A Course In Miracles – Lesson 29

A Course In Miracles Lesson 29

A Course In Miracles – Lesson 29

A Course in Miracles Lesson 29 states:

God is in everything I see.

Our daily culture does not connect in a practical way to the spiritual dimension on a day-to-day basis.  The spiritual/energetic dimension is not considered at all in the medical or business practices of most Western countries. People providing services in medicine and business often have little awareness of what they are truly providing or where the real value lies.

Sensing the existence of God is the only way to ever locate lasting true meaning in anything.  But what do we mean by God?  What do you think is meant by the word God?  That is the most important conversation to have.  Healing any injury caused by any misguided mainstream religious institution (including Buddhism and non-Christian world views) will reconnect you to the difference between religion and spirituality.  This world is becoming more and more spiritual every day as we each decipher for ourselves the dysfunction in cultural religions and refuse to believe any messages based in fear and shame.

When we see the word God, let us understand it to be a short form for- the creative source of all that is.  The field of all Creation, The Great Supreme, the Grand Everywhere all that is comes from and will always be.  God is a Field… the Field.  If the word God pinches your mind and recall painful or frustrating memories and arguments, find a word that sits more peacefully for yourself.  Do not let any past dysfunction rob you of the priceless value of a connection with Spirit. See what happens when you replace the traditionally religious word with the words Field of Creation or any other combination of words you could think of.  Nothing makes Creation happier than your own innovation.  So go forth and make God your own. 

When I change the word God to a secular phrase today’s lesson would read: 

The Field of Creation is in all that I see.  

That which Makes, has made everything I see.  

This is saying- Reality is a state of eternal creation, making, growing, becoming.  

Creative power is in everything because if something exists it is part of creation.  There is a life energy in all things.  This means that if you ever lose touch with the tremendously helpful resource of All Creation, you need not look very far to reconnect with It.  Creation is everywhere and in everything.  Eastern thinking calls it the Tao and they recommend following that elusive, powerful movement as a way of life.  The Tao is the movement of truth through time and space.  Truth is reality.  Reality is a creative field… is God.  So… we could say-

Truth is in all that I see… or… everything I see holds a truth.

It is sometimes very difficult to see the truth in something that is clearly a distortion and a lie.  Is God really in that war wound?  Is God really in that plastic-wrapped ball of sugar snack?  Sometimes it seems impossible to consider that Creation could be in certain conditions because they seem to lack all light.  How could God be in that particular news headline?

No matter how confounding something may be to us in this world, this lesson is trying to get us to remember a Unified Field of existence.  We have two choices in how we can see this world.  We can decide that God is a ubiquitous universal condition of Light, Love, Peace, and Joy in all that is.  Or we can decide that the qualities of light and love apply to some things but are totally lacking in other things.  We can choose to discern what we believe contains the qualities of God vs what does not or we can deal with our confounded confusion about the violence of this world by recognizing that we simply do not and can not understand this world but that does not mean it is Godless.  It means our capacities of understanding are not as complete as the Field of Completion Itself.  We are a part of that Field.  We are not yet the entire Field.  So there will be much we do not understand.  This does not mean it is not understood on some dimension.  

Comforting our distressed mind is the purpose of religion.  As we explore the pursuit of comfort, so too does our capacity to handle discomfort expand.  We no longer suffer the superstitious fears of our ancient ancestors. Our evolution through time has led us to understand more and more and in larger and larger numbers that:

We do not perceive our own best interests.

We do not know what anything is really for.

And our efforts in discernment lead us into violence even as we struggle to put things right.

Our discernment is a limitation.  But we can not live in this world in any other way.  We must discern and we must live limited.  The way we navigate our limitations determines how much we enjoy this life and how much time we spend in suffering vs peace and enjoyment.  We need far less discernment than we think we need.  Most encounters in daily life are not life-threatening for the majority of readers.  Most daily encounters are only life-threatening to our ego perceptions.  Our limited ego perceptions feel constant danger and are always on guard for threats.  The ego perception in us spends a lot of energy protecting things that are destined to fade away.  The temporary nature of this world does not need to cause us fear or pain.  Connecting with an eternal dimension helps us ease the suffering of our limited worldview.  The anger or fear I feel about something indicates that I am wanting something inherently temporary to last beyond its capacity.  Connecting to that which does last forever will relieve that pain.

When I remember that God is in everything I see, I remember there is something true in whatever comes before me.  Physical reality is not where we should look for examples of that which is real and true.  Ultimately, all physical things fall apart and go away. What remains after things fall apart is the Real.  And that is energetic in its nature.

The closer we look into physical matter scientifically, the more spiritual (non-physical) the conditions become.  Reality endures past and through all physical objects.  Reality (truth) is everywhere, forever.

Reality (God) is a unified field of all that is, was, and will ever be- at once, now.

In every situation, in every person I meet, and every obstacle I encounter- so also is God there- space there, room for change, room for becoming.  Everything you meet has membership and value in this universe.  We are all unified by a field of expanding creation.  You exist in a free, loving, creative system.  It is not possible for anything to exist in separation from That Which created it.  But it is possible to forget our connection to Reality.  And whenever you grow tired of feeling separate, alone, unsupported, and in danger, this book among many other resources on this earth is here to invite you to reconnect to the spiritual truth of your inherent and eternal membership in Life.

The purpose of this physical life we are living is to learn how to connect with the eternal conditions of Greater Reality as we move through our temporary expressions of creation.  We start that reconnection process today by reminding ourselves that God is in this table. God is in this pen.  God is in everything I see.

Try the lesson as the book instructs and try to release all impulses to select and choose what objects hold God vs objects that do not.  Some things may be hard to include in our world view as containing the Light of God but just because we can not yet see it does not mean God is not there.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  We just may not have found the evidence yet.  Training our minds to refrain from making definitive conclusions will lead the way to being able to receive more and more clarity.

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