A Course In Miracles Lesson 131

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A Course In Miracles Lesson 131

Today’s lesson is very good news. It means hell is not eternal. All pain eventually ends, but only when you seek to follow what is true. Pain that could be brief turns to endless suffering so long as you attempt to maintain what is not true.

Creation did not create you for the purpose of suffering. What kind of nightmare would that be? An impossible one. Creation created you to be creative which is joy itself. This is why there is no good reason to fear what is true. Truth leads to joy. Perhaps the tangle of confusion we’ve gotten ourselves in is not joyful, but the way we got there was a series of dishonesties. 

Acknowledging them by even the faintest degree only brings relief. It might not leap-frog us into a tranquil mind all at once but what is true is the path we want more than we want deception. Because of the nature of truth, we can not fail to find it every time we look for it. Truth is the only thing we can ever find because what is not true will forever slip away since it cannot endure.

When we pursue goals that can not be achieved, such as trying to find peace through acts of violence, we will always experience failure. It is in this way that hell seems eternal for us.  As long as we engage in illusion and believe in its realness, we empower and perpetuate suffering. We can not find security in that which always changes. And we can never make real what is not real. Whatever l might achieve inside an illusion could never bring about anything substantial. If I dream of eating ice cream, no amount of dream ice cream nor any number of different dream flavors will be able to make that dream ice cream real. I will wake up eventually and realize I do not have what I thought I had. It was not real.

This world is a dream. Whatever we do here will always be temporary.

What is true is always true. Because of what truth is, we can not ever fail to find it when we turn to look for it in earnest. All truth is revealed sooner or later as certainly as the sun will rise and set and rise again.  The goal of science seeks to find repeatable, provable reality. If something is consistently and repeatably true, it becomes known as a Law of nature. But what science discovered about physical reality is that physical properties are repeatable and true only relative to their situations. This is called Relativity.  All physical stability is relative and subject to specific circumstances. Gravity is a Law so long as you don’t leave Earth. 

The unstable nature of physical reality is why we are taught in A Course In Miracles to not seek truth or comfort from physical things.  Truth is an energy quality that is known, not experienced.  Experiences are fleeting.  Knowing is a constant state.  When you know something, it is there always.  You become the knowing and do not go back to a state of not knowing.  This concept is not speaking to the physical reality of growing old and becoming mentally forgetful.  It does not speak of physical qualities.  It speaks to the expansion of your true being.  There is a common phrase that says you can’t take anything with you when you die.  But this is not true.  You take all your realizations and wisdom with you, for these achievements cannot be undone.  

We spend a lot of time and energy trying to secure a constantly moving world and try to keep that which must change in a stationary and reliable position.  When we fail in this impossible task, we then declare that life is a nightmare.  But life could never be a nightmare.  Life is a creative eternal state of joy.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 131 teaches us today that we need to seek truth in all our interactions and we will never fail to find the eternal true reality.  Today’s lesson assures us that it is safe to face what is true.  Whatever you might lose by doing so was going to fall away at some point, regardless of your effort to keep it in place.  If you dream of ice cream, you can not make yourself stay asleep.  All that is untrue eventually lifts up into the unassailable reality of truth.

Perhaps we are tired of searching. Some religious beliefs try to cultivate the ability to stop wanting and offer elaborate methods to help us release all desires. But the desire for truth will never ever be able to be put to rest. Desire is a good thing for us.  It is the movement of seeking that will eventually guide us out of suffering to truth and peace.  Desire itself is not the problem. What we desire determines if we suffer or find peace. Desiring revenge keeps the pain going. Recognizing our part in the perpetration of pain moves us out of that river onto dry land.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 131 tells us to be glad that we feel compelled to seek peace, even if where we look for it is misguided. If you want peace, you can not fail to find it, you might delay finding it by deceiving yourself it can be found in places it can not dwell, but in time this error will be corrected by the sheer motivation of your act of seeking itself. When you are mistaken, let your perspective be corrected.

It is not a danger to allow humble recognition of your limitations. It is only a danger to the ego, which in truth, you want no part of. It may be helpful to consider “your” ego as “the” ego because yours is the same as mine. My pain is really not so special. My pain is the same pain shared and experienced by everyone.

When you lose interest in giving painful ego logic your attention, you will reach the real goal you are seeking. Success is 100% certain when seeking to connect with the Creative Field that created you. The love, and willingness Creation holds towards you is boundless. Making mistakes is part of your process.  Your mistakes are not held against you.

We are asked to not choose a contradiction today.  In our practice sessions and as often as we remember, we are asked to choose to listen for truth. Even if you do not know how to do this, you can not fail to hear it by the sheer interest in wanting to hear the truth. Today we are instructed to sit for ten minutes 3 times to consider that when you look for truth, you will succeed.

Ask in your sitting practice today to see a different world beyond this painful one. Consider that you have created all your life circumstances by the choices you made in the past.  But you did not by yourself create the world you now seek. That world is a unified field. you are not alone there as you feel yourself to be alone here.

When we turn towards thoughts of truth, we join a collective. We put away small personal identity limitations. We step aside to let a greater power help us achieve what we could not achieve alone.

Remember every hour or even more often today that no one can fail to find truth when the truth is what we seek. 

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