A Course In Miracles Lesson 30



A Course In Miracles Lesson 30

A Course In Miracles Lesson 30

Lesson 30 of A Course In Miracles states:

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

This statement probably sounds religious and may cause a sense of wariness due to how institutionalized religions have misused words like God. This conversation seeks to undo the slander and misuse of so-called “religious” words and restore those words to a more accurate description of their intended meaning.  In this Conversations with A Course In Miracles Lesson 30, we will attempt to bring archaic language into a modern translation.

If we understand God to be the creative field of all-that-is rather than a male persona looking down on us in judgment, we can begin to move towards the idea that our minds are the source of our life experience.

If we restate the lesson with secular language it might read something like… Creative energy is in everything I see because creative energy is in my mind.

This seems like a reasonable idea to consider. Creative energy is what created us. We come from creative energy. That is what makes/creates everything. Just as an oak tree creates an acorn that will go on to create another oak tree, creative energy (God) creates more creative energy. And that is what we are. We are an acorn of the oak.

An oak tree will never make a seed for a willow tree. That is not how creation works. Creation makes more of itself and that which it makes is exactly like itself in its core essence. While this or that oak will grow in an infinite variety of variations, the oak-ness of it will never be questioned. And so let us not question our “oak-ness” and remember where we came from… a creative field of joyful expression of creation.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 30 wants you to consider that you were created by a field of joyful creative energy. That is where you come from and that is what you are. You are an acorn of the eternal field of creation and the nature of that field is contained within your very make-up.

This idea is the starting place to develop true vision. Vision is not the same as seeing with your eyes. What you see with your eyes (the objects of the world) has come into existence from the pathway of your thinking. Your inner process of thoughts is the maker of the world around you. Experiencing the external world becomes much more bearable when we reconnect with the part of our mind (our being) that is a simple acorn state of knowing.

A field of knowing existed within our mind like an acorn fallen from the oak it came from. We can plant and water that acorn and let the Knowing Field grow within our thought processes. This would enable the awareness and memory of our true nature to grow.

The creative field (God) is a state of making which has no opposite. The creative field does not destroy and it does not hurt. It expands out forever outside of time.

From within time, this concept is experienced as an ideal. From inside time we only see the cycle of birth and death because time, by its nature, is a process of ending. Time means time is up. Time means time runs out. Time is limit. In reality, nothing ends and nothing runs out. Reality contains the event of time because reality contains everything. It is All-that-is. Time is one creative occurrence in the field of God among countless other creative occurrences and arrangements.

I am writing this from inside the constructs of time and that is also where you are reading it. This means we see endings. We see creation as a cycle of birth and death. And everywhere we look, we see things arise and then fall apart. In time, everything ends. Physical objects dissolve away. What remains is reality- which is metaphysical in nature and has no end.

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

This means that even in this event of time where everything is constantly ending, I can also locate in any and all things that which does not come to an end. That sounds like a big relief. It is basically saying, the state of wellness can be located in any and all objects or events of this world. It is saying, there is an acorn from the oak that is true reality in every single thing you see or think you see. God is in this shoe. God is in this pen. God is in that so-called weed. God is in the rotting apple, the plastic bag, the seemingly ugly, and the seemingly beautiful. Creation is in everything created. So let me look at this thing before me which I have strong impulses to guard against and get away from. Let me get away if that is my impulse. And let me also consider, as I act on my impulses, that what I see also contains that which I may have forgotten about. What I am looking at has its place in the reality of all-that-is.

We have the ability to make things up that are not true. This is a fact about our brains. It is not a problem that this happens. Or rather, it is not a problem to Reality. It is only a problem for us. When we make up descriptions about the world which suit our interests rather than derive from observations, we create an illusion and live in that illusion for as long as we fight to defend it. Doing this does not ever harm actual reality in the same way a cloud can appear to obscure the sun from view, but in no way ever actually interacts with the sun. Beliefs are like clouds obscuring the sun. We can, however, locate a path of belief that does not obscure the sun.

Belief systems, thought processes, and opinions are the only way we ever experience this world. It is all a choice of perception. And we can choose to believe inaccurate descriptions. But truth is our destiny. No matter how long we engage misguided thoughts, that which is untrue will always end and that which is true will always be revealed as the unchanging eternal state of what is. Reality.

Reality is not outside of us. Reality is in our minds, inside.

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

The truth is in my mind along with lots of other untrue notions.  The truth is like a nonfiction book in a pile of fiction books. We can at any time choose to read a book that describes a pathway to clear thinking and clear seeing. But it is a choice we make. It will not happen without our willingness to pursue that path and pursuing the path of truth will always feel like a choice. It will always feel like a decision to “believe” in because the nature of freedom gives us the option to choose between truth or illusion. We choose which book we want to open and which path of thinking we want to follow. We are free.

A Course in Miracles Lesson 30 introduces a way to move towards true reality in our way of thinking. The concept here is not trying to get rid of what we do not like by seeing it outside. The idea is, instead, trying to see in the world what comes from our minds. Bring what is in our mind (the seed of the light of God) into the world. Remember, God is not a religious term in these discussions. God is a spiritual word describing the creative source of life beyond physical reality.

Sit twice today for two minutes and consider the statement: God is in everything I see because God is in my thoughts. Then look around at all the objects in your view and consider that the God field is within each object. Then close your eyes and see what you think of. Say to the thoughts, God is also in what I see here in my thoughts of… and see that nothing is outside the creative field.

When you locate a tense thought that hurts and makes you tense, declare to that thought- Joy and peace are in everything I see because joy and peace are in my mind.

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