A Course In Miracles Lesson 14

A Course In Miracles Lesson 14

A Course In Miracles Lesson 14 states:

God did not create a meaningless world.

Before proceeding with the details of today’s lesson, I feel it is necessary to ask how you respond to the word “God” here.  If this large little word causes wariness or resistance in our minds, the logic of this lesson is missed.  It is here where we begin our journey of clarifying the difference between spiritual and religious. 

At a glance, today’s lesson looks like it is religious.  It may remind the reader of the fuzzy logic sensations that are often associated with institutional religions.  Some of us may have negative experiences with the word “God”  because the legacy of abuse of religious language on the part of misguided Christian groups has run deep in the Western world and that legacy of abuse blocked many modern minds from being able to hear the inherently constructive purpose of such words.

The word God was not originally Christian. The history of the word God as far as we know comes from the pre-Christian  Proto-Germanic word: ǥuđán. The meaning of the ancient Germanic term refers to the act of pouring or “that which is libated upon.”  So here we see hints of the word being a verb describing an action of giving a flowing abundance.  

Regardless of its tangled past, we are more interested in what the word “God” means today and the effect it has on modern minds.  Is it useful to your mind?  Or does it cause tension?  If it does, how can we redefine it to be a useful pointer towards what is true?

So what is meant by the word “God” in today’s lesson?  Answering this question is the purpose of the Course In Miracles.  Establishing an authentic and personal connection with that which is God is the goal of this course.  In this goal, the book does succeed because wherever God’s will is present, all is accomplished.

If the word “God” feels uncomfortable in our mind the reader should feel free to use a different word.  There are many that work perfectly well.  If we redefine the word God to be a more metaphysical and abstract concept that speaks of a creative phenomenon of cosmic proportion which is the source of everything- then today’s lesson starts to have more logic.

Today’s lesson is founded on a premise, which, if questioned or misunderstood, renders all other lessons quite challenging.  The premise is assuming there is no argument regarding the existence of God.  That is not a question being discussed at all in today’s lesson.  If that question is in your mind, we want to speak to that question before moving on.

We exist with other existing beings in a Unified Field of all existence.  That Unified Field is God.   We are all together in a Unified Field. The source Field not only holds all that is, it created and creates all that is and will ever be.  Because we can see that we and others exist, we must conclude that there is a creative Field from which all-that- is comes.  That Field is God.

The nature of the God Field is creative, not destructive.  It is not possible for the Creative Field to create from an energy of destruction.  Creativity is always only ever just creative.  It is an event that has no opposite.  The nature of creation is joy.  This means God is a Field (event) of continuous joy.  The Creative Field from which I and all things come, is Joy.  This Joy is a living consciousness and connection of and with all.  The Field holds all that is, including impossible notions of separation and isolation.  That is how inclusive and creative the God Field is. 


It is not possible for anything in existence to be separate from the Source Field that created it.  But because of the free nature of that Source Field, all creations of the Source Field are free to believe in the impossible, even while the impossible will never occur.  We are free to make and believe in illusions for as long as we wish.

Once we decide to stop spending our energy debating the existence of a Source Field, we can begin to learn what is real and what is not real within that Field.

The Creative Field did not create a meaningless world.  What the Creative Field did not create, does not exist.  And yet, we see a meaningless world all around us.  This can only mean that we are the ones who have made what we see.  We, as we are held in the Unified Field of All that is, have made an illusion, have made up something that does not exist in the nature of the Creative Unified Field.

The Unified Field holds space for the event of illusions and always knows that such events are really nothing, the briefest vanishing of smoke, a dream over the same instant it began.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 14 is introducing us to the idea that we, as a creation from the Field of Creation, have the ability to make illusions and also the ability to believe those illusions are real.  In truth, we have made something that is not real.  We have made a dreamscape.

God did not create a meaningless world and so a meaningless world is impossible and does not exist.

If we were to put that lesson into secular language we could say:

The supreme ultimate Creative Energy of the University did not make a meaningless world.  That Creative Field creates with purpose and meaning.  All that comes from It is inherently and forever endowed with deep, true, lasting meaning and purpose.  

You are from that Field.  

The world you see has nothing to do with reality.  The world you see is of your own making and does not exist.  It “exists” as an illusion, a dream, an instant of vanishing.  Beyond that illusion is Reality where you are and always reside.  Reality is energetic in nature.  Not physical.

Physical existence is temporary and therefore not real.  Real is lasting.  Temporary is an illusion.  What about this world is lasting?  Your connections with love between people.  That is the way towards true Reality.

Being only creative, it is not possible for the Unified Creative Field (God) to create destructive or horrific events.  It is possible for you to make them though because you were created by God as free.  Freedom is choice to create as you choose.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 14 is another step in learning to let go of the thoughts that you have imposed onto this world.  Today’s lesson helps you begin to see the nature of the truth rather than your imposed, self-made definitions of what you think the world is.

The early steps in this exchange involving the mind searching can be described as the beginning movement towards “salvation.”  The word salvation means “to be saved from.”  Specifically, what you are being saved from in this process of restructuring your logic, is the painful impulse of your mind to engage in the construction of horrors and to believe that those hours are real.  

Those horrors are not real.

The Creative Field from which you come promises you by its inherent state of joy that you will not remain in the belief of such horrors for any moment longer than you, yourself, are interested in doing so.  It is a choice you make.  Once made, you will be met with assistance.

When you are done believing in all the horrors of the world, help will come and guide you out.  This help (salvation) will come in a variety of forms so that you will have a choice of how you will recognize the help while deep within the illusion.  This book is one of those forms of help.  It wants you to know, God did not create a meaningless world.  God did not create horrors of any kind.  God is meaning.  God is joy.  Meaninglessness does not exist and need not trouble you.

What God did not create can only ever be in your own mind, apart from Reality.  Since it is not possible to be apart from the Unified Field of all Reality, you only think you are apart.  Therefore, what troubles you is not real, and has no meaning.  It need not trouble you.  

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