Life Guidance Sessions

Life Guidance Sessions

Finding our way in life needs a variety of resources and assistance.  The help we need is always within reach, we need only look for it.  These life guidance sessions help us to see a situation more clearly and locate solutions that feel right.  Life guidance is excellent preventative medicine that can help soften the bumps in the road.  I also work with people struggling with a range of life challenges including anxiety, depression, anger, relationships, physical health, and goal achievement.  Through easy, creative conversations using a variety of techniques, we discover hidden beliefs and unseen situations that may be blocking our enjoyment of life.

I offer two types of private
life guidance sessions.

Discover Your Power Animals

Animal Medicine Card Readings IN-PERSON or REMOTE

 Card reading is an ancient and highly effective tool for self discovery which was made popular by Carl Jung and many others who recognized that the study of symbols is a doorway into deeper awareness and clarity.  

When we meditate on the symbols of life all around us, we find new solutions to our problems and deepen our understanding of how we are all connected.   Learn more

Internal Family Systems (IFS) IN-PERSON or REMOTE

IFS recognizes that we are a multitude of personalities which often conflict.  In these sessions we go on a hike with all parts of your personality and discover new landscapes of your Self.  This approach to healing and self-discovery recognizes the diversity of perspectives we hold in our personality which often conflict.  

In this session, we discover your inner family of voices and get to know all of them from a grounded sense of Self. Learn more

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