A Course In Miracles Lesson 127

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A Course In Miracles Lesson 127

Today we look at the physics of love.  We observe what is possible for love and what is impossible.  

Love has no opposite.  A love that changes to hate or anger is not love because love does not change.  Love resides always.  Nothing can destroy or alter it.  Ever.  Love does not go away.  But you can turn away from love because love holds freedom as its highest value.  Love does not depend on anything in order to exist.  Love is.  Love is the foundation and definition of existence Itself.  Reality is eternal and Reality is love.

If the spark of love ignites between two people, that spark is forever.  Even if one or both of you chose to bury that spark in a pile of complaints, it is still between you.  How you chose to treat the spark of love between you and another person does not influence my own relationship with that same love.  I can be at peace with my love for you even while you may not be.  Your unrest does not determine my own clarity.  If you have decided not to honor the love between us, that does not mean I must also close down my feelings of love for you.  I may take practical steps to get away from you in the physical world, but my love for you can remain.  

From yesterday’s lesson, we learned that if I can find a way to let myself love you even when there is a technical disconnect in the external world between us, I experience more peace than if I felt compelled to fight my feelings and tell myself I do not love you.  Letting yourself know you love someone does not put you in danger.  It puts you in touch with the same hope the Universe has for us to let more and more love in.  The Universe does not need our love, it only hopes we will find it, for our own sakes.

A Course In Miracles Lesson 127 wants us to understand that there are no different kinds of love and there are no degrees.  I can not love a little bit.  Preferences are not love.  Love is found even in things we do not prefer.  Love is found in everything, everywhere.  Love cannot not be there.  You can not fall out of love.  Where do you think you fall to? What can exist outside of All That Is? Love includes all that is and therefore, can not judge.  Love is a unified Self Who sees Itself in everything.  Love is the force holding all as one. And nothing can ever weaken this force. Nothing.  If you think something has happened that has broken the primary cosmic law of Love as eternal and unassailable, it is time to learn how your perception was limited.  What you think has happened has not happened.  You have not really been harmed.  Even if your body has been harmed, you, who are forever as Creation created you, have not been harmed.  You are as God is, unassailable.

This course is here to teach you how to remember what you really are.  What you are is the same as what Love is.  Love is the meaning-maker of all life.  Love gives meaning to life because Love is all that means anything.  When we have love in life we have meaning.  All our activities are infused with a joy we can not explain when we let the meaning-maker, Love flow in.  Love is a wellspring of self-made meaning.  It is a cosmic force beyond intellectual comprehension.

The laws of this world do not teach us about these properties of Love.  In the world, love is seen as something embedded in contrast with hate.  But there is no polarity in love.  This world is built on the illusion of separateness and opposites.  We are guided to not seek real love from the people and things around us.  All that you see around you is temporary.  When we look for real love on the level of energy, we will see it everywhere and in everything because it will be flowing from the inexplicable wellspring within us.  Love is something we find within and then see all around us because all that is is all together through the energy bond of love.

There is no better use of your time than to take fifteen minutes twice today to contemplate how one leaves the struggles bound up in time and experience the timeless dimension of wellness.  Sit twice today and notice how you feel about today’s lesson.  You do not have to like it or understand it.  Bring it into your thoughts once every hour today to disrupt your usual momentum of thoughts.  Crack open the spiral of logic you usually circulate and consider that everything you see around you is woven into a fabric of togetherness.  The weave is a state of gladness and joy.

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