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We help you heal and thrive in the modern world.

Our Beliefs:

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  • Urban Healers of LA believes there is a pathway through any obstacle.  Anyone can heal from any wound, trauma, or struggle in natural harmony with the Earth from wherever they may be. We need only take one step at a time towards truth. 
  • We believe success is measured by how much we are enjoying a situation or interaction.
  • We find LA and all cities of the world to be beautiful expressions of nature that offer vast opportunities for collective wellness.

    Our Mission:

arrow and feathers illustrationUrban Healers of LA offers Family Constellations workshops and private life guidance sessions to help people overcome blocks and obstacles preventing wellness.

We teach alternative healing techniques that are empowering and do not use traditional talk therapy or pharmaceuticals. 

Urban Healers of La is a place to find support as you discover your own inner guidance system in your own way and at your own pace. 

It is our passion to discover new ways to help you expand and improve from wherever you may be.

You may be recovering from a hard blow.  Or you may be problem-solving a new ambitious project of passion.  No matter what you are working through on your life adventure, our workshops and sessions meet you where you are.  Together we locate what next step is needed to release and expand. 

With over two decades of study and training, our worldview is informed by ancient ancestral wisdom as well as modern leading-edge teachers.

Our main priority is for the healing and growth process to be a positive and enjoyable experience, even when it is challenging.  

We work with:  

My Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles will bring new insight and perspective to any life challenge you may be facing.

Transform struggles into opportunities with our compassionate healing arts community.

Watch more videos about Constellation’s work on our Youtube Channel.

We set up 3 to 5 Constellations per workshop.  Tickets to receive a Constellation sell out quickly because only 3 to 5 are available per month. But there are 12 tickets available to join as a representative. 

Attending a Constellations workshop as a representative is an equally powerful way to work through an issue you’d like to address. Participating as a representative or even just as a witness in the circle offers a very powerful way to address an issue on a deep experiential level.

Very often representing in a Constellation prepares us for the one we will receive. And sometimes representing is all that is needed!

Representatives are also encouraged to bring any personal issue you wish to learn more about. The workshop process will reveal useful information in the most constructive way on how to move forward with that area of your life.    

Bring a question to the Knowing Field!

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