A Course In Miracles Lesson 38

A Course In Miracles Lesson 38

A Course In Miracles Lesson 38

A Course In Miracles Lesson 38

A Course In Miracles Lesson 38 states:

There is nothing my holiness can not do.


My connection to the non-physical source of reality enables me to do and achieve anything.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 38 reminds us that the Creative Field of all reality is found within us and when we turn to that source and ask it to navigate our life situation events unfold with more grace and ease than we could imagine.  There is nothing the Creative Field can not do.  And because the Creative Field is located within our own minds, when we connect to that part of ourselves, we move and live in profoundly powerful inspiration capable of achieving anything.  Opening to that source of energy within brings that energy into our own bodies, minds and actions.  Your connection with the Source of Creation gives you unlimited power because it establishes you as an extension of that same source of power, at one with the Field of All-That-Is.

The first step in connecting to the Knowing Field is to observe any doubts about its existence you may have regarding this concept.  It is a concept.  The concept contains ALL, so it will not be possible to have a physical confirmation of the existence of this concept.  It is too large for physical demonstrations.  The Field is something you choose to believe or question because it is not physically consumable.   To “experience” all that is, we must leave the limitations of our body and return to the non-physical state of awareness.  But while here, we can choose to validate a non-physical concept such as the Knowing Field even though it feels debatable.  The experience of debate and questioning occurs because our biology is designed to differentiate.  The concept of the God Field involves non-differentiation and all-inclusiveness.  It is not our task in this life to achieve that state.  It is our task to include the concept in our debating mind.  Can we bring the concept into the debates we are having with ourselves and others?  The concept that there IS a source of clarity that is real and available to us whenever we choose to turn to it.

The first paragraph of today’s session introduces a highly religious phrase that is used a great deal in the coming lessons.  Our understanding of what A Course In Miracles is teaching will be helped if we take a moment to translate the archaic phrase into modern language and modern perception.  The day’s lesson states: 

Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the mind of his Creator.

Notice the new religious phrase?  The use of the phrase “Son of God” dates back to the origins of the Hebrew bible which was written from within a patriarchal society that valued masculine attributes more than any other.  “Son” was, at that time synonymous with the concept of “person” even while the patriarchal culture placed male qualities ahead of female qualities.  The archaic sexist beliefs of past cultures (and even current ones) is deeply frustrating to men and women alike who recognize inherent equality not just between people, but with all living beings.  If we are able to put aside the legacy of limited perspective and just accept that past cultures were deeply inclusive and exclusive in their way of thinking, we can break past the obstacle to grasping today’s teaching.

The word “son” implies an off-spring.  A male off-spring.  A daughter is a female off-spring.  So if we just use the word offspring instead of son we have, “Your wholeness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as an off-spring of the Creative Field of All That Is, at one with the mind of our Source of being.

At its most basic, this message is saying- You came from somewhere.  You have a source, a parent, beyond any physical parent you may think you have. Your physical parents are also the exact same off-spring from this Ultimate “parent” source.  Physical bodies are not what make physical bodies.  The Creative Field creates the energy (which is you) that chooses in its freewill to manifest a physical body.  Your body is a temporary creation of your own, while your being is an eternal creation of The Source.  You are an extension of the Source of all life regardless of what form you may be in at this time.  

A son and a daughter are off-springs.  We could also say they are “children of…” Such language evokes a notion of a family system in relation to Reality which could be helpful if not taken literally.  God is not a human “father.”  The word God describes an all-inclusive Field of one unified Reality far beyond any limits of male or female characteristics.  At the time, ancient cultures who had no notions of quantum physics or of electromagnetic concepts related best to the concept of family dynamics.  So the phrase “son of God” or (to be more inclusive to the feminine dimension) “child of God” technically speaks of an “off-shoot of …”

Today’s lesson is saying that the Creative Field creates.  What the Field creates is energetic in nature and is therefore, eternal.  The Creative Field does not create anything that dies or which is in any way temporary.  What God Creates is forever.  God created you- which means you have the same capacities to create, but you are only one off-shoot of God and you are not All of God.  You can manifest and make whatever you desire and when your desires are harmonious with the desires of the Creative Field (with God) you have tremendous power, grace, and capacity.  When your desires sync with the desires of the Field, there is nothing you can not do.

