A Course In Miracles Lesson 124

A Course In Miracles Lesson 124

*Please Note: If this is your first time visiting this blog, and you think you’d like to begin the Course, please start the daily practice with Lesson 1 and proceed each day with the next lesson.   While it is possible to begin the curriculum in the middle, This spiritual teaching is best followed in a consecutive manner.  Each lesson builds upon the next.  

A Course In Miracles Lesson 124

Living without a sense of purpose is unbearable.  Purpose comes from Itself.  Purpose is an Is-ness, an energy Field that is inherently meaningful.  God is Meaning, Itself. It is not possible to answer the question of where does It All come from, nor would such an answer even matter.  We do not need to penetrate the eternal mystery of life to be happy.  We need only decide to allow happiness in.

Identifying yourself as part of a larger, higher source of energy will empower every activity you undertake with a profoundly joyful purpose.  Entertaining the idea that we can somehow live separately from All That Is and live independent of a higher source of power, believing our own tiny bodies and minds to be where we get energy and motivation will cause all our activities to be a struggle.  

Life could be elegantly easy and astoundingly graceful if we only recognize we are part of something much larger.  When A Course In Miracles asks us to remember that we are one with God, we are being asked to connect with that which is beyond comprehension.   We are not being asked to figure out how to comprehend God.  That is not possible for our tiny brains.  We are being asked to learn how to live in a connection with that which we can not comprehend.  This is called faith.  Faith knows without physical proof that all is well even when we do not understand what is unfolding. Faith is a willingness to cultivate a way of thinking that navigates us out of painful thoughts.

To remember a connection to a higher source of energy beyond our physical perceptions is to cultivate a mind that is at peace with the eternal mystery of life.  Very often, the true answer to a problem is, “I don’t know. I will listen.”

When we listen for a higher power to guide a situation, we can not fail.  Even if an outcome appears to be a total disaster, what we gain by engaging in the process of life has expanded us in ways beyond calculation.  Expansion is what we do.  It is good to dive into the mess of life.  We were never meant to stay innocent children.  We were always destined to encounter terrible mistakes, terrible betrayals, baffling failures, and confusion.  The journey of life does not keep one innocent.  We gather scars and regrets, all so that we can discover that no matter what our error, we are, and always remain, inherently innocent.  We lose our innocence to learn that our innocence can not be lost.  

Perhaps you are the exception?  Perhaps you know something I don’t which would really shock God to such a degree you get kicked out of All That Is.  And all us “included ones” will look out the window at you, the only exclusion in the whole cosmos, ever. 

Today’s lesson wants you to remember that, no, you have not been excluded.  You are and always will be part of where you come from.  You come from Light.  Light is not the stuff coming out of lamps.  Light is the Field of well-being within you that can be buried but never put out. Excavate that light within today by remembering you are one with where you came from.

Take 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening to locate the living light within your body and mind.  Your body is a reflection of your mind.  How at peace are you in your body?  Your ability to locate a light in your body and mind is the living experience of the magnificence of that light finding Itself.  To find the Light within, we use our imagination.  How could it be otherwise?  What else is there to use?  There is nothing more powerful than your ability to imagine because imagination is the power of God in you.  

There is nothing God can not do.  If you are struggling to achieve something, give that struggle to a Field larger than your capacity and ask that it be done for you.  Then watch how the world brings you exactly what you seek in ways far more creative than you ever imagined.

When we let the light of Creation into our minds, that light within becomes a gift we give to others.  This is because what we receive, we give.  We can not give what we do not have.  To give light, we must let light in first.   

Today we decide to believe that there is a Light within and we decide to believe that this light is an ultimate safety no matter what our circumstances may be.  We can trust that we are where we are most needed.  From wherever you are on earth right now, let light in.  That is why you are where you are.  Light is needed there and you are needed to bring it.

Wellness and wholeness are our destiny.  We can delay our destiny but we can not stop it from arriving.  There are two pathways to peace.  A painful pathway or a peaceful pathway.  Pain is a pathway you need not walk.  There is another way.  You can pursue peace and gain peace now.  Any miracle you can imagine can come to you when you find the light of God in your body and mind.  You, who will work miracles in this world, can let those miracles come to you now, today.  Let yourself be loved by Love Itself.  Remember you are one with Creation and that this oneness is a collective event where each of us becomes the all.

Today we are asked to take one 30-minute sitting session to place our attention on remembering where we really come from.  There are no other guidelines to follow.  Just turn your attention to the idea that there is a Source Field and you are part of that Field.

Even if you sit for 30 minutes in restless frustration, your efforts and conviction to try will bring gains beyond description to your life.  If you are not ready to experience the intensity of the concept described here, do not stress about your unwillingness.  It is expected that you would be unwilling.  Otherwise, you would not need a Course.  Nothing undoes the work you do.  Trust that despite appearances or “evidence” otherwise, a dawning of light is rising within your mind even if it has not reached the horizon line of your conscious awareness.

Visualize your sitting practice as you sit quietly surrounded by a ring of gold decorated with diamonds.  Ponder the brilliance of the diamonds in your mind.  Know that those vibrant, otherworldly colors are the doorway to true vision.  Meditate in this way and invite the “face” of Creation to be seen in every creation around you.  

“Wherever you look, you see what you are looking for.  When you are looking for God, all you see is God.

– Ram Dass

Bring today’s lesson into every hour as often as you can remember.  Pause in your activities frequently and say, “Let me remember that I am an expression of the Grace of God.  Let me remember that all I see around me is also part of the Grace of God.  There is a diamond of light in me that is also found in that which is all around me.”

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