A Course In Miracles Lesson 109


A Course In Miracles Lesson 109

A Course In Miracles Lesson 109

A Course In Miracles Lesson 109

A Course In Miracles lesson 109 states: I rest in Creation.

Today we take sanctuary.  Today we step into the light within that has come.  Today we turn away from all the commotion of the world and we find a temple of peace and stillness.  The turmoil all around us is just layers of different dreams, like mist that vanishes up into the light of a warm, perfect day.  We rest in the perfection of this day.

At the steps of the sanctuary that is today, we ask for safety and joy.  Behind us, the world seems frightening and dangerous but we stand firm at the door to the realm of rest and peace beyond measure.  We ask to be let in and within our own mind, the part we have asked will let us into our own true self.  We rest in God today, God within.

The power of this thought will cut through any struggle and awaken the clarity that always resides in you.  The clarity in you is the living sanctuary where everyone can gather to find the same truth within themselves.  Today is a sacred tent the size of the whole world where, within, all suffering ends.

This lesson is an event in your mind that will bring you forward through the illusion as if being born, to recognize who you’ve always been but have forgotten.  When stress comes today, when a problem overpowers you, say to that situation, “I rest in God now.”

There is no problem God can not solve.  There is no problem larger than the Grace of God.  There is no struggle too dark that the Light can not penetrate it.  Nothing is beyond the reach of the power of the Light to heal and improve.  Rest in that today and what appears to be a challenge will be reviled as no problem at all.

Be peaceful today even in the turmoil and commotion of this crazy world.  The hatred you see all around you in the news and in our cars can not keep you from your ability to rest in the sanctuary of truth.  The sanctuary can not come to you.  Think of it as a building.  A sacred building within yourself that you must go to and enter.  Go within, rest in God, and call from there to all your brothers and sisters to rest with you. Because of the power of where you seek sanctuary, all your brothers and sisters will hear you.  They will come and rest with you in the magnificence that calls to all of us.

When you put aside all self-made thoughts and give your voice to be of service to the Light, through you people will hear the voice of God speaking because you have become a receiver for the Voice and you have stepped aside to let God speak through you.

Do you fear you will become arrogant in thinking God can speak through you?  Do you ask who are you to be the receiver of such important messages?  A Course In Miracles lesson 109 asks, why not you?  Who else but you is better suited to share the teachings of compassion and peace?  Should someone else speak for you?  Remember you qualify for miracles.  You are the perfect person to be a messenger of truth.

As you take five minutes every hour today, close your eyes each time and relax into stillness.  Watch your hectic thoughts like clouds passing across a perfectly clear sky.  Do not rest in the clouds today as they travel by.  Rest in the sky.

Fear can not approach you when you rest in God.  Become resilient to fear and watch how the distress of the world will dissolve away.  Every time you take a moment to rest in God today, you mend a broken wing, you set a river flowing.  You lift the strange veil of confusion that covers the world and bring clarity to earth.

Like taking off a tight jacket, taking off the burden of doing, fixing, and figuring out.  Lean back and rest in the energy net of Light that wants you to trust that what you truly need will come exactly when you need it.  What you need to know will come exactly when you need to know it.  Who you need to meet is on their way to you in perfect timing.  The Grace that orchestrates the movements of life is so much larger than our ability to comprehend.  

Put down the effort of problem-solving. Give them to the light and let them be solved.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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