A Course In Miracles Lesson 40

A Course In Miracles Lesson 40

A Course In Miracles Lesson 40 I hold all the qualities of Creation within me.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 40

A Course In Miracles Lesson 40 states:  I am blessed as a Son of God -or- I came from the Creative Field and therefore have the same qualities as the Creative Field.

When something is “blessed” the qualities of peace and joy and wellness are bestowed upon it.  To bless something or someone is to identify them as aligned with the qualities of the highest order of wholeness or (holiness).  Another word for “blessed” is “exalted” which means lifted up to high reverence and appreciation. 

A “son” is a child of or a descendent of.  Specifically, a son is a male-born person.  The phrase “son of God” comes from the ancient patriarchal cultures of the past where male authority was the dominant worldview.  As a global collective, we are emerging out of the limited thinking that was founded in the ancient patriarchal societies that coined the phrase, “son of God” and we are able to update this concept to more modern and more inclusive definitions.

Masculine is an energy way.  Feminine is an energy way.  These are forces of nature with specific character attributes.  Male is a physical form.  Female is a physical form.  Both male and female forms contain and express the masculine and feminine energy ways.  To put aside any possible irritation with the limited legacy of gender in language we can redefine the word “son” here to the word “offspring” or “child of” or “descendant.”  We could also say “daughter of God” if that phrase feels good in our minds.

In its essence, the word “son” in today’s lesson means “ to come from.”  To be a son or a daughter infers a dependency from a parent.  In today’s lesson that parent is God or the Creative field.  So today’s teaching is saying:

I am peaceful, joyful, and loving (I am blessed) because I come from the Great Supreme Field of Peace, Joy, and Love (God).

A Course In Miracles Lesson 40 wants us to start to understand the Creative Field (God) as having very specific qualities and no other qualities but those.  The Creative Field is only ever Creative.  It does not and can not possess qualities of destruction.  Destructive qualities only occur inside illusions which are temporary and dream-like.  Creation is eternal and always of a creative (joyful, loving) nature.

The old notions of a “vengeful god” or a “jealous” god are an artifact of the evolution of thought.  Such ideas do not ever apply to the eternal Creative Field which is always inclusive and caring.  The maker always cares for that which it made.  There is always a bond of peace and love between the creator and the created even if the created forgets.

Today we remember that we come from, are descendants of, (children of) the Ultimate Supreme state of All-Inclusive Creation which is joyful, peaceful, happy, and whole.  We are extensions of the joy of life.

In true reality beyond all physical form, what we are is energy.  That energy is joyful.  Coming from that field of joy means that joy is our inheritance.  An inheritance is that which we receive from a parent because we are a descendent of that parent.

We are much more than our physical circumstances.  Our energetic reality is what manifests our physical circumstances.  If we want to change something about our physical conditions, we are most wise to address our energetic conditions first.  What is our experience of the day?

Behold this day.  It is yours to make.Black Elk

Today we will remember all the happy qualities about the source of where we come from.  There are no long practice sessions but instead many frequent short ones.  Try to recall today’s lesson every ten minutes.  Try to remember it as frequently as you can.  Bring it into all situations today.  If a large amount of time goes by and you have forgotten to recall today’s lesson, just begin again and remember that you are a descendant of Peace and Joy.

You do not need to close your eyes but you are welcome to whenever you are able.  There may be situations where closing your eyes is not possible such as while driving.  You can still bring the lesson into your awareness in any circumstance you may find yourself.  Today’s lesson does not require any effort or any time.  Only to remember it.

I am blessed as a son or daughter of God

Because I come from peace and joy,  I am peaceful and joyful.

Today’s lesson asks you to rephrase this idea into any words that feel right to you.  Examples could be:

I am an extension of Creation.  I am creative, joyful, and well.

I am calm, quiet, and confident.  I am stable and well as a descendant of Creation.

The Creative field is real.  It is the most real “thing” there is because it endures beyond all physical forms.  We come from the Creative Field.  We are its children.  We are sons and daughters of Creation.  We are Descendants of eternal wellness.  These are the qualities of our inheritance, given to us by our truest, and most loving family, the Field of energy from which we came.

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