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Making gifts is a spiritual practice.  Here are the most current items available in my Etsy shop.  I hope you find something that brings good medicine to your home!

Medicine Bags

What is a Medicine Bag?

Objects hold energy.  The objects in the room are defining the experience of the space.  That is why an antique shop feels very different from a clothing store.

A medicine bag defines a space as positive and creative.  It is a storage space that holds positive intentions to uplift the energy around it.  Medicine bags are like portable altars which can help define a space with positive intentions, be it a campsite, a hotel room, or a living room, or an airplane.    

What do I put into a Medicine Bag?

This is the fun part.  What goes into a medicine bag is a creative conversation with your mind.  It is a way to set guideposts like lighthouses in the ocean of our thoughts.  I put items into my medicine bag that help me meditate. Objects which recall uplifting thought patterns or help me to empty my busy mind.  I carry several medicine bags for different purposes.  I always place a lighter, a candle, a small stone, and some sort of incense to burn.  I then place anything else I may need for wherever I may be going.  When hiking, I carry a bundle of tobacco to place on the ground in the Lakota tradition as a way of speaking to the Plant Spirit Medicines.  If I find any objects along my hikes, such as a stone or other object holding power (once I found a fallen hummingbird nest) I will place these items in a medicine bag as well.  

But whatever you chose to place in a medicine bag will be uplifted by your intentions.  

Working with medicine bags, (movable altars) is working with the practice of making everything we do in life a sacred act.  It is a way of living and thinking which communes with the wonder inherent in all things.

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Upcycled Notebook Covers

Journaling is a core ingredient for introspection.  Journaling is thinking out- loud silently.  It helps us locate our true perspectives and find our way to a calm mind.  No one but us is watching when we journal.  It is a private, safe, and sacred space to say what we need to say to ourselves or to others without the danger of negative consequences.  

Journaling needs a lot of paper.  I sometimes like to buy expensive journals but I always find that I am reluctant to write in them because they are so nice and my thoughts are so commonplace.  What I have to write in those lovely items is rarely as good as the pretty cover and I end up feeling intimidated by my journal!  

These reusable book covers are a way to keep the cost down on a needed supply of notepaper while also defining the book with creative, inspiring intent.  They define the notebook as a private journal.  I have also found that they help with organization.  With a distinctive cover, I do not need to flip through all the black and white Mead notebooks I have lying around to figure out where I put my most current journal.

When I make these book covers, I meditate and chant mantra music.  They are made in a Medicine Way, which is to say, with a high level of quality attention placed on sustaining only positive thoughts while creating them.  If I ever feel my thoughts spiraling down, I put these items down and go for a hike.  

To reduce the impact of industrial manufacturing, I repurpose old garments for the materials used in these book covers. It is my hope that these upcycled book covers help inspire an affordable writing practice for anyone seeking to discover themselves and their world.

Find A Medicine Journal! These journal covers come with one replaceable Mead notebook.

Street Art Greeting Cards

I live in Los Angeles, one of the most sprawling examples of techno-industry on earth.  Los Angeles is the opposite of nature.  When in Los Angeles, you get the strong sense that there is no “there there.”  There is no city center.  No inherent meeting ground to connect with others.  This city sprawls with empty urban excess.

And yet…

When I remember to breathe and really look at my surroundings, I find there is a strange, compelling, deconstructed beauty lying quietly within this seeming wasetland.  Los Angeles has me, body and soul.  I love her metalic, concrete, spraypainted nature.  She is the farthest we can get from Nature and the more you live here the more you understand that Nature will always extend itself into whatever distance we attempt to create from it.  LA is nature.  It is a different sort of forest.  

There is a tribe of people who take it upon themselves to decorate the streets of LA.  These silent shamans keep us all connected in our cars as we fly past their statements of beauty and pain.  I photograph the street art in LA and and from that art I make more art.  

These greeting cards come from images of Los Angeles, which is to say, any major metropolis thriving in all her strange unnatural nature.  They are a meditation to stay connected to beauty in a maelstrom of industry.

Say Hello from LA! Keep in touch with people

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