So how do you sync with the Field and why aren’t you inherently in sync?  The nature of creation must, by design be free.  You must be free to choose to connect or to disconnect.  The event must be a willing participation.  If connecting with the creative field is a requirement, creativity would die and creativity can not die.  It is eternal, in part because it is free.  You are free.  You can connect or stay separate.  It does not hurt the Field (your source) if you chose to experience separation.  The Field knows you are not, can not, and never will separate from it.  It knows who you are and is happy that you are free to choose.  Your choices never cause a problem for Reality.  They only cause a problem for your own experience.  Separation thoughts hurt.  Connective thoughts feel peaceful.  Why?  Because what is true feels good and what is not true feels bad.  The truth is, you are connected.  You are not separate.

We have the same creative capacities given to us by the very source of those capacities.  A parent creates more of itself in variations.  That which is created by something always  remains true to the inherent nature of that which created it.  An oak tree never sprouts fur or scales.  An oak tree grows more oak trees.  That which is like to itself makes more of that.  Since the most basic fundamental quality of the Creative Field is joy, the creative field only creates joy in its offspring.

You are eternally whole because you were created by that which is eternally whole.  You come from a Field of ultimate supreme power and capacity.  There is nothing the Field of Creation can not do.  Because you come from this very field, you have that same quality.  There is nothing you can not do when you connect to the source of your being.

Your ability to connect to the Field of Creation determine the level of capacity and power you will be able to access in life.  Your ability to connect to the Field of Creation begins with a desire to do so.  This desire to connect with The Field (the Tao, God, Great Mystery) needs to be a stronger desire than your desire to separate from the Field to create your own self-made realms of localized illusions.  You are free to convince yourself of things that are not true and live in the illusion of your convincing.  And you are free to let go of self-made notions and begin to listen to what really is true in a given situation about you and others.

To connect to the Field requires a different way of thinking.  While in physical form, we think it an exclusive way.  We sift and exclude, we evaluate what we find worthy.  We judge.  The Field does not judge.  The concept of the “last judgement” which for centuries evoked a sense of dread in peoples minds is not speaking of how, at the end of our life we will be punished for all the things God judges we did wrong.  God does not judge.  People do.  The last judgement speaks of a time when we will stop being judged.  It speaks of a time when judgment will end and reception, inclusion will be complete.

While in human form, we are designed to have opinions.  Judgement is a biological event for us.  Today’s lesson is not asking us to learn how to stop having judgement.  The purpose of A Course In Miracles is not to teach of things that can only be learned in a non-physical way.  The purpose of the Course in Miracles is to teach your mind how to also hold the concept of unification within your world view even as you continue to engage in a single perspective.  It is asking us to remember the place within us we can turn to for a source of guidance and power any time we feel lost or stuck.  Remember, there is nothing The Field of Creation can not overcome.  Being part of that Field, you can remember, there is a way through whatever you are facing right now.  Can you locate the white light point within that never dies?

Practice this lesson 4 times today for 5 minutes each.  Sit with eyes closed and say the lesson to yourself.  Then search your mind for any situation or person that causes conflict.  Say to this thought, “In this situation involving – in which I see myself, there is nothing that my wholeness can not do.”  Also say, “In this situation involving – in which – sees themselves, there is nothing my holiness can not do (for this person).

If you feel drawn to change how the phrase is said, feel free to do so.  Rearrange the concept in the words that best fit your perspective.  You might say, “There is nothing my sacred space within can not do because I am connected to God at all times.”

The purpose of today’s lesson is to awaken in you a sense that you have dominion over all things because of what you are, an extension of the Creative Field.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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