A Course In Miracles Lesson 28

A Course In Miracles Lesson 28

A Course In Miracles Lesson 28 states:

Above all else, I want to see things differently.

Yesterday’s lesson is of such foundational importance that ACIM spends another whole day on the message with one added clarification.  If we are going to learn how to see with true vision two conditions need to be established.

First, we must recognize that how we see at this time is not accurate, (is not true vision)  We must aim to change how we currently see this world.  We must begin to learn how to see it differently.  Secondly, we must recognize that our wanting is what brings any condition to us. To gain true vision we must make doing so our deepest desire and single most important interest on this earth.  Without a desire, there is no movement towards a new direction.  This is why these two lessons have been placed side by side and begin with, “Above all else…”  This phrase is asking us to make note of what we currently desire and to see how all those desires are actually variations on one single, over-arching universal desire to see clearly, know truth, and be at peace.

The ego may fear that means boredom. To the ego, peace conjures images of inactivity and “nothingness.”  But a state of creation, which is the true condition of reality, is the opposite of boring nothingness.  The extent of interest and amazement found in true Reality is inconceivable as yet to our ego perceptions.  Opening our awareness to the true nature of Creation can occur in relation to any goal we may be currently pursuing.  We are not being asked to leave the world and become an aesthetic in a cave (unless that is a true desire wanting to be followed.)  There is no sacrifice required to increase living in truth.  We will naturally lose interest in that which does not lead to our deepest desires but losing interest is not a loss of anything valuable.  It is a relief.

Whatever psychology in us is holding onto a destructive pursuit needs only be followed with calm curiosity to discover the misguided logic behind the activity.  We can discover how our thoughts about something are the source of anger or sorrow.  This means that we can use every situation, every relationship in this world as a way to reveal a positive perspective.  This idea of the usefulness of all things is part of today’s declaration.  It says that what comes into my experience is also a way towards truth and clarity.  This situation here and here with this person and that person can also lead to peace.  Why? How?  Because peace is what I want and peace is what I will pursue under all conditions.  It is the direction I will always go in regardless of what winds may blow.

I do not need to worry about if my conviction or commitment is strong enough.  My interest in seeing clearly is not a high-pressure, high-stakes game where I only get one chance.  Following what is true only has one needed condition- a desire to follow truth.  This is not a “requirement” like a rule to follow.  It is an inherent condition that can not be extricated in the same way the quality of heat can not be extricated from the nature of fire.  Fire must be hot.  True vision must be a choice.  It can not occur otherwise.

The exercise today engages external objects in a fun way that challenges our understanding of reality which currently takes everything at face value.  Today’s lesson is suggesting that a lamp is not what it seems to be and that we could see that lamp differently.  This idea that a lamp could be known in any other way will take time to consider and may challenge the practical-minded reader.  But let us remember that the name of this book is called a Course In Miracles.  A miracle is in the realm of the extraordinary and it is this quality we want to bring to this world more and more.  To do that we must ask ourselves if we are willing to let the extraordinary in.  Are we willing to see a miracle?  A miracle will never be imposed upon us.  It is not in the nature of miracles to intrude or impose.  A miracle always only ever invited in by us.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 28 opens our minds to that invitation.

True reality is not physical in nature and so all we see in the world around us is a representation of some aspect of Greater Reality which is energetic in nature.  This means that everything we see is a symbol containing light and energy of a higher order.  Light is within all objects.  But do not strain to try and produce an experience of the inner light within that pen or that cup nearby.  We do not need to pressure our minds into a concept of magic.  The true state of things will emerge as we place our attention on how willing we are to see.  Us being open to the unusual nature of reality is all we need to concern ourselves with.  In taking this course we are saying that we are not only open to having the truth about the nature of things be revealed to us, it is of the utmost importance that we do so.

If you are not able to locate a strong conviction, do not distress.  The tiniest consideration of the day’s idea is equal to a tremendous opening and movement towards true vision.  Your attention to your desires is the beginning of how to see things differently.  

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