Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles

How do I resolve a long-standing issue in my life?


There are two ways to approach any struggle we may have in life:  privately or with a group.  Both approaches are helpful in different ways and often we may benefit from a combination of both.  Family Constellations work is founded on the highly effective principles of group healing techniques.

Group healing is a collaborative, supportive, compassionate, and long-lasting approach to wellness. We heal best when in community with others.

What is Constellation work?

When you identify a situation in your life that is causing ongoing conflict, setting up a Constellation for that issue using the energy of a group can reveal new insights that release the struggle from your psychology.  

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Constellations Workshops In LA

$40 to participate as a representative in the Field.
$80 to receive a personal Constellation.

Please note the two types of tickets on the registration page.  If you would like to receive a Constellation please purchase the $80 ticket.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Details

SKILL LEVEL:               Anyone over the age of 18

WHERE:                       Online or In-person in Los Angeles – Glendale

WHEN:                        Check the calendar above for all future dates.

How to Register:      RSVP via  EVENT BRIGHT 

*Please do not wait until the last minute to join a workshop.  Group circles depend on people joining.  These workshops will be canceled if fewer than six people sign up.  Help us get the word out and build a supportive community resource! 


Receiving a Constellation begins with a discussion with the facilitator of the workshop.  The trained facilitator is your guide through the movements and information that gets revealed during the Constellation.

From the initial conversation about the issue you wish to look at, the facilitator will invite you to choose people from the group to stand as representatives for aspects of the issue.  You then place those representatives in what is called the Knowing Field of the group and we observe the dynamics that unfold from the representatives.  The representatives move around the space and interact like star constellations shifting in the sky which is where the name “Constellations” comes from.

But how do Constellations work?

When we see our struggles in the larger context of the family patterns that go back several generations, we are often liberated from the personal frustration that felt as if it is all on us alone to figure out and resolve.  More often than not, what is wanted in a healing movement is witness, awareness, and reception.

But Constellations work is best understood through experience and participation.  Join a workshop here or visit our Resouces page to find more opportunities in your area to participate in a Family Systems Constellation.

Constellations Resources Learn More About The Knowing Field