A Course In Miracles Lesson 100


A Course In Miracles Lesson 100

A Course In Miracles Lesson 100

A Course In Miracles Lesson 100

A Course In Miracles lesson 100 states: I am an essential part of a larger movement towards global peace.

The way I conduct myself has an effect on my environment.  It is oddly easy to feel as if we do not really matter or exist in our world.  People have a way of blocking out what we say and refusing to express recognition of our interactions.  Automation and virtual communication is the modern source of profound loneliness today.  Without eye contact or the ability to see facial expressions in relation to the things we say or due, it is impossible to have a sense of existence.  Today’s lesson wants you to remember that you do exist, you are important, and how you chose to spend your time has a huge effect on the world around you.

You are part of Creation.  Creation is an eternal expansion of discovery for the purpose of joy.  When something expands, the outermost reaches of that expansion are an extension of the source it came from.  So when we focus on an outer extension exclusively, we also find the whole presence of the original source because that is what has expanded.  Creation can not change into anything opposite of Itself.  Creation can not ever become destruction.  Destruction is not possible in the Unified Field.  Only the illusion of destruction is possible to experience.  But experiences are not accurate markers of reality. I can experience sorrow or anger but find it is actually unfounded.  The fact that I am experiencing an emotion or a belief is not inherent proof that the experience is accurate.  Our feelings are very often not an accurate read of a situation.

You are an expression of nature.  You are an extension of the Source of Creation and this makes you a Source of Creation in and of yourself.  But as a single extension, you can not be ALL of Creation.  That is only possible after releasing your physical body (your singular expression of Creation)

There is no way to disconnect from what you are made of and still continue to exist.  What would you be made of if you separated from the unified field of all that is made?  What could possibly exist beyond the realm of total inclusion which is ALL Creation?  The idea of separation from Source is the epitome of impossible, the definition of insane.  

You are always made of That Which created you.  You are an inseparable intelligent part of the whole intelligence of God.  This is true for everyone.  This truth connects us together even under the most polarized conditions.  How could I have anything in common with that… republican or that democrat?  How could I possibly have anything in common with that strange exotic insect with eight legs?  And yet… It senses you and you sense it.  

The release from suffering occurs when we release the mad belief that we could ever be separate, isolated beings.  We appear to have separate bodies and separate thoughts.  We appear to be individuals. But deep in our brains, there is a silent awareness of connection.  

It is very easy to forget how we are connected to those who are so different.  And there are many reasons why we might choose to forget such a connection.  Today’s lesson wants us to remember that we are accepted even when we forget we are accepted.  When people or we ourselves hold us in a state of exclusion to either punish us or preserve our own defenses, we can remember that separation and exclusion are not scientifically possible.

The act of remembering our inherent connection to each other and to the Source of our being is and has always been the plan created by Creation Itself.  We were made to awaken and remember/discover the magnificence of who and what we really are.  God is discovering Herself.  God is creating Himself through that discovery process.  We are learning how to expand into larger and larger joy through the process of saying “yes” to the strange path of life.

This does not mean we say, “yes” to poor circumstances.  It means we will work with what we are given and connect from there, improve from there.  Self improvement is the greatest joy in life.  Whatever our circumstances may be, they are not ever fully broken beyond repair.  It may not be possible to repair a rift between you and another person.  But it will always be possible to repair a rift between you and Yourself.  

Nothing can ever go so utterly wrong that it can not be recovered from.  If physical death is the result of some catastrophe, rest assured, those who have died have recovered and reunited with the peace that is ever present beyond physical life. We can find our way to peace from any condition in this world.  This is true because God him/her Self wants our peace.  And if God wants something, it will be so. 

We can technically (theoretically) take forever to become receptive to the inherent wellness of Creation.  Because we were created free to choose our own adventures, we can pursue neurotic dysfunction indefinitely.  We do not have to choose happiness.  We are free to choose pain again and again.  This freedom is given to us by Creation because of the profound certainty Creation has in the inherent fundamental interest in wellness.  Creation is certain of Itself and does not ever doubt Its creations.  They can wander far and wide and in so doing, are still a great joy to the One who created them.  All is well in God’s eyes.  And God’s eyes are found within you.  All is a learning experience.  And when we accept the pain another has caused us as an adventure we have gone on to experience our own freedom, we release others from the prison of blame.

We are an essential part of the process of achieving freedom from suffering.  You are needed.  You are wanted from exactly where you are.  Your journey toward clarity and self empowerment is the most important event in this world.  There is nothing more important than locating your sense of well-being.  You could not matter more.  You are of the utmost importance.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 100 wants you to value your existence, and value the quality of the words you speak.  Recognize your actions or inactions affect others.  You are an essential part of the cosmos.

And so, do not let yourself be sad in a sense of disconnection.  Do not let ego logic hold you in pain today.  Let enjoyment rise, beginning with small comforts.  Relax into the enjoyment of enjoyment.  It is safe to feel well.  We become messengers of grace when we recognize our own value exactly as it is.  We do not suffer grandiosity or self-loathing when we know we are part of a connected effort of joy.

Maybe you feel joy is not possible where you are.  A Course In Miracles wants you to know that joy is possible in any depth of darkness.  Joy is the movement that ends the illusion of darkness.  There is beauty where you are.  Let it in and you will become a light for the world.

This lesson may be difficult for some to read and take in because it asks the reader to consider Christ as a helper towards developing awareness of inner well-being.  If the concept of Christ causes resistance in your mind, switch out that word or concept for one that feels better.  Do not let a vocabulary word keep you from self improvement and self empowerment.  The concepts of truth do not need to be called anything in particular.  Find your own words and your own relationship with the state of awareness the historical figure of Christ spoke of and taught.  Call on that state of awareness in your own unique way.  

We are not being asked to find light in darkness.  We are learning how to ask for help out of darkness.  Who are we asking?  The Light, Itself.  It is there.  Turn towards that concept even as you are not able to perceive it.  Know that It is there and all It wants is to help you.  Letting ourselves be helped by a greater power is the physics behind locating inner peace.  When I let you help me, I help you feel valued and empowered.  When you let me help you, you help me feel valued and empowered.

Take five minutes every hour to sit and recall today’s idea.  Set an alarm and let your activities be gently interrupted by this small, gentle concept of value and personal importance. Think of it first thing in the morning and lastly before you go to bed.

Jessica Hagan Los Angeles

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