A Course In Miracles 3.0 Lesson 1

A Course In Miracles Lesson 1

The original text of A Course In Miracles Lesson 1 states:  

“Nothing I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place) means anything.”

This first lesson begins straight away with the process of changing our perception.  If we do not understand that the goal of this course is to change the way we are thinking, this first lesson will feel confounding and even depressing.  When attempting the day’s exercise we might be tempted to think that the lesson is suggesting that life has no meaning. But that is not the case.  A Course In Miracles Lesson 1 is suggesting that we change our understanding of physical objects.  We are asked to not look to the things around us for meaning in life.  If we can brave the possible confusion and depression this first lesson might evoke, we can push forward into a truly powerful course system that will shift our focus from the material world to the world of energy.  It is by learning how to register the energy beyond objects that we will be able to stabilize our mind and prevent it from being swept up in the turbulence of ever changing things in life.  The things (including people) are temporary expressions created by an eternal energy. Registering the energy will in turn effectively end all possibility of disappointment or depression.  

It is our fixation with the physical world that causes our mental anguish because nothing physical stays the same.  Seeking permanence in the impermanent is the source of suffering.  Creating a relationship with the non-physical, timeless energy dimension that governs all physical things will lead us to greater and greater focus and emotional autonomy.  

This very first lesson in this powerful course for transformation teaches us how to see past the temporary conditions of all current events in front of us to gain a bit of separation from identifying with the external world.  The external world is not where meaning is found. 

Today we begin to connect with the enduring peace that lies within and beyond all physical things, we are then able to be in the world but not of the world.  

Give today’s lesson a try.  

Today's specific meditation

Do this activity twice today.  Do not do this activity more than twice today. Also, do not engage this activity for more than one minute. This limitation of engagement is because this concept does have the potential of causing your mind to fall into an unnecessary depression.  Just set aside one minute only in the morning and again in the evening to do the following activity:

  1. Sit for a moment, look around at things near by, and say to all that you see, 

“Nothing I see around me has any meaning.  

This (computer) does not have any inherent meaning.  

This (coffee cup) is meaningless.  

This (cell phone) holds no real meaning.

This (shoe on my foot) has no real meaning.  

(My own physical foot) does not have inherent meaning. 

All these things I see near me are physical objects that will eventually fade.”

Find any objects to say these words to. Make no distinction between objects.  Your foot may seem more meaningful to you than your coffee cup, but try to see both objects as equal.

2. Next, look at objects a bit farther away from you and apply the same thoughts to those objects as well.

Try not to let your eyes travel to objects you prefer or that you don’t prefer.  Let your eyes travel randomly to any and all things equally.  This is so that meaning is not ascribed to certain special items while not ascribed to others.  The teaching today wants us to understand that NO objects in this world hold inherent meaning of their own.

Do not despair if it troubles you to think that your body has no meaning.  Just give the thought a fleeting consideration.  You do not need to agree with today’s lesson or find it comforting.  To begin this course, and to stay in this course, we only need to make the effort to expose our minds to the lessons each day.  Have a look.  Attempt today’s suggested training plan.  And if you find any form of distress arise, drop the exercise at once.

In this first lesson we begin to learning that physical objects are not to be considered a source of safety or trust.  Energy is more reliable than physical objects.  In fact, energy is what makes all physical objects we perceive.  Whatever we might look at, energy made it.  Energy does not have physical form.  Energy is a thought form, which is real, but not physical.  Energy comes first before all physical things, including people.  Objects do not create energy.  Energy creates objects.  

Today we look at objects and separate from our belief that objects, of themselves, have any inherent meaning without the source of energy which created them.  Objects do not have meaning.  Energy is the only “thing” that ever has real meaning.

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