Card Reading Workshop

Card Reading workshops

Symbols of Power Learn the art of card reading

What is a Card Reading Workshop and
how can it help?

Card reading is an elegant, accessible tool for inner guidance and intuitive development that is available any time we need it.

Working with card decks empowers you to learn how to find your own answers as well as help others find theirs.  Any questions that may arise in life can be investigated at any time through the use of symbols and imagery of card decks.  This Card Reading Workshop is a fun, creative way to gain clarity on any life situation.

In this Card Reading Workshop we will:

-study the deck of your choice (bring your own or work with one of mine)
-learn how to formulate constructive questions
-work with group energy to discover the messages in the cards
-journal/free-write exercises to investigate aspects of your topic.

We meet online via Zoom

Learning how to read cards for yourself and others. These gatherings are all about learning how to uplift our thoughts to see new alternatives to life challenges. This fun, creative process develops our imagination as well as the ability to navigate adversity in a calm, safe way.  When we allow a symbol to inform a situation in our lives we are able to see that situation with new energy from higher ground.  When we share this associative process out loud with others we improve communication with ourselves and our loved ones. 

Through relaxed, easy conversation we investigate how the images of the cards we draw related to a specific life challenge. We then workshop practical steps towards improving a situation in your life.  

Online Card Reading Workshops

COST: $25


There are 3 ways to reserve your place.

Send PayPal payment to: [email protected]

or Venmo payment to @ JessHagan89

or RSVP via  EVENT BRIGHT     

WHERE:                      Zoom – Once payment is received the Zoom link will be sent via email.


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About the Facilitator

About the Facilitator

Jess Hagan has been teaching the art of card reading for daily life guidance since 1996.  Learn More