A Course In Miracles Lesson 2

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 The original text of A Course In Miracles Lesson 2 states:

“I have given everything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) all the meaning that it has for me.”  

I have reworded this idea to be: I decide which objects are important and which objects are not. This helps us begin to see how much power our attention has. We decide where we place our attention and we decide what we value and what we do not value. In this way, our life experience can be as peaceful or as turbulent as we choose. It may not seem as if we have any power over our thoughts. They seem to have a life of their own. But if this is the case, this can only mean there is a deeper, hidden energy source motivating all that we think about. This hidden energy source is our interest. What we find interesting is what we will focus on. To change the contents of our thoughts we must begin by considering what is holding our attention. 

This lesson lays the ground work for realizing the power we have to give or take away meaning to all the objects around us which gives us a glimpse of what we are interested in.

Like yesterday’s lesson, today we are asked spend a moment reconsidering where we believe meaning and significance in life to stem from.  Significance does not come from objects.  Objects are filled with significance by us.  We give and refrain from giving meaning to all the things around us.  This is why things that were so important to us in childhood, or even just a month ago, do not remain important to us.   

If you take a moment to do the day’s lesson as instructed in the original text, you may discover how many object you glance at prompt a string of associated ideas about what you look at. So that when I say, “I have given this blanket all the meaning it has for me”, I discover I am thinking of my grandmother or the town I spent my summers in.  Every object we see is equally embedded in a cluster of associations. And all those associations, we will eventually observe, are all founded on the past.  Memories are constantly being activated by the presence of objects we have ascribed meaning to.  This idea will become more important a few lessons from now.  Today, just let your mind engage the day’s lesson twice for no more than one minute.

The first eleven lessons are very straightforward statements of logic that a reader will have varying degrees of acceptance or resistance to.  The book itself even explains that how you feel about the day’s lesson is not really important so long as you give it some level of consideration.  Remember, you do not have to agree with or like the lesson.  How you feel is as it is and need not stop you from attempting to engage in the meditative activity today. Just consider how everything you see in your environment is the way it is for you because of the complex network of thoughts associated with each object. 

A Course In Miracles Lesson 2

Today's specific meditation practice

Sit quietly for a moment.

Look around at all the things near you and say, “I am the one who gives this (plant) all the meaning it has for me.  I am the one who gives this (ring) all the meaning it has for me…”  

Let your glance fall upon objects in no particular order and state the day’s lesson. Try not to pick out objects vs other objects.  Try not to be discriminating about what you say this lesson to.  Apply the idea to everything you see.  You can turn your head about and even turn your whole body around to discover new objects to which to say the lesson to. 

Try not to let your gaze rest too long on an object, but also do not hurry through items without a moment of contemplation.  Note if your mind seeks to include or exclude any object in particular and try to see them as like all the other objects – equal in their lack of real meaning.

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