything while in a singular form of one thing.  While in a form, we are one perspective in a Field of all perspectives. There is no end to how many perspectives there could ever be.  And there is no end to the Field that holds the space for all of them.

What A Course In Miracles Lesson 41 is trying to put into words here is the explanation of this world as an illusion.  An illusion is something that seems real but actually is not real.  The reason illusions are even possible at all is because the inherent nature of the Creative Field is a Supreme Freedom.  Creation must be free in order to create.  In the same way fire must be hot to have the properties of fire, the Creative Field can not ever impose or require.  Creation must be free in that it just is free.  Freedom is a property of Creation the way heat is a property of fire.

The properties of the Creative Field are peace, joy, love, and freedom.  Freedom is the ability to choose which direction you want to go in.  How many directions are there?  There are only two.  Towards truth or away from it.

What is true is silently so and arguing with it has no effect on it whatsoever.  What is true is always true.  Truth is forever.  If something is true and then it changes to being not true, it was never true to begin with.  It was an illusion, something that seemed real but was not.  Realizing this is disillusionment.

Locating what is true is a spiritual practice you can choose over and over again every new moment of every new day.  Locating what is true is a choice to move towards the God Field rather than away from it.  The reason locating truth is a choice is because we are and must be free.  If truth were an imposed requirement, it would not be a creative act because it would not be an expression of freedom.  The Field we live in (and are from) is Freedom.  To our minds this feels like a concept, but try and think of freedom like a meta-substance, a building block of an energetic nature.  We choose to know truth or we choose to pretend we do not know truth.  Our choice does not ever effect the is-ness of the reality of what is.  It only effects our experience.  The truth is there whether we connect to it or not.

Why would we want to disconnect from truth?  The answers to that are as numerous as the ways we can disconnect.  Illusions are a “form” of creation that experiences that which can never be.  There is one thing that can never be and that is a separation from the Creative Field.  You can not exist outside of All That Is.  The very instant such an event happens is the very same instant the God Field expands to include the new expression of what has occurred. We could call this the “holy instant” in religious terminology or we could call it probability.  

You are forever included in any and all decisions you make.  You can never take an action that would remove you from what you are a part of forever.  If you make a mistake, it is only considered a mistake from your perspective.  From the “perspective” of All That Is (which is not a perspective but rather every perspective ever) you have not made a mistake.  You have only made a choice and your choice is taking you on a personal journey of discovery.  

That journey is yours to travel where you will.  And wherever you choose to go, whatever trouble you seem to get yourself into, whatever canyon of confusion you seem to have fallen into- the Creative Field that made you is there with you and within you, ready to support whatever new decision you make next.  You are never alone.

Changing you belief that you are alone into a belief that you are connected in does not happen over night.  It is a belief you keep choosing.  The more you choose to believe you are connected in the easier it becomes to believe that choice and the more frequent your experiences of that choice occur.  But it is a constant choosing so if you decide to give it a try and then experience an avalanche of pain or confusion, do not conclude that life is pain and you are alone.  Keep choosing to believe life is of your making, and you can not ever be alone.  You are not battling reality when you set about to improve your circumstances.  You are battling old beliefs in separation, disconnect, and loneliness.  You are not alone.  

Whatever painful situation you may be experiencing, there is only ever one cure.  Today’s lesson- You are not ever separate or alone.  You simply can not be.  You only think you are and you are free to think differently.  The truth is, God goes with you wherever you go.  You are in a Field so profoundly supportive that it will support any choice you wish to make.  It will be there whenever you change your mind.  The Creative Field does not punish you for the choices you make.  You choose to punish yourself and the Crave Field gives you what you choose.  Your experiences are a gift.  Say yes to them.  Acknowledge that you are able to handle whatever comes your way because you are made of an eternal strength.  Reconnect with the strength you chose to hide a way for a time and believe was not there.  It was just an investigation of something that is not possible.  You can not separate from your source.  You can think you have but you can not actually separate.  The God Field goes with you everywhere you go even into the places you have defined as “Godless.”  There can be no such thing, but their can be an illusion of such a thing which you are free to believe and stop believing whenever you want.

The Creative Field is so inclusive it even includes an experience of exclusion.  You are free to feel excluded for as long as you want.  When you are ready to feel included, Reality will be here for you because Reality goes with you everywhere you go.  It can not be otherwise.

We have created deep canyons for ourselves and thick cloud layers of thought so be easy with your experience of starting to make a choice to leave compulsive thinking and experience the calm of truth.  

The content of your thoughts will likely be a series of problems.  Problems that arise from inside the belief we are separated and alone can not ever be resolved because the resolution involves realizing that the problem is not real.  The problem is founded on a false premise of separation from the source of our being which can never be.  We are not and never have been nor ever will be separated from the love and joy of the Field from which we come.  

Today’s idea ends the belief in separation.  Deep within you there is a foundational realm of pure perfection ready to radiate through you and out into the world.  Locating this white light place within you will cure all anguish and end all fear.  Realizing that separation is not possible and inclusion is forever unassailable (nothing can attack or harm this truth) will heal your mind, solve every problem, and mend the conflict between you and the outside world.

The teacher of The Course In Miracles (Christ Consciousness) understands that we do not yet believe that reality exists as an eternal truth.  The teacher of the course sees how this truth is hidden under a heavy cloud of self-made insane thoughts which are brief investigations into the imaginary and into that which can never be.  We can investigate illusions for as long as we want.  We will eventually grow tired of doing so.  For those who have grown tired of illusions, today’s lesson is the first attempt to move past the dark heavy cloud of thoughts we made for ourselves in our God-given freedom.  

Only one long practice period is instructed for today. Sit for 5 minutes once, first thing in the morning after you wake up. Place your attention on lifting away from your thoughts the way you might lift out of a pool of water.  Make no effort, just move in the direction of the instructions.  Say the lesson to yourself slowly and then allow all thoughts to fall away.  You can imaging rising above the cloud of thoughts into a state of pure blue (or any color you like) of just being.  If you are reading this lesson in the afternoon or evening, apply it to tomorrow morning.  Jot down on a note card the day’s idea and put it by your bed to remind you in the morning to sit up and just sit with the idea.  Even if you are not able to lift out of your thoughts, sitting down with the intent to do this exercise is of astronomical value.  It is the beginning of the choosing process that walks towards truth.  

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