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Urban Healers of LA

Our Mission & Beliefs:

Jess Hagan founded Urban Healers of LA after succesfully navigating her way out of debilitating depression and childhood PTSD without medical interventions. She knows from personal experience that it is possible to find a natural, joyful pathway through any obstacle.  Every situation can be improved. Anyone can heal from any wound, trauma, or struggle while maintaining harmony with the Earth from wherever they may be.  

At Urban Healers of LA we believe success is measured by how much we are enjoying a situation or interaction. We find Los Angeles and all cities of the world to be beautiful expressions of nature and trimphs of the human spirit that offer vast opportunities for collective wellness.

It is our mission to bring tools, methods, and resources that help individuals self empower. We help people overcome blocks and obstacles preventing wellness. 

Our Healing Approach

I am a Systemic Constellations facilitator. I study the whole system surrounding an issue or conflict. This means we may investigate several generations back to locate a trauma in the family system. No one exists outside of a larger Family Field and our Family Field determines how we think and respond.

The way I work is very different from traditional talk therapy. We do not spend lots of time on recounting your past experiences or verbally analyzing an issue because the struggle you may be facing may have begun before you were born. Information about a problem may not be available to your conscious awareness. Systemic work helps locate hidden energies behind a problem that may have started before you were born. 

These Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles will bring new insight and perspective to any life challenge you may be facing..

Watch more videos about Constellation’s work on our Youtube Channel.

Methods I work with include:

What is IFS? Internal Family Systems therapy is based on the recent discovery that our personality is not a singular perspective but rather a collection of diverse perspectives which often conflict. Like a meadow of different kinds of plants, flowers, and pollinators, we are a diverse system of attitudes, beliefs, and feelings all contained within one person. IFS work unifes all the parts of our personality into a whole Self.

A Family Constellations Workshop is a therapeutic approach that delves into the hidden dynamics and patterns within families and social systems. In these workshops participants stand in representation of the family members or elements of a situation to help someone gain insight and a new perspective on an area in their life. We uncover unresolved conflicts, and trauma.

We live in a world surrounded by extraordinary teachers. Animals are our friends and our elders. If we take a moment to listen we will find that the animals are talking to us and showing us beautiful insights about ourselves and our world. Working with Power Animals is an ancient and highly effective tool for introspection. When we meditate on the messages of life all around us, we find new solutions to our problems.

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