Life Guidance In Los Angeles

We help you heal and thrive in the modern world.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe there is a pathway through any obstacle.  Anyone can heal from any wound, trauma, or struggle in natural harmony with the Earth from wherever they may be by taking one step at a time towards truth. 
  • We believe health and prosperity are found in authentic communication with others where diversity is celebrated and honored. We heal best in community.
  • We believe success is measured by the level of our enjoyment in every interaction.
  • We believe that Los Angeles and all cities of the world are beautiful expressions of nature which offer vast opportunities and resources for personal and collective wellness.
Life Guidance In Los Angeles

    Our Mission:

Life Guidance In Los Angeles

Urban Healers of LA strives to cultivate a supportive, and life-affirming community in an urban environment.

We offer gatherings and private sessions founded on global wisdom both ancient and modern to overcome mental, emotional, or physical struggles and help people connect and thrive. 

We teach alternative healing techniques that do not involve traditional talk therapy or pharmaceuticals. 

Urban Healers of La is a place to find support as you discover and strengthen your own inner guidance system in your own way and at your own pace.

Our Services:

  • Offer a safe space to heal from trauma, grief, depression, or anger and reestablish well-being and clarity.
  • Build awareness of nature-based shamanic wisdom as reliable methods for daily wellness.
  • Teach tools and techniques for resolving grievances that block peace.
  • Expand awareness of the Sacredness in all things, events, and experiences.
  • Deepen a connection with the spiritual (non-physical) aspects of life.
  • Hold space for a compassionate community that supports others in their learning process,

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Life Guidance In Los Angeles