A Course In Miracles Lesson 103


A Course In Miracles Lesson 103

A Course In Miracles Lesson 103

A Course In Miracles Lesson 103

A Course In Miracles lesson 103 states: Life is love and love is happiness.

Today’s lesson takes time to deepen our understanding of exactly what the God Field is.  We could also call it the Tao or the Unified Field of Everything, or The Knowing Field, or the Great Mystery, or Nirvana.  We could make words up to describe it.  But what we are referencing whenever we speak of God is a unity of all that exists.  Unity is a difficult concept for a split mind to comprehend. And unity is what this course is guiding our split mind into.

It turns out that unity is an attribute of happiness.  Happiness arises when a sense of unity is present.  Feeling unified and connected feels good.  This may seem like an obvious observation to make, but it is important to study fundamental concepts before trying to learn higher mathematics.  The foundation of addition and subtraction must be in place before attempting trigonometry.  And so today we learn: God is love.  Unity is love.  And love is happiness.  When love is present in a situation, things feel good.  God loves and is love.  Love never gets old for God. God loves loving and just wants to love more and more into eternity forever.   And that is exactly what God is doing because what God wants, God gets.  This means God does not punish or take revenge on us when we displease It.

Suffering is not love. Guilt and shame are not of God. Suffering does not feel good.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that suffering feels good and that pain is something we like because we do not know how to stop the pain.  We feel dominated by it and trapped.  As a way to cope with an unbearable situation, we turn suffering into a strange kind of pleasure.  This usually happens in childhood, the time when we can not get away from our environment.  We cope by any means necessary to get through the impossible times, trusting that once we are free and on our own, we will have the resources to free ourselves of that struggle.

This book is just such a resource.  The daily lessons will guide all your misguided logic shaped in childhood out of that painful way of thinking and into a truly more enjoyable mind.   But the ability to hear what this book is offering can only come when your mind has reached its limit of suffering.  Human’s have an astounding capacity to endure outrageous volumes of suffering.  This takes lots of energy and resources which could, at any time, be used in a more enjoyable way.

No one can bring clarity to another person.  People can only develop an interest in obtaining clarity, recognize that clarity in someone else, and then figure out how to do what they see that person doing.  Clarity is achieved by observing it and then attuning yourself to what you observe.  Locate an example of clarity and then be like that.  If you can’t hold that space yet, just enjoy floating in it, like you would enjoy basking in the sun.  Maybe some of that clarity stays with you, maybe it doesn’t.  But locating it is the first step.

The strange belief that suffering is useful or empowering is not possible to understand.  It is not possible to understand that which is insane.  And we should not waste our time trying to do so.  Identifying insanity and walking away from it is a huge time and energy saver you can employ right now in your life.  What will you do with all the energy you save when you stop trying to reason with the unreasonable?  What else could you be doing with your time if you stopped trying to reach the unreachable?  

Waste no energy on trying to make sense of that which will never have value.  Faulty logic leads us into negative spirals of suffering. True logic leads us upward into excitement, curiosity, creativity, and joy.  These are all attributes of God, of love, of happiness.

In your five-minute practice sessions today, take time to clarify all the qualities of the God Field.  Correct the false logic program currently running in your mind that has convinced you that God is fearful, hateful, vengeful, or dangerous.  God is love.  God loves.  You come from God and so you too are the love of God.  

It is not dangerous to think of yourself as part of God. The only danger would be to think you are the whole of God rather than a part of the much larger whole.  You are one small expression of a tremendous expression of love.  You are learning what you really are.  You will do this your whole life long.  It takes a lifetime to grow up.

As often as you can remember today, call to mind the idea that God is kind, loving, creative, and inclusive.  Be willing to have your understanding of suffering change today.  This is the day a change occurs!  Welcome happiness as a teacher and a new sort of motivator.  There is nothing more important to spend time on than to learn the true nature of what leads to lasting happiness.  Seek what is true and you can not fail.

Be sure to set an alarm every hour and pause for five minutes throughout the day to consider today’s lesson.

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