A Course In Miracles Lesson 37

A Course In Miracles Lesson 37

A Course In Miracles Lesson 37

A Course In Miracles Lesson 37

A Course In Miracles Lesson 37 states: 

My holiness blesses the world


My eternal wellness within also brings eternal wellness to the world around me.  When I am at peace, I create a peaceful world.  

If we understand from Lesson 35 that holiness means wholeness and a connection with the source of all that is, we can then have a look at what is meant by the word “bless.” 

To bless is a verb, an action we do.  To bless someone or something is to ascribe to them the qualities of wellness and wholeness found in the Field of all Creation.  We are saying we wish the highest form of wellness upon someone or something when we bless them.  We also ask for blessings from others which means we want peace and harmony between us.  The word bless is an action of making harmonious and well.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 37 introduces your true purpose in this world.  Realizing the message in today’s lesson and putting it into action is why you are alive.  You are here to bring the light, life, and love of the Creative Field to this earth.  Your purpose is to locate the Creative Field within your own body and mind, to know it is there, and to know it is real.  Doing this helps others figure out how to do the same for themselves.  Locate your God point within, connect with it daily, and be at peace.  That is all that is needed and all that is wanted by you and by the Field you are from.  What the Field wants for you IS what you want for you.  

Your purpose is to see the world through your own wholeness.  Your purpose in life is to realize you are good.  Feeling you are connected to the Field of eternal creation will bring profound and unassailable meaning to any and all goals you may achieve.  Connecting your daily activities to the spiritual dimension will fill your physical goals and projects with deep, undeniable purpose and meaning for yourself and others.

Ask yourself why you want to do what you have planned for today.  Keep asking why to each answer you get until you arrive at the spiritual reason, the emotional hope you have for that activity to fulfill a longing you have within.  What is that longing?  What is the nature of your desires?  

You want connection and peace.  

Connection and peace are within you even without the activity you’ve chosen to do today.  The activity is one way to make that connection, but it is always there and it can be found in any activity you chose to engage in.  

Today’s lesson also speaks about how realizing your inherent connection to a Field of whole wellness brings an end to the psychological dynamics of sacrifice.  When you realize you are Good, and when you realize that your peers are also good, everyone is included and there is no more longing or belief in separateness.  My mind is part of all creation.  Every mind is part of all creation.  I have within myself a connection to the infinite wisdom of all creation.  I am an extension of that infinite creative Field.

I can change my thoughts.  Changing my thoughts changes my beliefs.  Changing my beliefs changes how I experience this world.  I can change the frequency of my thoughts.  I can change the way my thoughts feel to me.  

I can let go of having an interest in anger.  I can recognize that I have an interest in anger and I can stop wanting to have that interest.  I can put down the burden of what I am angry about.  I can bundle it all up into a blanket, tie the blanket up, and set the blanket aside.  

If I find it is too difficult to lift the burden of all that is in this blanket, I can ask the Field to take it from me.  I do not have to figure out how to do everything myself.  I can ask for help from a Source whose only purpose is to help me connect with it.

The idea of sacrifice is a belief that I must suffer in order to obtain desired results.  I must let go of something I want for the so-called greater good of a situation at hand.  A Course In Miracles teaches that sacrifice does not lead to any greater good.  Sacrifice is not needed or wanted.  When we live in connection with the Creative Field, no one loses, no one is left out, and we do not lack anything.  If some situation feels as if you need to suffer or endure pain, the orientation of beliefs will never lead to why you may be engaging in that activity.  Functioning from a sense of sacrifice will not result in the goal you believe the sacrifice will obtain.  Functioning from a sense of sacrifice will only lead to more feelings of obligation and resentment.  

In the Creative Field of joy where you eternally live, there is no need or desire for you to sacrifice or suffer any sense of loss.  There is a way through whatever your current circumstances are that would not involve feelings of loss or giving up that which you value in order to obtain some other seemingly larger value.  You first need to believe that a sense of sacrifice is not wanted.  

Your connection with the Source of All That Is helps the world release the agony of sacrifice behavior.  When you make that connection within, you do not need to lecture about the concept, you live it and feel it and it is felt by others.  That is the gift you give in taking the time to resolve what angers you.  There is no more valuable way to spend your time than in guiding your mind through the realizations of what is causing you pain, why, and how to release it.

Today’s lesson asks you to practice for 4 longer sessions each for 5 minutes.  Begin with the repetition of today’s idea: My holiness blesses the world.  Or- My wholeness helps the world.

Then look around and apply this idea to anything and everything you see.

My own inner wholeness helps make this chair whole.

My own inner wholeness helps make this pen whole.

My own inner wholeness makes this person here whole.

Then close your eyes and apply this idea to any thoughts that come.  

My inner wholeness helps make (this person I am thinking of) whole.

You can also phrase the idea as, “My wellness helps make you well, (name)”

Practice in part with eyes open and in part with eyes closed, making a connection between the outer world and the inner world.  They are the same.

Also, bring this idea to your mind as often as you are able to remember it.  And certainly bring it to any situation you encounter that causes you pain, frustration, or struggle.

My realization of my own wholeness helps the whole world be whole.

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