Introduction to Family Constellations Workshop


Ever heard of Family Constellations work?  This group healing modality was developed by a German man named Bert Hellinger just after the 2nd world war and has since become recognized in Germany and many other countries as a highly effective method for healing psychological issues such as anger, depression, and anxiety.  The effectiveness of the work is difficult to convey in writing as it is a highly experiential event, addressing the mind and the heart at once.  

Family Constellation work is a therapeutic healing approach that differs from traditional therapeutic healing in that it works with a collective rather than one-on-one with an individual. Unlike traditional one-on-one therapy, Constellation’s work utilizes a group energy to investigate the source origins of a problem in someone’s life.  Very often, what we struggle with personally did not begin with us but was rather inherited from our parents and grandparents as unresolved energetic and psychological patterns.  When we are able to look at the patterns objectively through a group constellation, we are then able to make clear decisions on how best to resolve an issue and release an injury.

These Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles are a place where a community of people can gather to help one another through the twists and turns of life.  They are a safe environment and a good place to start for anyone seeking either assistance with a personal issue or training in how to become a Family Constellations facilitator.

Family Constellations Workshops in Los Angeles – Details

SKILL LEVEL:               Anyone over the age of 18

CLASS SIZE:                Limited to 15 people. Reserve your space with the check out below.

COST:                          $40    Or check out via EVENT BRIGHT

WHERE:                       In-person Verdugo Park: 1621 Cañada Blvd, Glendale, CA 91208

WHEN:                        Monthly on Sundays at 10 AM for 4 hours.  Check the calendar below for the next date.

How to Register:     To reserve your place, please check out via Paypal.  Or check out via EVENT BRIGHT